You're still breathing, and you have a heart that's beating,

And after all it's been through, it still pumps the blood in your veins.

It still bleeds, and it still hurts, and maybe all that blood loss has caused the emptiness you feel at times,

And the heaviness is just the blood weighing you down and strangling your insides,

And if you repeat the words that pain you again,

You fear you may taste the blood that once kept you alive, but now only poisons you.

So say it,

Scream their name,

Repeat those words of distress and pain,

Get the poison out,

Let the poison out,

Breathe fresh air.

You can't see a light at the end of the tunnel, you only see the darkness that holds you close at night,

You feel worthless, you feel as if no one cares and no one could ever love you,

You see nothing in the mirror, and all that stares back is the ghost of your aching soul,

Aching to be loved as much as the pain you've endured,

For once.

Scream like a wolf howling for its pack under the full moon,

And one will howl back.

Someone will caress you not as rough,

So gentle you could cry.

They will love you with a love you never knew existed,

A love that outlaws all others
A love that will make you so happy to be alive.