The only logical place to start is when my parents met. My father was a lone wolf and wanted to find a pack to call his own. One day, when he went to a bar, he saw my mother. They made eye contact and started to talk. They hit it off, and eventually, got married and had my brother and me. I had a pretty quiet life. I went to public school and made it onto the honor roll. I worked hard to get good grades and got accepted into college.

However, there are a few noteworthy things that happened to me. The wolf boy, who I suppose to marry, liked to get fresh with me. I remember one time when we were about three or four years old, I made a run for it when our parents were talking. He followed me, and eventually, caught me when I got onto my porch. He wanted to apologize for the day before. I accidentally hurt his finger in the door, which I apologized for.

Our parents arranged a lot of play dates for us. We did not know it at the time, but they were hoping that we would get along. It was an arranged marriage to unite two packs. We did get along, most of the time, and talked about getting married when we were old enough. The irony, huh? Even though we did talked about it, we were silly little kids. Well, that is what we thought.

Well, enough about that. Let me tell you about the time when a Junior ROTC student told me that he wanted to relieve the sexual frustration he had with me. I would like to think that my species is superior to humans, but with boys like him, I sometimes question it. I told him that I was taken, but he did not care. Unfortunately for him, my fiancé showed up just in time to whoop his behind. I could have handled it myself, but it gave Rafe a chance to flex his muscles.