Monday 12:30 August 5, 2030

We ended up in the waiting room for almost 30 minutes. The receptionist lady said Dr. Müller wanted to show us up but was running late. I forgot to download books onto me apps so all I had were mind numbing games until I could find a decent wifi connection. Dr. Sammy nudged my arm as he stood up from his chair. When I looked up he was reaching out his hand to shake Dr. Müller's who apparently appeared out of nowhere in front of us. "Dr. Müller, it's nice to finally meet you." He gestured to me and I took that as my queue to stand. "The is Charlotte Lane." I nodded politely and shook his hand, they were warm, almost hot, but then again my hands are usually cold. "It's wonderful to finally meet both of you. You'll have to forgive my lateness, we seemed to have a problem with one of the other travelers." Uh-oh. Dr. Müller must have noticed the way my blood drained from my face because he turned to me and said "It's nothing to worry about, it is a personal problem." I let out a breath I hadn't realized I was holding. "Why don't we walk and talk? Then I will be able to introduce you to the team." He took us down a long hallway with a lot of doors, we finally stopped at what looked like a door but when he pressed a few numbers into the keypad opened up to reveal an elevator. "Because the project itself is so important we have to keep the actual location under lock and key. It is a public matter, of course, it had to be if we wanted to find travelers, but we do not want any strays wandering in." I nodded not really having a response. I get it though, if people knew we were here there would be reporters outside trying to sneak in all the time and if that happened it would probably not be good. What if one of them wound up in Egypt with Cleopatra... or dead? When the elevator finally stopped on the highest floor and opened it took everything I had to keep my jaw off the floor. This place was huge! We stepped out and I made sure to get a good look at everything. It was a huge rectangular room, and directly in front of us was a long curved control panel, there were two big curved TVs hanging in front of them but only one was on right now and it looked like vitals or something. A few yards behind the control panel was a long glass wall and an attached balcony. To my left was a rounded room sticking out out the corner, it didn't look all that big, but then again this place didn't look this high up when we got here. To my left, there were four doors but they didn't have any windows so I have no idea what's in them, but my self-restraint will only allow me to hold back my curiosity for so long. I turned back to the doctors who were both looking at me, "So, Miss. Char? Wadda you think?" I had no words for Sammy, this place was too amazing. "It looks like the Avengers tower for sure." everybody laughed.


Dr. Müller showed us around some and I learned that two of the four rooms were just offices and the other two were locker/napping rooms for everyone. He showed me and Dr. Sammy our lockers and told us someone would go out to get a couple locks since we would probably be here a while. I also found out that the rounded room was a lot bigger than it looked. "This is where the magic happens so to speak." The rounded room was squared off on the other side and had a step down a few feet from the door. I hopped down the single stair towards what looked like a tanning bed, but when I reached out to touch it I was stopped by Dr. Müller. He hurried over to the corner where the tanning bed was tucked into "This is the time traveling device, you can not touch it right now. It's on." I raised my eyebrow "What'll happen if I touch it?" He rolled his shoulders and sighed "I made it a rule not to touch it when it is on in case something were to happen." He paused for a second "Jeremy will be visiting soon that is why it is on, please do not touch it until it is off." "yes, sir." I backed off and looked around the rest of the room. In the other corner, there was a stool and a table. I walked back up the stair were Dr. Sammy was standing. Next to him on the platform was a long desk with another curved TV mounted to the wall. I turned back to Dr. Müller "You said Jeremy was going to be here soon. What about the other girl. Abby?" He smiled and nodded "She is here. She got back last night and has been sleeping, she came back early because she was feeling ill, that is why I was late. We had to find some Advil, you would think because so many doctors work on this project someone would have some. But, it was the secretary who kept some in her purse." I nodded. "Anyway, follow me and I will see about getting you two something to eat before Abigail wakes up and Jeremy gets here. They are both very excited to meet you." I smiled at that.


After we ate Dr. Müller let Dr. Sammy put my information or whatever in the computer and I was left to fend for myself. I left my bag in the car like an idiot so I couldn't read my book, but I had my phone and was alternating between all the games on it while sitting against one of the glass walls. "You must be Charlotte Lane." I looked up to see Abby. I smiled and went to stand when she stopped me with a hand "I'll sit." When she got comfortable she reached out to shake my hand, "Abby Taylor. It's wonderful to meet someone else that's going to be doing this with us." "Thanks, I'm glad I already have some seniors in this, I don't know how I would handle being the first person." She nodded "Yes, Jeremy did say it felt very lonely before they managed to find me." I let out a light laugh "I'm sure it would've been." She leaned closer towards me "Are you excited?" I thought for a second. "As much as I can be, I still don't know what kinda exams they're going to do to me to see if I'll hold up." She laughed at that "it's nothing really, we have a therapist and she's just gonna talk to you and determine if you're just crazy enough to time travel." My eyebrow knitted together, "I thought it would be to make sure we weren't crazy." Her smile grew "You can't be completely sane if you want to do something as stupidly risky as time travel." She winked at me and said it quiet almost like a secret. She leaned back and started asking me all about my life, family, friends, work, etc. After a while something beeped and a bright flash came from the rounded room. Abby turned to look then turned back to me, excited, she hauled me up and pulled me towards the room. "Jeremy's here!"


He was taller than I thought he would be, compared to me he was a giant. I was 5'2 on good days and he had to have been at least a foot taller. When he walked out he was quick to zero in on Abby speed walking up to hug him. He smiled at her like my parents smiled at each other. Oh. I hung back with everyone else, I guess the doctors and people knew to give them a minute and I wasn't about to intrude. Abby turned back to me after their rather friendly hello. "Jeremy this is Charlotte." I walked up and he took my hand, his beaming smile dropped into a more polite one. "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you." I nodded and gave a simple "you too." After our pleasantries he turned his attention back to Abby and the doctors swarmed us poking at him and handing him some new clothes. That's when I noticed he was wearing a dress, or rather, a Roman Toga. "Are you feeling any better?" His question was directed towards Abby. She nodded "yes, the doctors took some blood to test just in case, but if it had been anything bad the room would have locked me in." He seemed to expect her answer even if it didn't seem to be what he wanted to hear. Abby turned back to me "Me and Jeremy are going out to dinner tonight, I want you to join us so we can all get to know each other." I felt like I was intruding on their date but neither seemed to be upset, in fact Jeremy nodded "I agree. We are going to be more than just your average co-workers. We need to trust each other." So I agreed.


We ended up at a small oriental restaurant that was just around the corner. After we ordered Jeremy shot right off into explaining everything. "So, I'm sure Dr. Müller hasn't explained where you will be or anything like that?" I shook my head. "Right. You'll be with us in Rome. I've been there a while so I've already become the Emperor's closest guard" he snorts "and confident when he's drunk." He must be really good to already be close to a king. "I know what you're thinking, it's all over your face. When we're back in time time here stops for us. So to me, I've been serving under the Emperor for many more years than we have actually been doing this project. Also, our bodies change when we are there too, like my age there is older than here because of the time difference. I nodded "That's pretty cool. So what happens if you get sick, or something worse?" I don't know why I just thought of that, but right now it wouldn't leave my mind. "Yeah, if we get sick we come back. The travel machine lets out this mist that the doc created whenever we come and go and what it does is it changes our bodies chemistry to match, while also scanning and hopefully getting rid of diseases. We haven't gotten any yet so we don't really know." "I guess that's good." They both laughed, "I guess it is."