Author's note: This came to me while I was rping on this one site when I was doing a thread with my character. Alex is my character and he is the crowned prince of the United Kingdom so a bit of AU. He was living in Paris too this chapter of where is moving to India. He was in Paris to first get a degree at Sorbonne before he stayed there about part time to understand what a normal life was like while he also kept on doing his royal duties.

bIt has been ten years since he lived in Paris and he recently broke up with his last girlfriend due to a panic attack that made him freeze and unable to answer his girlfriend and she walked out on him. So he decided that she was better off without him, not only that but he decided that his country was better without him so he decided to go to India of where the people would not recognize him. I am going to end the author's note here and get to the prologue of the story.

Alex closed the lid of the suitcase on his bed in his apartment in Paris. After that fight, that is if one could call that, with his girlfriend for two months that she walked out. He tried to tell her of what happen didn't mean to happen though it sounds like it was bigger deal than what it was. The fight was not exactly a fight per say, Alex still loves but it was clear to him now that she doesn't need him in her life. He could still see the events play out in his mind that happened only yesterday.

Alex started to tell Aimee about the kiss that Cassie gave him of which was only a few seconds long that he didn't return before Cassie ran off into her bedroom. However it was shortly after those words came out of his mouth that his mind and body froze till Aimee left the room after she tried to get him to talk about it even though he was unable to talk. He could hear Aimee's words in his head before she walked out on him two days ago.

"I don't want us to fight, but I don't know how to react to that. Can we just, can we just not meet for awhile? I want to think how I should react, how this relationship would go. Gosh we haven't even announced it officially yet look where we are now. I'm sorry Alex but I need to sort our relationship right, I have to go."

Even though he was the crowned prince of the U.K., that he didn't feel like it and he felt like he didn't deserve Aimee after she walked out of his apartment. He saw no reason or need to stay in Paris any more, for he had come to Paris to be under the radar for a while to get away from the royal life. That was why that their relationship hasn't been officially announced yet, for he didn't want the media to know quite yet and he wanted Aimee to feel more comfortable when it was announced. Alex picked up the suitcase on his bed before he walked out of his apartment for the last time to go to the airport and fly to India.