This one was also written some time ago, but I really do like it. I've already shown it to people before the published release, so you don't have to review if you've already seen it. Kiddo (Bertl) if you're reading this it's heavily inspired off of SnK.

It's a strange one, but I ultimately decided this is the right place.

She was sitting behind a door, had to evacuate. Nothing else. From endless tormenting she escaped, go away little bird, fly away.

Fly away.

But as caged as a bird is, as one's freedom is missing.

She sighs.

They claw at the door, trying to reach her. The parasite attempts to break through the wall that protects the small girl from all dangers. Doors, beautiful doors. A gate, a gateway to beauty. Through a garden.

Just as when she understands she is safe, the parasite forces the door open... from beneath. It releases its shivering touch on her. Delicately, yet heavily frosted. Then comes the gales of barbarous wind, blowing, the parasite wants to get in.

She is frozen.

She is burning up.

She is frozen again.

Tears quickly fill her eyes, she is about to fall. She can not say anything. She is confused. She is very cold and very hot, she is steaming, she is out of control.

She doesn't understand the world.

It is so cruel.

"Etja? Are you okay?" Etja's eyes slowly fluttered open, and her gaze swung vividly. Dark squares outlined in green. Gray, gray covering the sides of her vision. She shook her head multiple times and blinked, sitting up to look at her comrades.

The bunk creaked slightly under the weight of the other three people sitting on it, the three who could kill men (and may have, too). The others were staring at her, some of them with delicate and soft eyes and others with hardened eyes, and some with ferocity aimed at nothing in particular.

Etja turned so that the wall would support her back, and maybe conceal her quivering figure. "I'm fine, I'm fine. You guys did not have to come here. You should have left me behind."

"But Ettie-a," Annie said, looking rather solemn. "It was... his decision. We couldn't. He was devastated. Don't look around for him, he's not... he's not here. He's at the healer."

Etja shivered, trying to pull up the blankets for warmth. It is cold outside, she thought. Must'a rained a while ago...

"Can you guys please leave...? I'm not very..." Annie nodded and gestured for the small party of seven (including that tall boy, who she didn't notice) out the door. Etja rushed to the door and waited until she could no longer hear their footsteps, then sighed. She dragged a small chair over and blocked the door, and hung a sheet over the window. Pulling down her skirt, she turned to unwrap the wound that was inflicted on her so many years ago. It had faded...

The bandages were damp because of the weather outside. Take it easy, real easy. You've got this. Etja took a deep breath in and exhaled.

It'd appeared, a glinting crimson hole that was frosted around the edges. There were light yellow letters inside of it.

Do not forget—it defines the latter.

Shaking as if she were having a seizure, she redid the bandages, changed her clothes, and went to the bunk to fall into a dreamless haunting sleep.