As you might have guessed, I began to lust for power. I also learned how to sire people and commanded an army of vampires. However, one of my sisters and her husband caught up with me with their army. They managed to kill all my minions, and I became face to face with my beloved sister. She could not believe that I have become a monster. Yes, I have done horrible things, but she believed that I was still good deep down. So, instead of killing me, she cast a spell to bind me to her will. She had become my mistress.

I did not really resent her for doing that. I actually became glad that she did, even though I basically became her family's lap dog. I had spent many years with her and was glad that I still had family, who wanted to be around me. However, old age took her away from me. On her deathbed, she gave me my freedom. She had removed all restrictions, but there was a catch. If she would ever be reborn, the restrictions would return. We did not expect that she would be reborn, but she was every few hundred years. I actually welcomed her return, even though she might not liked everything I was doing when I was alone.

Her current incarnation became to a shock to me because she did not came back as a human. She came back as Xylia, a siren/succubus hybrid. I don't know how it happened, but my sister is not going to leave me again any time soon. However, I have not told her, who she was. I am waiting for her past life memory to surface on their own.