Author's note: sorry it took me a while to update this story. Just a reminder that this story idea came from a site I am. That this character are on that site. So I want to thank Tia for letting me using her characters in Thsi chapter and any other chapter that they will appear in.

Richard's pov

It didn't take long for Richard to reach Roberto's penthouse in Paris, Richard was hoping that Roberto was in still in Paris and in his penthouse. As oppose to doing a photo shoot or being in Italy, Richard stood in front of the door of the penthouse slightly nervous. Richard meet Roberto plenty of times due to how close Alex and Roberto were as god brothers. For when he meets with Roberto that richard was usually with Alex since it was usually Alex that sees Roberto. After a couple of minutes of standing there looking at the door that he finally knocked, it didn't take long for the door to open to reveal Alberto, Roberto's butler. Alberto was clearly surprised to see Richard there without Alex, for it was more common for Alberto to see Alex without Richard.

"Hi Alberto, I need to talk to Roberto."

"What about?"


"Alex could have come in person to talk to Roberto. As matter of fact before that Alex did that before."

"He won't be able to tell Roberto this in person."


Richard sigh before he spoke. "Please Alberto, I need to talk to Roberto."

Alberto was about ready to say something but he stopped at the look Richard was giving him. Unlike most of the times before when Richard went to Italy with Alex that most of the time that Richard wasn't too serious. Richard knows that Alberto had seen Richard get serious a couple of times when Roberto was in the UK and Alberto tagged along or in Italy if something threatened Alex's safety. It was both the mix of the serious look that Richard was giving him and the tone that Richard used made Alberto stop.

"Is Alex serious injured?"

"I don't know, before you ask of how I don't know that I really need to come in and talk to Roberto."

Alberto nodded and let Richard inside the penthouse, once inside that Richard stood in the middle of the room while Alberto went to get Roberto. After a few minutes of waiting that Roberto came out with Alberto just behind him, despite the guarded expression that Richard could tell that Roberto was concerned. Richard could tell that from Roberto's body language.

"Alberto told me that you came here to talk about Alex? Did something happen to him?"

"Alex left Paris for good and is not coming back."

"Why? I thought he was happy here with his girlfriend and bartender job? Did something happen? Is hein the UK."

"Yes, something did happen but let me finish before you ask anything more." Richard paused long enough to make sure that neither Alberto or Roberto would say something. For he wanted to make sure that they don't kept asking questions as he explained things till he was done talking.

"I am going to start with the last question and tell you that he is not in the UK. He was happy here with what he was doing but what happen a couple of weeks ago changed that. You know how at times that the bartenders that Alex works with would finish off the almost empty bottles on some nights. That at times Alex would join them but not always, that night he did join them and he was sober enough to safely drive a car. He drove one for the female bartenders home that night to make sure she got home safely."

"When they got to her apartment that she kissed him for a few seconds before she pulled away and hid in her bedroom. I know this because after this happen and for like ten hours Alex kept calling in a panic mood. He was worried of how Aimee would take it when he tells Aimee. The last time he was this panicky was when he still had the panic attacks that makes him freeze and the last time that happen was eight and half years ago. Later that day after Alex stopped calling me to try to calm himself that Aimee went over to his place."

"He tried to tell her than but he had another panic attack once the words Cassie kissed him came out. He couldn't say anything till after Aimee left, Aimee thought Alex hated her and wanted to be with Cassie instead, Aimee was jealous but it clearly hurt her when Alex tried to explain it to her. Sometime between Aimee left him to when she went to talk to Alex after I explained to Aimee about his panic attacks that Alex left Paris. He had left this letter for Aimee."

Richard pulled out the letter that Alex wrote for Aimee and handed it to Roberto so that Roberto could read it. Roberto read the letter while Alberto read over Roberto's shoulder. Richard didn't say anything as they read the letter, once both looked up at Richard before he spoke.

"He was going to propose to Aimee?"

"Yes, I did figure at some point he would have done it."

"Are you sure he is not somewhere in Paris."

"We are sure, it has been about a week or two since we know he has left. I lost track of time of how long we known he has been gone but a week for sure. Both Alberto and Roberto seem unsure of what to say next, suddenly there was a knock on the door before Tessa yelled through the door.

"Roberto, come open this door, I need to talk to you about Shawn." Richard watched as Roberto walked to the day with a sign before he opened the door to the petite woman standing in the door.

"Not a good time of coming over to tell me to tell Shawn of my feelings for her."

"Now is the time to tell or you may. . ."

"Alex left Paris and the United Kingdom for good." Richard had spoke up before Tessa could go on, she looked over at Richard and she looked a little surprised to see him standing there.

"What are you doing here without Alex? What do you mean Alex left for good?"

"It hasn't be announced publicly yet and I don't know if you knew this. But for the last two months Alex been dating Aimee King. A couple of weeks ago that Alex and the other bartenders were finishing the empty bottles. Alex was the most sober and drive one of the more drunker female drivers home. You know how he is to make sure his friends and co workers safe. While we he managed to get her home that she kissed him before she ran and hid in her bedroom. He tried to tell Aimee the next day about it and the kiss meant nothing but due to his past relationship after effects that he froze up and Aimee took it the wrong way. Aimee walked out on him and a week ago she went to talk to him only to find out that he left leaving the letter in Roberto's hand behind."

Roberto handed the letter to Tessa looked between them and looked about ready to tell them off for pulling a joke on her. As Tessa read that her eyes seem to widen slightly, when she looked up at them that this was some kind of joke, the three of them stared back at her. As they stared at her that it seem to dawn on Tessa that Richard was serious that Alex really left Paris and the United Kingdom for good.

"Does Easton know yet?"

"Not yet but that is who I am going to tell next and lastly Shawn. Do you mind if you come with me for both?"

Tessa nodded before Richard took the letter from Tessa and they left Roberto's penthouse to go and see Easton.