Author's Note: Had this idea pop into my head recently (one of many lol).

I have this murky vision of a unique tiger shifter. As of now, it's a young girl - however genders are of no issue, the shifter can just as easily be a boy instead (maybe I'll leave it up to you guys). In this world, shifters and their respective animals are separate entities that happen to be sharing the same body. Tigers are usually "bodiless" until they shift, however our character for today has a fully embodied tiger inside her (shall be further elaborated if story continues). Anyway, onward with the obscure explanation. So the girl is witness to the aftermath of the gruesome murder of her parents - much beloved, r.i.p. etc.

Will this turn into a retribution story or something else? Will there even be a story? I often suffer from writer's block, so who knows (apologies in advance!).

Let me know your thoughts and enjoy!

Felicity came home that night to a bloody mess. As her mind registered the mauled bodies of her parents on their hardwood floor, something inside her cracked. Felicity fell to her knees, clutching her midriff and let out a distressed moan in unison with her tiger's hair raising yowl. Somebody had murdered them. The skin on her forearm rippled as her tiger prepared for a forceful change and she tasted blood in her mouth as her changing incisors cut her gum.

"Control your tiger, Felicity, or you will die."

The words of her father rang through her mind and she gritted her teeth.

No. She told her tiger. Not today. Not now. Soon.

Her tiger roared again, teeth bared in a snarl and tail lashing around angrily. Hunt. Kill. They had entered and desecrated his territory and that was an insult he wouldn't let pass. The force of his fury drove Felicity down to all fours, mouth salivating excessively and jaw aching. She clenched and released her fingers on the floorboards, unseen claws raking deep groves into the wood. There was something wet and sticky on the floor and Felicity gagged and dry heaved when she realised her hands were in a cooling puddle of her parent's blood.

Hunt. HUNT. The scent of death and strangers was triggering his instincts.

NO! Felicity begged as tears blurred her vision in her effort to hold her tiger back. She had wrested back a little control, feeling her blunt teeth return. The knowledge of a killer that could take down not just one, but two fully grown tigers - her parents - and her own very apparent helplessness in the situation was cutting at her. "We have to run. It isn't safe here. We're not safe here."

Her words only furthered his anger and she felt him pause in his response, crouching low.

With the swipe of a powerful paw, he rendered a scream from Felicity as he clawed through her chest from the inside. SHIFT. Felicity collapsed, thoughts obliterated as it was overwhelmed by one thing. How could one feel so much pain while conscious? How had she become the target of her tiger's wrath? Strangely, she could feel her blood slowly but surely leak out of her.

Her tiger paced inside her, back and forth against the black background, golden eyes watchful. Shift. He chuffed.

You hurt me. Felicity felt the cold seeping into her skin, the wetness of the blood she lay in and an icy wave of fury for her tiger. In her minds eye, her unseen claws raked through the unsuspecting tiger. He leapt back with a roar, blood splattering heavily. As a blanket of calm enveloped Felicity, she stared down her tiger. Here, she had no injuries. Here, she had authority. Hurt me again and I will kill you.

He bared his fangs again, unmindful of the wounds of his chest. Weak.

Bristling, Felicity bared her own human teeth. I am a child. We're inexperienced. We won't win the hunt this way.

I can win. His whiskers twitched as his lips drew back into a snarl of contempt.

You are stupid. Arrogant. How many tigers have you fought? How many have our parents fought? And you think we can win against someone who did that? She screamed the last few words at him, projecting images of the horrific scene in his face.

There was a breath of silence before her tiger sat back on his haunches and brought a paw up, licking it nonchalantly. His murderous air seemed to be sucked out of the atmosphere, leaving no trace of the killer tiger from before. I'm patient. The way of a tiger. What is but a few years to the both of us?

Upper lip curling in disgust, Felicity reached out and ran a finger down his side with spite, claw drawing blood. Monstrous teeth came within a few centimetres of her face and she could almost feel the hot breath of her predator but her annoyance was too great. How could she live in fear of something that would be with her forever? I am your shifter. It was a warning. Felicity was young, but her father had taught her well. Tigers respected strength. They respected dominance. Here, Felicity could not and would not cede control to her tiger. They had both inherited the blood thirstiness of her father's tiger but it was tempered by the guidance of human logic and discipline. Although evidently, her tiger sometimes lost it.

The burning pain of her wounds had muted in her dispute with the tiger but was growing greater now that that was over. Shifting will heal some of it. He pointed out as he read her thoughts.

Pissed, Felicity conjured up a cage with black bars and batted her tiger into it, trapping him. His roars of irritation were unheard as she completely ignored him. Felicity opened her eyes to the real world and and thanked the numbness from the pain that prevented her from screaming again even as a small whimper escaped her throat.

She may be able to keep a cool head in most situations but her father's corpse lay not very far from her at all. That would take some getting used to.

After what seemed an age, Felicity managed to roll over to her back. Black spots danced in front of her eyes and she wondered if she'd even be able to get up in her current state. She couldn't guess the amount of time that had passed, only knowing that it was enough for the blood to have congealed and dried on her face. A painful shudder ran through her body as she was reminded of the two very dead bodies nearby. But now was not the time for that. She had to address the first problem in that she lived in the god damn forest. It was a secluded area, with uninvited human contact being rare. She couldn't recall if her parents had planned to have anyone over.

Would the killer would return to the scene? Unlikely, but she had to consider it. And although she was a shifter with high regenerative abilities, her wounds would still take a while to recover from. No way was she letting her tiger out after his not so little tantrum - despite his words, she knew he'd go hunting the moment she turned the reigns over and she did not want another battle for control.

Felicity ran her problem around and around with no immediate solution coming to mind. How the hell was she going get out of here?

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