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Part One

Chapter One: Vanessa

It had been two days since I had left my house in Carson City. With no car, I was stuck walking towards exit 35 of Highway 163. I had sent a message to my friend, and long time crush, Andy, asking for a ride. After two days, there was no reply. I was running out of food, and water. Luckily, there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground, which allowed me the smallest bit of water.

Besides the trouble of running out of food, there's also the problem of the "creatures". By creatures, I mean demons, rogue werewolves, rogue vampires, and rogue warlocks. The most dangerous being demons and vampire, seeing as they can kill you in two minutes if you aren't careful. So, while I was walking along the highway, I was also slashing through the creatures. I hardly slept, determined to make it to my rendezvous before time ran out.

In the early morning of the second day, a small, scaly demon bit me while I was fighting off a hellhound. It took a while to send the hellhound back where it came from, and after I took care of the scaly nuisance, I healed my wound, not noticing how my skin was red and inflamed, even after I healed myself. That night, I collapsed on my sleeping bag, too tired to carry on. Just before I fell asleep, I made sure that my cloaking ability was activated. As soon as I was sure that no one on the road would see me, I fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I felt something shake my shoulder. I barely heard the muffled sound of a voice telling me to get up. As my body woke up, I could hear the voice clearer. "Miss, you can't be here. This is government property. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to report this."

"Ugh. How can you see me?" I asked as I checked to make sure my cloaking ability was still activated.

"Um, because I have eyes?"

"Really," I replied sarcastically as I looked up at the figure standing above me. What I saw was a man about 25 years old with black hair, brown eyes, angled jaw line, and was wearing a Lawrence County Sheriff's Department Uniform. As I started to get up and gather what little I have with me, I hear a gasp come from the police officer. "What? Is there something in my teeth?" I joked. It is only then that I realized the vision in my right eye was blurry and the leg that go bit by the demon was slightly stiff.

"What happened to your face?" he asked, worry evident in his voice.

"Ah. Yeah, my dad and I got in an arguement, and he ended up throwing a few plates at me. One hit my face. I left home ten minutes after."

"Hurry up and gather you stuff then, I'm taking you to the hospital and then to the station so you can talk to an officer that can help you report him and press charges."

"Actually, I would rather you, hold that thought," I said as the sensor in my back pocket started to beep insanely.

"Wait, where are you going?" he asked as I pulled out my sensor and started walking along the highway.

"There's a demon just a few yards away. I'm gonna kill it so it doesn't kill us," I replied.

"Well, I'm coming with you. I am a police officer."

"Okay. If you get in my way, I will not hesitate to drop kick you out of my path. And that gun you have there won't be any good against this thing. Only blessed steel works."

"And where are you going to get this "blessed steel", out of thin air?" he asked, surprised.

I just smiled as I pulled back my jacket to reveal two daggers and five smaller knives made of blessed steel. I grabbed the two daggers and held one in my right hand, with the blade pointing to my right, and one in my left hand, pointing down. I watched as the demon turned away from me and waited three seconds before running across the snow towards it, catching it off gaurd. I slid on the snow, bringing my right arm up in a swing that left a five inch deep wound across its left side. The thing let out a sound somewhere between a screech and a whine. I stood up quickly and flipped backwards a few times to give myself some space. The demon came rushing at me, it was faster than I expected, causing me to roll away as it streaked by me. Once again, I was behind it, so I started to run towards its right side. Suddenly, it reared up on its hind legs and lashed out with its tail, hitting me across the abdomen and sending me back five feet and into a tree. The impact knocked the wind out of me and caused me to drop both of my knives. As I struggled to breath, I hear a ferocious cry come from the demon. I looked up to see it bearing down on me. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact that would surely lead to my death, but it never came. I opened my eyes to find that the police officer had picked up one of my knives and had stabbed the demon right where the normal kill spot was.

"How did you know where to stab it?" I wheezed out, still struggling to get a proper breathe in.

"I don't know, instinct, I guess."

"Well, you're instincts must be pretty good."

I slowly stood up, using the tree for support. The police officer walked over to me and gingerly handed me the knife, which was covered in slimy, black demon ichor. "At this point, I'm not sure whether to give this back to you or keep it. I can't exactly let you walk into the police station loaded with daggers and knives and who knows what else."

"Ah. See, the problem is that they would probably ask why you came in claiming to have a trespasser that also wants to press charges on her dad. People can't exactly see me. But if you help me get to exit 35, I promise I'll explain everything."

"I'm sorry, but I at least have to get you some medical attention."

"I can deal with that in the car. What I really need right now is to get out of the cold and sit down for a bit. See, I just hit my head pretty hard on an essentially frozen tree, so the sound of the cars rushing by is starting to bother me. And I really don't like the snow. Or headaches. And considering the snow is coming down harder, I really don't want to walk all the way there. I have at least 75 more miles to go, and I need to get there by 3. Speaking of, what time is it?"

"Um, around noon."

"Shit, we need to get going. The weather is bound to get worse before it gets better."

"Okay, I will take you to exit 35, as long as you explain what just happened and why you are refusing medical attention. And you should probably start with your name."

