I grew up in a family of seaside merchants and was pretty content with my life. We were good at selling goods and many craftsmen came to us to sell the stuff they made. We always split the profit 50/50 and our clients became very good friends of ours. However, one day, a pirate and his crew came to our shore and stole everything our family and friends had worked so hard for. Later, I found out that the pirate was named Keith Puck and his ship was called the Black Nicker. I was not going to let them get away with this. I was going to get everything back and make those pirates pay for what they did. It took me a year to assemble a crew of sea creatures and make enough money to buy a decent ship. Yes, I was a selkie and could travel completely by swimming, but I needed a place to take human form safely and for my crew. It would be bad for me if a man would obtain my sealskin. I would belong to him and would eventually have to marry him. It would be extra bad if Captain Puck or one of his crewmembers would get my prized possession. I do not want to marry a goon.

When we finally set sail, my crew and I did not immediately find the jerk and his minions. However, we did come across greedy, rich people and other pirates. For the most part, we did mind our own business, but we could not stand to see hard working people get what they worked so hard for be taken away. We had to do something, so we stole back what was taken and gave it back to their rightful owners. We have spent a year doing this and made many friends with our clients. For a brief moment, I thought we would never find the sea scum, but one day, Johan, my first mate, ran into the captain's cabin.

"Sofia! The Black Nicker is in sight! We got him!" he said with excitement. I got up from my chair with a smirk on my face.

"Finally, he will pay for what he did to our people." I said as I ran onto the deck. I saw our target coming into reach, so I yelled at my crew to get ready. Our victory was so close that I could taste it.

When we got close enough, we jumped onto his ship and quickly had the majority of his crew demobilized. I walked to his cabin in search of him, but he was not hiding in there. It was completely empty. I went to his first mate and demanded that he would tell me where the evil freak was. His first mate just smirked and said that I would find out soon enough. To my horror, Keith jumped back onto his ship from mine and had my seal skin in his hand.

"Order your crew to return to your ship, or I will take Sea Hope for myself." he said with a smug look on his face.

"Give me back my skin!" I said as I stepped towards him.

"Tsk, tsk." he said as he wiggled his finger at me. I froze where I stood when I saw that he was holding a torch near my sealskin. If he destroyed my skin, there would be no way of getting it back. Thus, I would be his forever. "I am feeling a bit generous today. I will late your crew leave with some loot if they stand down against my men." he said, knowing that my crew would not risk him burning my skin even if I order them to. I motioned to Johan to come to me. I whispered into his ear to take the loot and leave. He nodded his head and ordered the men to take the offer. However, I knew secretly they would be back for me later. "Good choice, fossegrim." he said with a wicked grin. Johan just glared at him as he left with my crew. They brought the ship home with the loot and left it there. They all took their true forms, jumped into the water, and swam back to me.

Meanwhile, Keith locked up my sealskin in his cabin, and then, walked up to me. He forced me to look up at his cold, dark eyes by lifting my chin with his finger. "I have never met a woman like you before, and you became my top rival for becoming monarch of the seas just in a couple of years." he said as he sniffed my hair. "When we get married, we don't need to be rivals anymore. We will rule the seas together." he said as he went to kiss me. I pulled away, but he grabbed me. He gave me a big kiss on the lips with some tongue, and I had to reluctantly kiss him back. He motioned to his first mate to bring out the clergyman he kidnapped to marry us. My eyes widened when I saw the priest. We walked right into his trap. However, I doubted that he knew what my crew was planning. I just hoped that they would arrive on time. The priest finally got to the part that said, "Speak now or forever hold your peace." Keith was in the middle of saying to get on with it when he was interrupted with the song of a fossegrim. I knew right away it was Johan. A kelpie jumped onto the deck while shifting into horse form. I motioned to the cabin, and he kicked in the door. Johan ran into the cabin and got my seal skin while a mermaid tossed me my sword. I stabbed Keith in the gut as quickly as I could, and then, turned to his crew with a death glare.

"Swear loyalty to me or meet the same fate as your captain." I said in a harsh voice. They all looked around at my crew, who had the ship surrounded, and surrendered immediately. We have succeeded. Captain Puck was no more, and my village got their hard earned money back.