p style="margin: 0px; font-size: 17px; line-height: normal; font-family: '.SF UI Text'; color: #454545;"span style="font-family: '.SFUIText'; font-size: 17pt;"Those who defy me are weak, preparing their soul for the torture it will attain. Those who follow me are weak, ignorant of the inevitable future, and their inevitable pain. I exist, but not to be followed, and not to be defied. I am to be heard and understood, for my words be in the book before time, passed down by generations. I am to be questioned, as my words may not pertain to logic. I am to be all, for i created all. And, i am to be none, for without all, there exists nothing. I am the original, long forgotten by the modern world. And ignored by the past. I am forgotten./span/p