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Chapter 1.

My name is summer brook, I'm sixteen, and live in new york city. And this is the story of the worst summer, of my life.

It was early in the morning. Only two weeks into summer break. I'm leaving for summer camp in only a few hours.

"Summer" my dad called, outside my door.

"Go away!" I yelled, throwing a pillow at my bedroom door.

"You're going to miss the summer camp bus if you don't get up."

I shot up out of my pillows, my blanket falling off my shoulders. I turned to look at my alarm clock.

"Oh my god it's seven o'clock!" I said jumping out of bed. My blanket got caught on my foot and I face planted on my floor.

"UH" I screamed as I hit the floor with a loud thud.

"Summer are you ok?" Sidney, my sister asked opening my door.

She looks nothing like me. I look like my mom who was murdered when I was 10. She looks like my dad. Dark brown straight hair with blue eyes and a slim face. She's rather skinny but is pretty strong. I have red blondish hair that's pretty wavy. I'm pale with green eyes freckles. My face is a little rounder than my sister.

"Yeah I'm fine," I said pushing myself off the floor, I looked over to my door at Sidney.

"What happened?" Sidney asked,

"My foot got caught, in my blanket," I said pushing my hair back from my face

Sidney burst out laughing "only you, summer"

I rolled my eyes, "shut up Sidney"

"Why is there a pillow by the door?"

"Get out Sidney," I said walking over to the door and closing it,

I walked over to my mirror, I grabbed my hairbrush and started running it through my hair. I got dressed, I put on some jean shorts and a blue tank top. I grabbed my shoes out of my closet and pulled them on my feet.

"Shit I need to get my bag ready," I said to myself,

I grabbed a backpack from under my bed, I started putting close in it. After I packed a backpack and a big duffel bag full of everything I needed, I went down stairs to get breakfast.

"Hey summer, are you ready for summer camp?" My dad asked, pulling some pancakes off the stove.

"Yeah I'm really excited," I said, sitting down at the table.

"Good, I'm going to miss you over the summer"

"I'm going to miss you, to dad," I said, in a sweet tone.

I got up and gave my dad a hug. My dad's name is Mike. My dad is very tall and fit, he has brown hair like my sister and high cheek bones. After I ate I went up to say bye to my sister, I walked over to her door, her door has a small sign on it that says caution on it, I rolled my eyes and knocked on her door.

"Yeah" she called out

"Hey, it's me," I said;

"Come in" I opened the door and walked inside, her room is a dark blue and she has art stuff everywhere,

"Hey," she said stepping away from a piece of paper on her desk,

"Hey, what are you working on?" I asked looking over her shoulder.

"Oh nothing really, just drawing," she said

"Can I see?" I asked,

"Yeah," she said, turning and grabbing the paper off the desk. She handed the paper to me. It was a drawing of a horse running in an open failed. It's was so real looking and very detailed,

"Wow Sidney, that's really good," I said looking up at her.

"Aw thanks, you're still better at drawing," she said smiling.

"No I'm not, your really good at drawing," I said handing her the drawing back. She turned and put it back on her desk.

"Are you leaving?" she asked turning back to me,

"Yeah, I wanted to come up and say bye," I said,

She smiled at me "come here" she said, holding out her arms. I smiled and walked over to her, wrapping my arms around her shoulders.

"I'm going to miss you this summer," I said,

"I thought we promised not to lie to one another," she said in a sarcastic tone.

I pulled out of the hug and slapped her shoulder, "Oh shut up" I said, she laughed

"I'm going to miss you too," she said smiling at me.


I walked outside to the bus waiting for me on the street, I waved goodbye to my sister and dad and walked around the bus to the door.I walked on the bus and looked around,

"HEY, summer!" I heard someone call from the back of the bus.

I looked back and saw Liza, my best friend. I smiled

"hey," I said walking to the back of the bus,

as I walked, I saw my ex, Lily canter. "Oh great," I thought to myself. She was sleeping, her head was on her backpack, she has tan skin, and blonde hair that's a little curly and blue eyes. She's on the soccer team and the baseball team. she was sitting with Cameron parks.

he has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, he's a pretty big guy with a lot of muscle, he's very popular in school, but he's a good guy, he can be a little crazy at times but he's fun to hang with.

"Hey Summer," he said as I walked up,

"Hey parks," I said,

"you excited for summer camp?" he asked,

"yeah, you"

"yeah" I nodded and walked over to Liza.

I saw a few other of my friends on the bus but they were sleeping. I saw Sam licker,

"that's a weird ass last name," I thought to myself.

He has blue and green hair and is rather pale, he has blueish green eyes with a slim face and highish cheekbones.

He was sitting next to Molly Kimpton, his best friend, she's already very tan with green eyes, she's a little thick, she's super sweet.

"This place is dead, I'm glad you're here" Liza said as I sat down next to her; I laughed,

Liza has creamy brown skin and brown hair, her hair is very curly, she has a round face and she's very pretty. She also has deep brown eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me that lily is riding the bus?" I whispered.

"Oh sorry, I forgot," she said leaning over to me,

"how long is this bus ride?" I asked,

"maybe three hours, I don't really know"

"great," I said leaning back in my seat.

"Hey it's not that bad, I'm here"

"I'm missing the point," I said smiling.

She hit me with her note book that was in her lap, I laughed and pushed her.

Later on, we both fell asleep on the bus till we were shaken awake by the bus turning onto what looked like a long gravel driveway.

I looked out my window and saw forest covering the bus. Big pine trees surrounded us. The woods seemed to go on forever. I saw squirrels running around on the forest floor. And the smell of the pine trees filled the bus and my nose. It was a pleasant smell.

"I bet there is a crazy killer in there," Liza said,

I turned to her. She smiled at me. I rolled my eyes and looked back out the window. I looked down to my backpack and leaned over and grabbed my sketchpad and a pencil.

"Drawing?" she asked looking over at my sketchpad.

"Yeah, this is super pretty," I said putting my pencil to the paper.

"It really is I hope we get to explore those woods… it would be so fun to hunt in there" she said.

The gravel made it very hard to draw.

"This driveway is long… how far away from the city are we?" I asked

"probably really far… this kinda looks like a place me and my dad's went hunting last year" she said.

I nodded and looked back out my window.

About ten minutes later, the bus driver called out "we are here" we all looked forward. There was a big sign over the driveway that said pine woods camp. "That makes sense," I said looking over to Liza.

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