Chapter 1

The sun had just begun to rise, covered by the gray clouds that filled the sky. Everything still wet from the storm that had just passed the night before. In the city of Paxton, Washington, there was a large two story house sitting on a hill overlooking part of the city. This house was much bigger than your normal family home. The white modern style home walled mostly of large windows and support beams, a flat roof, and it looked like it had been built within the last few years. Surrounding the house was a very large lot.

The grounds were well kept, around the yard were some large trees. There was an 8 foot stone wall the stretched around the whole property with two large metal gates with the letter P on each gate. Behind the gates was the long driveway that was made of multi-colored bricks that led to the large garage. Outside of the main entrance to the home was a large fountain as tall as a single story house with a large base to catch the water. In the back, there was a large porch area, with a table, chairs, and a grill. There also was a large swimming pool, and a jacuzzi big enough for ten people.

There were only two people that lived in a house big enough for two large families. The father Theodore Powers, and his son Jake. Well, most of the time it was just the son. His father was a scientist and worked very long hours and mostly just came home to sleep. Jake had gotten used to being alone over the years, ever since his mother and father got a divorce. His mother and sister moved out of state, but Jake wanted to stay because of his best friend Hayley.

Inside one of the many rooms in the house, it was a large room the walls covered in posters from movies, bands, and pictures of girls. An old oak wood desk that looked like it was passed down from his grandfather sat against one of the walls. On top of it was a laptop, a textbook, and some papers spread across the desk. To the right of the desk was a window that was opened slightly. There was a large flat screen television mounted on the wall. The floor covered with dirty clothes. Other than the door to get in the room there was two more on the other wall; one of them to a closet and the other a bathroom. Against the wall on the opposite side of the desk, there was a king size bed. On each side of the bed.

Inside the bed laid a boy who was asleep. Laying on his stomach the thick blue comforter only covered his lower half. He was not wearing a shirt he had a few small birthmarks on his back. His brown shoulder-length hair was very messy. The boy was awoken to a loud banging on his door. He was not sure if he was awake or asleep. He rolled over. The loud noise came once more - this time followed by words.

"Jake, are you awake? I need to ask you something," a voice came from the other side of the door. Jake sat up and opened his bright green eyes. He was a thin teenage boy,

"Yeah kind of. Now that you're being so loud," he was rubbing his eyes and getting used to the light. "What is it?"

The door opens halfway. Standing in the doorway is a tall slender middle-aged man he had short brown hair with little bits of gray in it. His wide face was covered in a well-trimmed beard that also was starting to gray. He wore wide framed square glasses and behind that were a set of brown eyes. He was wearing tan pants and he had a long white lab coat on.

"Sophia's flight comes in later today and I was supposed to pick her up, but I'm going to have to work another double today. So, I won't be able to make it. Can you please pick up your sister when you get done at school?" Sophia's Jake's younger sister who lives with their mother.

"Uh, yeah sure. What time was her flight suppose to get in?" Jake asked.

"4:45. I can leave some money for gas and dinner for you two,"


"Can you let her know I'm sorry I couldn't make it? Also maybe tomorrow you could take her to get some things for the room she will be staying in. I had some furniture put in there. Though, I'm sure she would feel more comfortable if she had some things she picked out." He claimed.

"Sure whatever,"

"Thank you. You can take my truck to pick stuff up." Said, Theodore. as he lifted his shelve on his left arm. To check the time on his watch. He noticed it was time to get going or he would be late for work. "I got to get going I will leave the money on the counter." He then closed the door as he was leaving.

"Alright see you later," Jake said as the door was slowly closing behind his father. Jake plopped back down in his bed. It had been almost four years since Jake had seen his sister. Jake and Sophia weren't that close and only talked on holidays over the phone. Jake was more awake then he wanted now. He turned over to look at the clock. It was 6:15 in the morning. Jake wondered why his father had to wake him up for something he could have just texted him about. Jake and his father didn't see each other a lot so they mostly communicated by text. He rolled onto his side and pulled the blanket over his head to cover the light from the window. Jake would, wake up last minute or late. So, six in the morning was too early for him. He laid with the blanket over his face trying to fall back asleep. As he laid there, he started to drift off back to sleep.

His phone then made a loud ding. Jake opened his eyes again. He wondered what it could be now. He stuck his hand out from under the blanket feeling around for his phone. Knocking a few things off his bedside table before he felt it and brought the phone under the blankets to see what the message was. He held the phone above his face and took it off the lock screen. The bright light blinded him for a few seconds before his eyes began to adjust. The screen showed that he had a new text message from Mac. Jake opened the message and started reading it. Hey, Jake. me and Kylee are going to grab some coffee before school. If you wake up early enough you should meet us at Tiff's coffee house

Jake sat up and pushed the blanket off from over his face realizing he was not going to be able to go back to sleep. Jake began to type a reply. Okay, I'll swing by. Jake sent the message and sat his phone on the side table. He picked up his alarm clock and a plastic cup from the floor that he had knocked over when he was trying to grab his phone. He walked over to his closet and opened the sliding door. Inside the closet, he opened a dresser and took out a dark green long sleeve shirt. He already had a pair of jeans on that he slept in. He walked to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Jake undressed and left his clothes on the counter as he got in the shower. His phone went off again. He could hear it from in the bathroom even with the water running. He finished up in the shower and got dressed. He put his hair in a small ponytail and brushed his teeth, and put some deodorant on.

