Red Riding Hood: The Fairytale Council

Red sank down into her chair even more if that was possible.

They made a fairytale council and guess what? It's miserable.

"Sit up, child!" The old crone sitting a few chairs away screeched at her. Red thought she liked the witch better when she was The Evil Stepmother- It certainly was better than this reformed version.

"'M not a child." Red mumbled. And she wasn't. She was in her mid-twenties.

"And that just proves that you're still a child! And that posture! It's hideous! Hideous, I tell you." Florence screeched.

"Well, now you know what describes your face!" Red snapped back.

"Enough!" Wolfington roared at them. "We don't need to argue about useless things when we've got to discuss what we're going to do about."

"Set the stupid kid on a quest or something." Red spat at him.

"Well, maybe-" Cinderella started, timidly.

"Cindy, if you 'Pick some flowers' one more time-" Red interrupted.

"The last time a kid got sent on a mission... Well, I think you know it didn't end well."

Red stared at Wolfington. "You ate me. Better believe it didn't end well."

"Hush, Red." Rapunzal said, looking at the portal screen.

A girl with a basket and a dark green cape over a magenta dress with grass green and purple striped leggings stepped towards the woods.

"Are you trying to replay what happened to me?" Red asked.

"Shh." Snow White murmured. "This girl might have all the answers we want."