I originally wrote this on DA for the amazing reviewer Annie. I wonder what else I'll be able to obtain or write. Here is the long anticipated collection of short stories, which I decided to call "In the Woods".

A pun on a name, the personalities are not the same.

I sit here miserably and I wonder what I can possibly do. Two people, having taken two paths, which one do I walk on? Or do I run in the middle?

Both are involved in the arts. One is an excellent speaker, the other is a master of illusions. But where am I? I have seen the beauty, I have found the music. I have immersed myself into a world of peace and stagnation.

I think about my decision as I near the paths in the forest. Soon we'll be able to choose what we'll do. But I have spread myself over every single talent, none of which really stuck with me. For example, playing the violin. I was not able to put enough effort into one instrument. I have not seen the flute in a long time, so there is no judgment on that one.

The piano, though... the soft music coming out of the keys, full of emotion. But soon my fingers collapsed and I'd tear up, wondering what'd happened to me.

I'm looking for what they left for me.

They've left so many memories behind me. They want me to succeed, don't they? But how will I succeed? There is not one thing which I can carry on with. Maybe I can change from pacifist to competitive, but it may already be too late. I could link the two together, but that would have required me to listen closer to the classes they gave me.

I'll have to leave all my past regrets behind.

I'll have to make use of what they left behind.

Maybe I'll leave my legacy behind for others, too. Maybe I'll be able to teach somebody my special art.

There's no path in this forest that allows me to go the way I want. Even if I was born from respected blood, they would not know how to help me. The studies would be worthless.

Perhaps right now I should slow down and see how far I've come, or maybe find a way onto the competitive route. As a child I was put on the wrong path, so now I'll have to change that. I studied it myself.

I should be able to thrive.