"Sounds good to me," I answered just as we made it back to the cruiser and my small camp. I picked up the sleeping bag and focused on changing it to a small backpack. I quickly shoved all of my stuff in the pack and walked towards the car. I looked at it and knew that as soon as my friends saw it, they would freak out. I blinked once and the car transformed into a inconspicuous, generic black four door sedan. "What the hell just happened to the car?"

I laughed as I got in, noting the look of pure surprise on the officer's face. "I changed it so we're less noticeable. And it's got an autopilot feature. I've pre programmed coordinates into it, all you have to do is press go. Oh, and it's got a slight cloak on it, just to make it look like we're normal people driving for the holidays when in reality, we're lounging in comfort while I tell you everything about me."

"Well, this is interesting," he muttered.

"First things first, a little background noise. Hey commander, play the local christmas radio station please."

"Command acknowledged. Now playing 103.7 The Bell, Carson City's Home for Holiday Music," the console replied. Instantly the sound of "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano filled the car.

"Well, as promised, I'll start with my name. I am Vanessa Dawn Porter, born and raised in Carson City. I am currently a junior in college up in Anchorville, but I always take the winter semester off. I don't like that place in the winter. I learned that the hard way. I have one younger sister and one younger brother. My sister is a freshman in Carson City Community College, and my brother is a junior in high school. My dad is an alcoholic, and is drunk six out of seven days of the week. My mom is a real estate agent, and most of the time she comes home to find my dad passed out on the couch at five-thirty in the evening."

"That's an interesting family life. Now what does that have to do with the fact that you almost got killed by a demon not ten minutes ago?"

"Nothing. I was getting to that. What I have to tell you may seem unbelievable, but it is all true. Here goes. I am what some people call a Protector. I can see things like demons, faeries, warlocks, vampires, and werewolves. Most people can't though. The only reason I can see them while that guy in the car next to us can't is because I have what is called and activated demonic gene, or and adg. Along with that comes special abilities, some with demonic qualities, some with quasi-demonic qualities, and some with just abnormal traits that are straight out of comic books. For example, one of my friends had a literal sixth sense that alerts him to when someone's adg gets activated for the first time. Another friend has a sense of smell better that any living being on this planet, along with superhuman strength. I also have a friend who has warlock abilities, and x-ray vision. And then one of them can feel dramatic shifts in demonic presence in the area. She's the one who developed the sensors that alert us to any kind of creature near us. My demonic gene allows the wonderful ability to shapeshift, most people like me are called "morphlings". I also have a few warlock qualities as well. Both of those allow me to heal much faster than an average human. Most of the time, my friends and I aren't in school, we hang out at exit 35, at Mr. C's 24/7 Diner. Mr. C, the owner of the diner is actually the leader of our little group, although most of the time all he does is give us advice."

"Okay, I see how this helps you out, with the healing and all, but what does any of this have to do with me?"

"I believe that you are one of us, a person with an adg, but yours in only partially activated, meaning you can see creatures, and those of us with the ability to cloak, but you can use your abilities. Luckily I can fully activate you adg. If that's alright with you. If not, you can just go back to the station, and let us know of any really mysterious murders. By the way, I never got your name."

"Oh, I'm Joshua Steven Williams. Most people call me Josh. And can we compromise on the adg? I want the abilites, but I also want to continue my job as an officer."

"I'm sorry Josh. Once you get your abilities, you will have to be trained how to use them properly. I can tell that you really want to help people out, but think of it this way. Once you are fully trained, you can help even more people than you could if you were just an officer. Now, once you finish training, you are free to go back to your police job. We can send word that something happened and you can't continue working for a few months. We'll even go as far as making sure you get back home or a hospital so that the chief can come and validate. We have friends that work in hospitals all around Carson City, and they will help us if we need it."

"That sounds agreeable. So, who exactly do you unlock my adg?"

"Well, all I really need to do is be in direct contact with your skin, allowing me the access to your DNA that I need. Once I find the gene, I'll direct a small magical pulse towards the gene. It should activate instantly, allowing you full access to all of your abilities."

"Let's get started then. That way you can rest before we meet up at the diner."

I reached for Josh's hand, and wrapped both my hands around his. I closed my eyes and began to fish for the adg. After about five minutes, I found it and sent the pulse towards it. As soon as I felt the gene activate completely, I opened my eyes and let go of Josh's hand. "I don't feel any different," Josh stated.

"Most people don't. I can tell you that you are unique though. You are part vampire, part morphling. Meaning you can basically turn you vampire tendencies on and off, as well as shapeshift in while in your vampire form. I'm honestly surprised that your gene was activated sooner. Have you ever seen blood before?"

"Not that I can think of. I never cut myself or anything as a kid, never even had a paper cut. And I've never been around anyone who was bleeding."

"Well, as surprising as that is, that is probably why your gene didn't activate all the way. I guess it's a good thing that you are staying with us for a while. Because police officers see a lot of blood. But don't worry, we'll teach you how to control your vampire nature."

"Thanks, Vanessa. Now, you should get some rest."

"I will. Hey commander, what time is it, and what time do you expect us to arrive at Mr. C's?"

"It is currently 1:36 in the afternoon, and the eta is 2:49 in the afternoon, taking into account the weather forecast for the next three hours."

"Thank you commander," I replied as I leaned back and fell asleep within minutes.