My mother was a beautiful siren and still is. She was happy singing with her sisters and being a virgin.

My father was born an incubus and traveled around. He was very good with his hands and became a master mechanic. He knew everything about any mobile throughout history. His life was full of one-night stands, and he made sure he did not made any of them pregnant. One day, he heard a beautiful voice singing and went to check it out. He saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and knew she was not human. However, she was not a succubus either. He had to get to know her. He had to have her.

Eventually, he got her alone and seduced her into getting into bed with him. However, it was after the deed that he realized what she was. She was a siren and having sex with them creates a bond with them. He knew that she was different from the others and developed a different kind of obsession (later he realized it was love) with her. For the first time, he got a woman pregnant, and this scared him. After some soul searching and thinking, he finally proposed and married her.

Nine months later, I was born, he held me in his arms, and he knew he had to love and protect me forever. I was the prettiest baby anyone has ever seen, and he knew that undesirables would be lurking around. When I learned how to walk, he began to teach me how to fight. By the time I was an adult, I could take down goons twice my size.

I had the voice of a siren and the beauty of a succubus. No human male could resist my charm.