Richard's pov

It has been four long years since Alex left, Richard was concern but there as nothing much he could do now expect to keep the search parties going for both princes. After the first two years that Richard figured there was a chance that neither one of the p new will come back. Of which depressed him since he considered both princes like his own brothers, it wasn't till shortly after the third year pass that he become less depressed. Even though neither Alex or Henry, Alex's brother, had been found that Richard meet a new bodyguard that was a female.

Her name was Lauren and they quickly become best friends, before Richard knew it that they started to date and become boyfriend and girlfriend. It was a couple of months ago that he proposed to Lauren on the Eiffel Tower, Richard was partly there to see if Alex had come back yet and to bring Lauren to Paris since she never been outside of London. Since than that they had come back and they were sleeping in his room at the palace in London. That day was a day off for Richard as well as Lauren and he intended to sleep in late for a change.

However it was when the light was barely coming through the windows was when his cell phone started to ring waking Richard up as well as Lauren. Of who moved closer and put her head on his chest, Richard grunted slightly as the cell ringed again. Somehow he knows the cell phone would keep ringing till he answers it or let the voicemail get it. Depending on how determined the caller was to reach him that they would call again once getting the voicemail. Richard reached over and grabbed his cell phone and answered it without looking at the caller ID.

"You know it is rude to wake people early in the morning, more so when it is their day off."

"Oh good, you now know how it feels when you woke me up."

Richard sat up suddenly in his bed wide awake Lauren moved just before Richard moved so suddenly. Lauren looked confused at his sudden reaction upon hearing the voice on the other end.

"Alex, where on earth have you been for the last four years?"


Richard was about ready to ask why he was in India that Alex hung up, Richard grunted and got off the bed and put his pants on. Before Lauren could ask what happen that Richard told her of what just happen even if it was a short amount of time that it happen in. Richard went to the door of his room to get to India as soon as possible, he did notice Lauren getting up. He didn't bother to put on a shirt quite yet since he needs to tell his parents about Alex. As soon as he stepped out of his room that a pie hit his face. Richard spit some of the pie that ended up in his mouth just as a voice that he knew too well spoke.

"I didn't say that I was still India, I just said India."

Richard looked over to his right of where Alex as standing there leaning against the wall. Alex smiled slightly when Richard looked at him.

"You could have least said you left India."

"Where would have the fun been in that."

Before Richard could say anything that Lauren called his name and stuck her head out of the door. Richard looked back at her as Lauren giggled when she saw his face covered in pie, he could hear Alex joining in. As they laugh that Richard went back into his room to get the pie off of his face or as much as he could. When Richard managed to get most of the pie off that Lauren finally stopped laughing and spoke.

"I am curious, who is he?"

Lauren gestured to Alex as she spoke, Richard wasn't surprised that Lauren didn't know who Alex was. However Alex spoke before Richard could.

"I am Alex Blacthrone."

"Prince Alex. That Alex Blacthrone."

"Yes, but you don't need to bow at any time unless if there is something formal going on."

Richard was close of laughing when Lauren was close of bowing but stopped when Alex said that. It was clear from Lauren's face that she understood that Alex and his parents were not as formal as most people would make Alex's family to be.

"Just curious, do your parents know that you are here."

"Not he, the first person that knows is Thomas. Though it wasn't till I walked in that the order of the pie was confusing for him."

Richard shook his head when Alex said that, it figures that Alex would see Thomas first considering of who else would give him the pie. Though Richard did expected a pie in the face since he smashed a pie in Alex's face fourteen years ago. The only time he didn't was for the last four years including when he left the room to go and find Alex. The three of them went back into his room while Lauren got ready in the bathroom while Richard got ready in the bedroom while Alex remained in the main room.

Once Richard and Lauren were ready that the three of them went to the dining hall to greet Alex's parents. As soon as they entered that Alex's mother had ran over to Alex and hugged him before she started crying. After his mother pulled away that Alex explained everything of what happened, even though Richard was a little surprised that Alex left his son back in India that Richard understood Alex's reasoning for doing what he did. Though Richard was sure part of the reason was because Alex didn't want to be reminded of what happen in India and his son would have been that reminder.

The next week that Alex got settled back into his role of being the crowned prince easy and managed to give the people a basic understanding of where he has been for the last four years. He did tell them that he has been in India and getting to know the royal families in Asia of which was true but he didn't tell the people of his former marriage or his son. Since Alex was divorced and gave his rights as the father of his child. After that week that Richard, Alex and Lauren flew to Paris so Alex could spend time there like he had done before he left expect he was more living in Paris while Aimee was there. Richard and Lauren moved into Richard's old apartment while Alex moved back into his.