"Here we are," Jack said. Timmy's heart hammered in his chest. They both got out of the car with their belongings and Jack lead him to the door, unlocked it, and held it open for him.

As they stepped into the warehouse, Timmy looked around; the place was huge. There were aisles upon aisles, the ceiling was 30 feet high. He saw computers on tables, though there were no chairs, which he found strange. Jack showed him the cubicals; there were only 3 and all of them were occupied, so Jack shared his with Timmy. The two brothers placed their belongings in the cubical and then Jack had Timmy follow him, so he could introduce his younger brother to the boss and other workers... Aside from Sam, who wasn't in because he was sick.

The boss' name was John. He was an older man in his early 60s. He had white hair and had a very deep voice. He was quite intimidating and wasn't one to smile.

"Hey John," said Jack. "This is Timmy."

John looked at Jack and then looked at Timmy.

"Morning, Timmy. Ready to start working?" he asked, sternly.

"Yes sir," Timmy responded, trying to hide his nerves.

"Good. For now, uh, Jack... Just have him pick," John said.

"Okay," Jack responded and then John walked away.

"I'm gonna introduce you to the guys. Show you around. Show you where everything's located," Jack said.

"Alright," Timmy said, following Jack.

The first co-worker Jack introduced Timmy to was Harold, a black guy in his late 40s. He seemed to be a good person; he was nice and funny. He was a bit simple-minded but Timmy wasn't one to judge; he didn't consider himself to be the most intelligent either.

"Hey, what's up Timmy?" Harold asked, extending his hand.

"Sup, Harold?" Timmy asked, shaking the older man's hand. "Nice to meet you."

"Harry's been working here 30+ years," Jack said.

"Oh, wow!" responded Timmy in surprise.

"Heee, yeah. You ever need my help, just ask man, I gotchyou. I know everything that goes on in this place," said Harold, smiling.

"Alright, thanks man," Timmy said, smiling back.

As they walked away, Jack whispered "That's not true, he hardly knows anything, but he's a good guy." Timmy laughed.

Then there was Arun, an Asian guy of the same age as Harold. He was egotistical and already boasting himself, which Timmy found to be somewhat irritating. Though Arun was also hyper-active and entertaining and made Timmy laugh just because he was so bizarre and extreme. He was quite the character.

"Oh hey, hey man! I heard a lot 'bout you, you guys look alike!" Arun said, a piece of bread in his mouth and his eyes wide open. Timmy wasn't sure what to think; Arun acted as if he were on speed.

"Yeah, that's Timmy. Timmy, that's Arun," Jack said. Timmy reached his hand out and shook Arun's.

"Nice to meet you!" Arun said.

"Nice to meet you, too!" Timmy replied.

"Yeah, yeah!" he said. He then walked away as he continued talking. "Hey Jack, my girlfriend said last night, I'm the best looking she ever been with. I told her, I said, course I am, look at me. I go to the gym every day, I lift more than a hundred pounds. I got abs, man."

"Heh. Yeah," Jack responded. Timmy could tell he wasn't interested.

"Yeah. I knew I was the best she ever been with. I don't know why she tell me that. She's weird man. Women are crazy. Women are crazy, right Timmy?" Arun asked. Timmy laughed.

"Yeah, I know, right?" Timmy replied, watching as Arun walked away, dropping bread crumbs as he did.

"He's crazy," Jack said.

"Is he on crack?" asked Timmy.

"No, he's always like that. He used to do hardcore drugs but it was years ago," Jack said.

"Oh, damn. That sucks," Timmy said.

There was also a young kid named James, who didn't really talk much and seemed to be shy like Timmy.

And then, there was Paully. The handsome man smiled as soon as he saw Timmy. A sweet, shy smile. It took a minute for Timmy to respond. All those feelings that Timmy had back when they first met came flooding back. 'Oh my god... Man, that crush was so short lived back then, but ... holy Hell, did those feelings come back fast. He's HOT!' thought Timmy as he looked Paully up and down. 'I guess my taste doesn't really change much.'

"Aye, sup, Paully?" asked Timmy, smiling back.

"Good morning, Timmy! It's nice to see you again," said Paully as he walked by.

"Yeah, you too!" Timmy replied. They walked past each other; Paully went back to his cubical while Timmy followed Jack into the cafeteria for breakfast.