Chapter 1

Hello there, my name is Drachen. I'm a dragon-human hybrid, because of this fact I bare wings of gold on my back. My story is a special one, and in order to understand it you'll need to first understand the world in which I live. My home is the world of Erth. Erth consists of four countries, Japen, Bürgend, Himmelvile, and Böseel. Japen and Himmelvile are countries where most people of Erth choose to reside, due to their speedy technological advances. Bürgend, however, is a mountainous landscape, and Böseel is a volcanic country. Böseel is deemed uninhabitable for humans due to it's dangerously high population of demons.

However, Böseel isn't the only place teeming with demons. Erth suffers this great pestilence as a whole. These pests do not go without punishment; Special men and women are trained to kill the demons that infest the world. The institution in which they are trained is Dämonenjäger Academy; located in the country of Bürgend.

Humans and demons aren't the only inhabitants of Erth. Dragons, vampires and unicorns are just a few of the other creatures who live there. Due to the presence of so much diversity, laws were written in each creatures' society in order to prevent the possibility of intertwining coexistence. As expected, there are those who ignore these laws, and they are punished according to their species. Some are shunned, some are disowned, and some even go to the extreme in order to keep peace. Even with the threats of punishment for intermingling species, some still try to coexist; either as friends, or maybe more.

The story begins within the hills of Himmelville. A proud dragon of gold stood atop a mountain every night, watching over his land. It was a quiet, calm and clear night as the dragon stood in his usual position. He began to lay down so that he may rest, when he heard a scream of terror that shattered the quietness of night. He peered through the forest in the direction of the scream, wondering what had interrupted his sleep. He wasn't expecting to see a young human running through the woods. Her clothes were torn, and she had the look of pure fear painted on her face as she was chased by a large wolf. The dragon did not hesitate. He took immediate action, and he did what no dragon would dream of doing. He had decided to save her. He took to the sky and swooped down towards the wolf. The wolf was caught at its neck just as it had began to tackle the woman. The golden dragon had killed the wolf upon snapping into its neck, and was now holding it in his mouth as he watched the woman continue to run blindly. He shrugged, and felt a sense of pride in helping another creature and catching his next meal at the same time. He tightened his grip on the wolf's neck, and flew back to his perch where he devoured his meal.

A week later, he took his place atop the mountain once again. While looking over his land, he noticed the woman from before wondering around. Her looks were like those of a lost puppy. The dragon sighed and changed from his quite intimidating dragon appearance to that of a handsome human male. He flew down near the woman and hid his wings. He shuffled through the woods and approached her from behind.

"Excuse me, ma'am? Are you lost?" The woman jumped hearing his voice, and she slowly turned around. She smiled in relief upon seeing him. "Oh thank the lord!" She exclaimed. She began to look him up and down, and then looked downward toward her feet. "Um, well.. Yes, I am a little lost..." She glanced up at him, a little embarrassed. He laughed, "Oh, I see? Well if you will let me, I'll show you the way out of the forest and to the closest hu..." He quickly stopped talking and pressed his mouth shut. He shook his head as he remembered his appearance. "I'll show you to the closest village."

The woman smiled a bit nervously, concerned with her situation. She knew she didn't have much of a choice, though, so she stood up straight and nodded. "Alright, lead the way." The dragon laughed and started walking, and the woman followed behind him about ten feet. After about thirty minutes of walking, they finally come to the edge of the forest.

The lights from the buildings shone through the trees, and the woman then knew that she was back at the village. She smiled and ran in front of him, running up to the village, meeting with another pedestrian. They talked for a moment before the dragon stepped out of the forest.

His eyes become squinted due to the brightness of the lights, and he turned to return to the forest, not long after leaving. It was then that he heard the familiar woman yell in his direction.

"Oh, sir! Wait up!" She walked back over to him.

The dragon smiled and turned his head towards the woman. "Yes? What is it?"

She quickly bowed her head apologetically. "Thank you so much! I thought I'd never get out of there!"

The dragon simply smiled and patted her head, "No problem at all, it was a pleasure." He turned around and started walking into the forest again.

She blushes a light pink and lifts her head a bit. "Um... excuse me? Um... what is your name, kind sir? My name is Suki Tora."

The dragon looked back at Suki. "The name's Aurus Dragonar. It was nice meeting you, Suki Tora." Before she could respond he walked back into the forest. Once out of sight, he transformed into a dragon once again and took his perch. The next night, Suki wore a blue dress and walked through the forest. She carried a basket. Aurus saw her and sighed lightly, figuring she was lost again. He once again took the appearance of a human and approached her. "Lost again?"

She jumped and looked at him. "Oh, yay! you're actually here." He looked at her perplexed. She lifted the basket in her hand. "I brought this for you as um... a way to say thank you for yesterday!" She smiled and blushed lightly, swinging the basket a little in her hands.

Aurus tilted his head, now even more confused than ever. "You came all the way out here by yourself to bring me a basket to say thank you for leading you out of this forest?" She smiled and nodded. He shrugged and looked in the basket. It was filled with delicious looking sandwiches and other foods. He glanced up at her. "Um... This is a lot of food for one person.."

She blushed more and looked toward her feet. "Oh I'm sorry, I um... Just got really excited..."

"Oh I see? Well Would you mind helping me finish these? I know the perfect spot." He smiled brightly at her.

She blushed a brighter pink and nodded. "Oh? umm.. I'd love too!" She smiled back.

Aurus turned around and started walking. "Well follow me." They arrived at the top of the hill where Aurus was posted. They both enjoyed the picnic, Suki returned home afterwards, and Aurus transformed back into his true form.