Jake came back into his room and grabbed his phone off the side table. What are you doing up this early? I didn't expect you to reply to that. Jake sent another message Well, I would normally be sleeping still but my dad woke me up. And right as I was about to fall back asleep your text interrupted. So I just decided to come grab coffee with you guys. Jake walked over and shut his window. On his way out of his room, he grabbed a coat shutting his door behind him he walked down the hallway passing many paintings of different kinds of art and doors leading to other rooms before he got to a staircase leading downstairs. Jake's bedroom was one of many rooms on the 2nd floor of the house. The stairs were made of hardwood.

Once Jake got to the bottom of the staircase the first room he entered was a large kitchen. There was a good size island in the middle. On the island was a sink on one side and on the other was a bar with 4 seats. Also in the kitchen were a double oven, a very long counter lined across a wall had six star top burners and to the side of that was another sink. At the far end of the kitchen was a great big stainless steel double door refrigerator. All the cabinets were made of stained wood with glass doors. By the fridge was a door the led to a pantry stocked full of food.

Jake walked over to the island and picked up the money his dad had left to find that he left two hundred dollars. That's a lot of money for gas and food he thought to himself. Putting the money in his wallet, he then walked a few more feet to where there was a bowl of fruit. There were oranges, apples, and bananas. He picked up an apple. He turned on the sink and washed the apple off then took a bit of the shiny Honeycrisp apple.

"Well, good morning Jake," a voice spoke Jake looked over and saw Tracy. Tracy was their live-in hired help. she stayed in one of the few bedrooms on the first floor. She would do all of the cleanings. and cooking for Mr. Powers. Jake's father had hired her when he bought the new house. With it being a lot bigger than their last house they needed the extra help. Tracy was an older lady. she was a short heavy set girl with bright red hair. and green eyes. She wore faded blue jeans and a button up white shirt. and had a cleaning apron over her clothes.

"Oh, good morning Tracy,"

"You're awake earlier than usual. Would you like me to make you some breakfast?" She said as she entered the kitchen.

"Oh, no thanks I'm good with the apple," He said as he took another bite.

"Are you sure? It's no trouble,"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Thank you, though,"

"An apple isn't a proper breakfast you need to eat better," She would always try to get Jake to eat but he always said he didn't have time. so she thought today she would push him to have a real breakfast

"Sure it is," Jake said in a cocky voice

"How about some bacon and eggs?" She encouraged him to eat

"No thanks, really I'm fine with just the apple," Jake said.

"Okay have it your way," She said in a slightly sad voice.

"I will eat more later," Jake stated.

"Alright, I'm doing your fathers sheets today. Is it ok to do yours as well?" Tracy always asked before entering Jake's room. , boys have a lot to hide she thought.

"Ya okay that's fine," Jake's phone went off again. "I will talk to you later Tracy." He said and walked into the living room to read the message. The living had a nice sectional couch, and television so large that it took up most of one of the walls. Jake read the text message. Oh sorry, I didn't mean to keep you awake Jake sent another reply. It's all good. I was already awake I'll see you guys in a few. Jake finished his apple and headed back to the kitchen to throw it in the trash. Jake realized that he had forgotten a few things in his room so he headed back up the stairs to his room. He sat down at his desk and started to straighten up the papers that were spread out. He got his backpack from the floor and put the book in and the stray papers.

Jake opened his laptop to check his social media. Scrolling through his news feed for a few minutes. Then checked his email. After he was done he got up picked up another book from the floor and put that in his backpack and grabbed his keys that he always hung on a hook by his door and headed back downstairs.

"Watch your step the floor is wet. I thought you left already I moped," Tracy called out. when she heard Jake coming down the stairs.

"Oh sorry I forgot my keys," He said walking across the floor carefully

" That's alright dear I will just go back over it,"

"Okay, I'm taking off for real this time," Jake said.

"Drive safe." She called out as Jake walked out of the kitchen and down a hallway to a door. He opened the door and walked into the garage. It was dark. He flipped the light switch on the whole place lite up. It was full of vehicles and there were some tools on the walls. They all looked brand new because Mr. Powers had bought them, but he never worked on cars himself. He always took them to a repair shop. Yet, the garage still had just about any tool you would need to fix a car.

Jake started walking past the cars. They were all very nice cars. Mr. Powers liked to get the nicest and newest cars. Each car that Jake passed was nicer than the last.

Jake got to his car. It was parked at the end next to his father's truck. Jake's car was a 2013 BMW M3 convertible. It was dark gray with the top down. Jake's father had given the car to him for his 16th birthday. Jake got into his car. The noise of the door shutting traveled through the garage. The garage door began to open when he started his car. His phone started ringing. It wasn't a text message this time. It was a phone call. Jake pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked at the screen. It said, Hayley Crawford. He answers it.

"Whats up?" Jake said as he answered his phone.

"Hey Kylee said you were meeting them for coffee and I was just wondering if you could maybe come get me, on your way?" a voice came from Jake's phone.

"Ya I can come grab you now I was just about to leave,"

"Okay cool I will get ready," she said

"Alright see you in a few minutes." Jake put his car into gear and pulled out. The gates opened at the end of the driveway, then closed behind him as he drove away.