Full of uncertainty

Mind in desperate places

Waiting for you to fill me

But you've left only empty spaces


It's not your fault

Though I'm sure you cannot believe me

Crippling insecurities have taken place

Where your heart used to be


There are things you don't understand

How the pain I feel is revolting

Yet so strangely appealing.

How the blood I bleed is terrifying to you

But endlessly pleasurable for me


This is never what I intended

I've loved you from the start

But the whispers in my head are getting louder

And now I realize what I could do to your heart


It's a torture no one deserves

Except for me, of course

To bear the pain of regret

And watch this love become perverse

By the power of my own curse


This is goodbye

To your dreams of yesterday

And my hopes for tomorrow

To the masquerades of romantic endeavors

And the feel of every pleasure


Today, I face the end

With a soul, that's caved in

And a body condemned

To another place, I shall go

Far away from human heartbeats

Where it is I don't know

But it is far from you


I apologize for my carelessness

For the tears and slit wounds

For however you may feel

When you find me cold and bitter


Even if you can't forgive me

I hope you always remember

That'd I'd rather be here

With you