Chapter 4

Afraid of the judgement they would inevitably receive from both humans and dragons, the two decided to have a sermon with just the two of them. They kissed, promising to love each other for the rest of their lives and all of eternity. They built a house on top of the mountain they had made so many memories on. Six months into their marriage, Suki walked up to Aurus while he was fixing a small hole in the house.

She hugged him from behind and smiled. Aurus laughed lightly and turned towards her. "What is it dear?" He tilted his head.

Suki looked up at him wide eyed with a grin. She let go of him and stepped back. She placed her hands over her stomach, looking down at it.

Aurus tilted his head, oblivious. "Suki? You okay?" Suki laughed and nodded. Aurus blinked and looked down as he thought. Suddenly, his eyes widen and his gaze shoots up at Suki. "Wait. Are you..?" Suki smiled brightly and nodded. Aurus hugged her lovingly, lifting her off the ground and spinning. He laughed excitedly and kissed her. "I'm going to have a son!" He exclaimed.

Suki laughed, looking at him with a questioning look. "Oh really? Well what if it's a girl?" She said a bit sassy, but playful.

Aurus shook his head and chuckled. "I'll love her just the same." They smiled and laughed together, now happily expecting.

Unfortunately, this peace and happiness would soon be shattered. It was a beautiful Wednesday morning, a month after the announcement and Suki had stepped out to the doctor to have everything checked out. She had received some unexpected news about the child. She left, made her way home, and walked up to Aurus. "Aurus, I have some news." She said a little hesitantly.

Aurus smiled and turned toward her. "What is it?"

Suki smiled and was about to speak when a loud roar sounded through the house. Aurus blinked and ran outside without a word. A few seconds later, he yelled into the house. "Suki stay in there!" He had transformed into his dragon form.

Suki peeked outside the door to see a bright blue dragon standing across from Aurus. She blinked and stayed inside, watching carefully.

"What do you want, Coatl?" Aurus roared. The blue dragon which Aurus had identified as Coatl laughed and pointed towards the house. "You, my friend, have committed a terrible sin!" He grins, the bloodlust evident in his eyes. "I am here to condemn and punish you for it! Disruption in our species will not be permitted!" Aurus lowered his body defensively and growled at him. Coatl grinned and opened his mouth wide, breathing in. Aurus blinked and yelled back towards the house. "Suki! Get out of there and run! Run as far as you can!"

Suki blinked and nodded, remembering his instruction. She started running towards the back door. A giant ball of blue fire formed in Coatl's mouth. Aurus charged at him in an effort to stop it, but Coatl shot the ball of fire right before Aurus could tackle him. The ball of fire hit and engulfed the house just as Suki opened the back door. She was thrown out the doorway, and tumbled down the mountain. Aurus, now full of rage, snapped his jaws down on Coatl's neck. Coatl screamed and him and Aurus began to battle.

Suki stopped rolling near the base of the moutain, and started climbing back up. Although he had told her to run, she was worried about Aurus. As she reached the top, she saw to her horror that Coatl had pinned Aurus by the neck. "Your Judgement has been passed, Aurus! The sentence is death!" The blue dragons large claws reared back, turning into a deep blue blade. Before Aurus or Suki could react, the blade slammed down into Aurus' neck, decapitating him.

Suki was about to scream when she covered her own mouth, tearing up. A knot formed in her throat as she held back her cries.

Coatl looked around and picked up Aurus' head. He stared into Aurus' now lifeless eyes. Suki turned around and started running blindly down the mountain, following the hidden path Aurus had built right before the marriage. Coatl let out a loud, dark chuckle and flew away with Aurus's head in hand.

Suki was aware of the risk that her soon to be born child would bring. Suki fled to Himmelvile, where she met a scientist who was willing to take care of the child after it was born. Suki, out of fear for her life and for her unborn child's safety, agreed. Eight months later, on June 21st, the baby boy was born. Suki stayed in the Infirmary for a couple days while her child was transported to a new location; a lab hidden from any view. The child was taken care of for a year before being placed in a cell within the lab. The boy was given a code name; Golden Dragon 2.