To my love-

The first memory when we had our eyes met
Dancing with the fiery, passion desire
That follows along with the music, the pulses
Our hearts beat as one

That lingering feeling
Hunger for love
Building in our hearts

Uncertain, precarious
Met with sweats and tears
Until we assured and comforted each other

I saw your soul as you saw mine
That aura of yours stand out than the rest
It's why I fell in love with you
Heads over heels

I saw that you carry your world with you,
Heavy on your shoulders
You carry your baggage as I carry mine
I want to be with you, carrying it
Working through our issues together

Because you see me through than most people
And you're not most people
You're unique and I feel like we've known each other a lot longer than we really have

We became comfortable with silence
Using hands as our language
I gave my heart to you as I entrust you to protect it
I made a promise to protect yours

The fire that burns will never go out
The flames that ripples across my body
Tearing it inside out
How I long to be with you in person

I embrace time because my patience will never run out
I embrace time because days are getting closer
I embrace time because it gives me you.