Thursday 4:00, August 1st, 2030

"Looks like they've found another person for their time traveling gig." I turned toward the tv in the living room where my sister was watching the news. "Yeah, apparently they're hitting us next to see if we've got the stuff." She just nods and turns the tv up some more so I can hear from the kitchen bar.

"Doctor Michael Müller held a conference today where he informed the public that they have found a second person who is able to time travel in London England. Miss. Abby Taylor will be put through a series of tests along side Jeremy Pires, from NYC, to determine if they can handle mentally what their bodies can physically." Ava mutes the tv and turns back to me, "Man, what if we are picked when they come hit up little ol' Texas?" I laugh and give her an eye roll, "as if A, you wouldn't fare well if things went south and neither would I." She nods again, "yeah, yeah. I know Char, but what if?" What if? I've read the old books, with daring adventure and a little romance on the side, what more could a girl ask for? Yeah right. The reality would be disease's with a little beheading on the side, but Ava didn't need to know that. I exhale through my nose and close my laptop. "You're right," Ava turns back towards me, "It would be fun." She smiles at me and turns the tv back up.

Friday 6:52, August 2nd, 2030

I drove into the back parking lot of the local library. It was always easier to find a parking space in the back since it's usually reserved for employees. I hop out of the car and grab my bag from the back seat before locking it and heading towards the back doors. Once I get in I check in with Mrs. Martha, the head librarian, and head towards the front where I meet Vicki. I spot her at a corner table and head her way, "wow, you're early today." She turns to me and laughs, "yeah. I'm meeting Ronny after his shift at Mickey D's, so I wanna get this done as quickly and painlessly as I can." It's my turn to laugh, "Well, if you would just get an A in bio your mom wouldn't hound you so much." Her mouth presses into a thin line. "I know, it's just that this stupid class has got me by the-" "Yeah, I get it, you tell me every time you sit down." That earns me a crooked smile back. "You ready to start a fun filled hour of learning?" "As I'll ever be."

After Vicki leaves to meet up with her one and only I head to the back to clock in. While I'm signing into the computer Mrs. Martha comes up behind me, "you know, for an almost 18-year-old, you sure do work a lot." I turn my head to look at her, "ha ha. Well, working gets me money, hanging out with friends loses me money." I feel her back hand on my shoulder and smirk up at her. She laughs at me and heads back to her office. "Hon, I'm just saying hanging out with your friends more wouldn't hurt you." She's right, and I love my friends, I really do. I just love working too, I spend plenty of time with my friends, even if they are all movin' on without me. Shaking my head, I log in and head into the back room for the cart, first things first, put everything up. I sigh, I only have a five-hour shift today, maybe I'll stop at Mickey D's on my way home.


I pull up and see that I'm apparently the only one home right now. "Good, I need a little peace and quiet," I whisper to myself. Once inside I take off my shoes and turn on the tv to see my sister left it on the new channel. "We have Jeremy Pires with us today. Jeremy, how do you feel about being one of only two people around the world to be able to time travel?" Great, everywhere I go this is on, media, tv, gossip circles, frickin everywhere. "It's exciting and nerve racking. I mean, we know what we're getting into, because of history books and all that, so it's not unknown. But essentially it is still unknown anything can happen, ya know what I mean?" He looks at the tv reporter across from him like he wants her to get it. "I think I understand, yes." He nods, "yeah. Like, it's an honor, a really cool honor. But even if we can only explore the past, we still don't know what could happen." The reporter lady smiles the camera then turns her attention back to Jeremy. "Yes, that is something we wanted to know more about. Why can you not time travel into the future?" He takes a minute to think and I use that time to grab my laptop off the counter and bring it back into the living room. "Ya know, the docs aren't really sure. They just know they can't and some even say it would be too dangerous if they could." he pauses for a beat while I log into my pc and open up chrome. I glance up as he turns to look at the camera, "They tell me I'm gonna be in Rome. Can you believe it? Rome. I'm so scared my family won't see me again 'cept in an old book or painting. But, but I know God chose me for a reason, and whatever that reason is, I'm gonna follow through." He turns back to the lady and smiles she gives him what can only be described as her best please don't be too sentimental and depressing smile. "Well Jeremy that looks like all the time we have, stay tuned cause when we come back we will be talking to Dr. Michael Müller, the man behind time travel."


I hear the door slam from my place at the kitchen bar. "Mama? You home?" I hear her kicking off her shoes then a "Yeah it's me." "What's for dinner?" She walks into the kitchen with an armful of groceries and a cocked eyebrow. "I don't know, what are you making for me?" I grab some bags from her, "Well, I was actually thinking of sneaking out tonight with my biker boyfriend and getting Tex-Mex. It's very romantic." She smiles at me while putting away canned goods, "as long as you bring me something good too." "Of course mama." I start helping put some stuff away with her, "this everything from the car?" "Yeah. I didn't get too much, just some essentials while I'm away." I pick up a bag full of junk candy, "woohoo, we're gonna be eating good this weekend." I hear her snort, "and if I had let your dad get the groceries all these bags would be filled with crap." "I know, dad actually buys good food, like cheese for instance." I hear a "mhmm" from her as she puts up the bags and heads upstairs. It's our families running joke, mom always buys this organic cheese, instead of good ol' Kraft, and we always make fun of her. I hear my phone go off and head back to my bar seat to check it.

