Chapter 1

"Wake up, Neil!" Neil's mother yelled. "You've been staying up too late these days! Now you're going to be late for school!"

Neil looked at his clock. It read 8:55 A.M. Shit! His elementary school started at 9:00 A.M. He had to eat breakfast, brush his teeth, and run to school which was slightly over a mile to his school. Sometimes he wished he didn't live so close to the school so that he could just ride the bus and wasn't forced to walk to school. His parents were usually too busy so they didn't drive him to school. Sometimes he woke up slightly late because he and his friend, Marcus (who lived a couple houses down from his house) liked to stay up till eleven playing Xbox games with each other, but yesterday they stayed up past midnight and were very sleepy in the morning.

Neil rushed out of bed, got dressed quickly, and got a bagel from his pantry to eat at school (if his teacher didn't notice).

"Neil, I want you to stop hanging out with Marcus if you wind up staying awake past midnight," his mother said. "I'm hereby grounding you from seeing him!"

"Oh, shit!" said Neil.

"I don't except that language in the house!" But he didn't have time to argue with her. He was late for school, so he rushed out the door immediately.

Along the way to school he saw Marcus who was just as tired as he was from running so fast. "We should have not stayed up so late," said Marcus." We're late."

"At least we could use the lateness to our advantage," said Neil. "We don't have to do the first subject. Fifth grade is mostly boring so far."

"No Neil. We'll get sent to the Principal's office and have our grades dropped. Let's not be late!"

"…But I'm tired."

A man in a fancy suit walked by the kids at the same time they were talking. "Can I help you?" he said.

"We're late for school," said Marcus.

"Maybe I can drive you there," he said in a friendly voice.

"My parents said not to trust strangers," said Neil.

"Neil, it's not that far in a car and if we complain we'll arrive even later. Don't be a chicken!" said Marcus.

"Ughhh… fine," he replied. They both got in the man's car. It was a fancy S.U.V. that looked like it had been made this year, but on the inside it was slightly ugly. There was junk on the floor including a strange robe. The robe was black with a symbol in the middle of it. The symbol was a white decagon with another polygon in the center of it. The man started to drive.

"Hey Mr." said Marcus. "What's this robe for?"

"Why, my religion of course," said the man. "Don't you have a religion too?"

"Actually, we're Agnostic," said Marcus. "Our parents take us to Church, but… uh…"

"What he's saying is we're not really sure," said Neil. "…But what's this religion you have?"

"It's called the Cult of Kliigar," said the man. "It is said in the Bible that everyone in the world was once Kliigar and had godlike powers in the time period of Kliigars until, one day the evil demon, Valxhal possessed people into turning evil by leaving the Kliigar religion."

Neil and Marcus started laughing.

"What's so funny?" the man said now in a less friendly voice. "This is serious!"

"Well it's just… we learned in school about different time periods and that never happened," said Marcus.

"School is wrong!" said the man with a rising voice. "The truth is that no one in this world really has a sole except for us because we're the chosen ones. Our God has weakened because of Valxhal's evil powers and us Kliigars were summoned to give strength to God and that strength is gained from using some of the young non-pure people in acts of sacrifice, and when the day comes that God rises every un-pure being will be destroyed and sent to the chamber of demons where they'll rot for all eternity!"

Neil and Marcus had odd expressions now as there laugh faded. Was this supposed to be a joke? "Let's get out of here," Neil whispered as he started to open the door.

"Oh no you don't!" yelled the man. Just then two people jumped up behind the seats they were in. They were dressed in Kliigar robes with decagon symbol on them, but they had masks that showed a face with a blank expression on them. The Kliigars shot the boys with hypodermic needles that had a medicine in them which caused the boys to pass out.