From Vicki

Hey, girl. Mom's taken me and Ronny tomorrow to get the time travel testing or ttts or whatever done. I don't wanna wait so long that they send a summons. you and Ava wanna come?

"MOOOM" "yes Charlotte?" "Can Ava and I go with Vicki to Houston tomorrow?" there's a pause "Is her mom taking you?" "Yeees." I hear her laugh from upstairs, "That's fine then. Does she know when they'll be back?" "Noooo. Can you text her mom and ask?" "That's fine, I'll ask. But you better take your sister with you, she'll kill you if you don't." "Yes, ma'am."

To Ava

You wanna come to Houston tomorrow and get that test done for the time travel thing?

Not even a minute later did I get a reply with the word "absolutely"

Saturday 7:30, August 3rd, 2030

We pull out of Vicki's place early in the morning cause her mom doesn't want to be caught in traffic on the way back. "You guys excited?" The question came from Mrs. Jenny. There was a chorus of "yes ma'ams" and "YeAHs" throughout the van. Apparently, Vicki asked a few other friends. I lucked out and got the front seat, there's something to be said about sitting in the front with the adult, it's less cramped. I only stick in my right headphone plug so that I'm not completely ignoring everyone. I hear Ava ask everyone else where they'd want to go if they were picked. "Well, I'd want to go to Rome too, or maybe Troy, You know, before they got spanked." Ronny snorted at Vicki's answer, "That's dumb. I'd go wherever the gladiators where." I turned back towards them "Stupid, gladiators were Romans too." "Oh." everyone started laughing at him, even Mrs. Jenny. "Well, I'm too old to go now, but if I could I'd want to see for myself who Mona Lisa really was." "Good choice mom." She smiled and turned the radio down a little more. Bradley and Emily, our two other friends Vicki invited, piped up their dreams on where they would go. Then everyone turned to me, "Guess it's my turn then. Hmm," I honestly didn't know, maybe I'd go find Jack the Ripper. Or maybe I'd go see the Library of Alexandria before it burned down. "Maybe, I'd want to meet a king or queen. Ask them how they manage. You know that we live better than they did, and they were royalty." You could've heard crickets chirping if there were any. "Now that, was stupid." "Oh shut up." I threw the pen at Ronny's face but he was too fast and actually was able to catch it, which earned him a kiss on the cheek from Vicki. After that, the conversation about time travel died down and it became a who can sing louder contest. This was gonna be a long two hours.


It took us longer than we thought cause we had to stop individually for everyone's potty breaks and apparently Siri can't figure out how to get from Nacogdoches to Houston. When we finally do pull into the parking lot of the hospital the tests are being taken it takes us another good ten minutes to find a parking space. We only found our spot cause of Ava's insistent screeching when she saw an open one towards the back. After everyone files out of the car Mrs. Jenny locks it and we start our march up to the doors. "I'm surprised. The line to sign up isn't very long." I looked over at Bradley, "maybe it's because they didn't wanna see your ugly mug." He snorts, "You kiddin'? I'm beautiful, I'd'a been a better cast in the time traveler's wife than the actual cast." "You mean as the wife?" Before we really got into who would've been cast as who they called us up to the front. "Hi, are y'all here for the TTTs?" The nurse directed the question at Mrs. Jenny, "yes ma'am. Not me though, just the kids." "Okay, are you all under 18?" "Yeah, but a few of us'll be 18 before the years out." The nurse nodded at Ronny, "okay then do you all have written consent from a guardian and a picture i.d.?" We all nod and start taking out our wallets. "Awesome, well then, once y'all get those out I'll let you fill out these forms and we'll get you in asap. She gave us one last smile as she handed us our forms then pointed us toward the seating. It only took about 10 or so minutes for us to get all our paperwork finished and turned in. The nurse told us we were pretty much the first people here because they hadn't really started advertising yet. "How did you know about this Vicki?" Emily asked, "I didn't. My dad did, apparently one of his doctor friends was here last week when they started setting up. Said they'd be taking people Saturday but wouldn't formally announce it or whatever until Sunday." Before any of us could say anything else a different nurse came up to us asking for Ava.

She got up and turned towards us "fingers crossed." I held up both my hands and crossed my fingers, and the nurse led her back. About twenty minutes after Ava left the same nurse came back asking for Ronny. Another twenty and Ronny came out shaken his head. "S'okay. Didn't really wanna be a gladiator anyway. Buncha punks." We all laughed then Bradley was the next to go, once he left they brought Ava back, "Oh well." She shrugged, "Sorry A, I know how much you were hoping for it." She shrugged again and gave me a smile, "At least I got farther than Ronny." "Aw come on, why're y'all pickin on me today?" I smiled. It took another hour before everyone except me had been called back. I saw the nurse walking up towards us so I decided to take out my headphones and get up. She smiled at me, "You ready?" "As I'll ever be."