One Saturday morning Corbin's dad and Dontae went into Corbin's room, wake up buddy todays the day, wake up buddy were going to the woods this morning and we must get ready to meet up with papa at your favorite breakfast place. YAY Corbin yells in excitement, as he hops out of bed and gets his favorite pair of camouflage overalls on. He was so excited there was so much to do .Time went by as he was outside helping his dad load up the four wheelers. Corbin's dad had the trailer already hooked up and ready to go. Corbin gets to load up the four-wheeler today, so his dad proceeded to tell him how to do so, buddy now all you must do is ride your four-wheeler up the ramp and park it right beside mine, Alright? Ok daddy I got this! So, Corbin starts the 4-wheeler puts it in gear and rides it up the ramp and puts right beside his dad's four-wheeler. Well excellent job buddy, now all we must do is pack up our clothes and coolers, food and then we can load up and go meet Mimi and Papa for breakfast.
When they were all packed and ready to go Corbin, Dontae, and mommy and daddy loaded up in daddy's truck. Corbin, buddy get into your seat and buckle up. Once on the road Corbin's dad put down the back window so Dontae could put his head out of the window and that made Corbin laugh because the wind made Dontae's skin on his snout flap and his ears were flapping to wind. Dontae put his head back into the truck gave Corbin a big sloppy wet kiss and back out the window Dontae's head went. Corbin asked his dad how long it would take and his daddy said we only have one stop to make and that's just to meet up with Mimi & Papa, then we will be on our way. When they pulled in the parking lot Corbin says I see Papas truck and boy' Corbin was EXCITED. Once they ate breakfast they were off to the woods, Alright Corbin not much longer . Daddy can I ride my four-wheeler to camp? Of course, mommy and daddy had to think for a minute but as Corbin was begging to drive his four-wheeler to his camp with Dontae they both agreed to let him if he drives careful. As they pulled into the entrance of River Woods, Corbin and Dontae got ready to drive on back to camp. So much fun this will be Dontae, don't you agree said Corbin, as Dontae licks Corbin's face. So, they pulled over to lower the trailer gate and Corbin got his four-wheeler ,with Dontae.
Once it was off Corbin and Dontae drove back to camp though big mud puddles and sugary sand. He almost got it stuck at one spot but his daddy helped him by pushing it though. Once they were at camp Corbin got off and showed his Mimi how dirty he was from the ride. But he was ready for more although his papa and daddy said they had to get camp ready before anyone could do more riding and that bummed Corbin out so he and Dontae decided to play fetch and eat a snack before riding. Just as corbin was finishing his snack and his family was getting ready to ride they heard a truck pulling into their camp. Dontae started barking when the truck stopped Corbin saw that it was his papas friend Jeremy with his big side by side. Corbin and Donate hoped that he would be riding with them because it was a lot of fun having a lot of people to ride with. While Jeremy worked on getting his camp set up and unloading his side by side Corbin's Mimi told him he needed to go put his clothes in the camper and make his bed. That was the worst part about camping Corbin thought. And going home to, he didn't like packing up and leaving he always had so much fun here. Once his mom helped him and everything was done it was time to ride which made Corbin really excited but first his dad had to help him put gas in his tank. Are you ready bud? YEA CORBIN SAID! His dad laughed and said ok but buddy remember we are riding along way so are you sure you want to drive your 4 wheeler yes I do. well ok then start her on up so Corbin put it in the letter N and pushed the start button. COME ONE DONTAE and he jumped on the back, when they started to go his dad singled him to go in front of him and off they went through the hunting area fence then started their way through big trees and windy trails and really muddy spots. He laughed when his aunt Manda got stuck and she said she needed his help getting out so he helped. The mud is heavy, he told Dontae are you having fun? Dontae barked and that made him laugh because he knew he was having fun they kept on going till they got to one of the first bridges and the creek. Dontae this is where we always stop for a drink or to rest it is one of my favorite spots. Corbin's dad told him and Dontae to watch out for snakes they both did as they were told. They both got a water and some cookies and walked around careful to stay close this place is big and he didn't want to get lost. Dontae found a butterfly and they started chasing it, until everyone was ready to go. Corbin's aunt dee told him it was time to go where are we going aunt dee? were going to the swimming hole it's got a rope swing and all. Awesome come on! so Corbin and Dontae hop on his four-wheeler and put his helmet on and goggles he followed his Mimi and papa and Jeremy who was in front of them he looked back and saw his mom and dad and behind them and saw his aunts. It was really sandy and dry this way and he wondered if Dontae could see when he asked and Dontae said no so he stopped when his mom and dad asked what was wrong he said he needed another pair of goggles for donate so his mom got his extra pair out and they put the goggles on donate. And boy was that funny ok now buddy we have to go fast to catch up with everyone can you do that? Corbin's face lit up and he said you bet I can daddy. Hold on Dontae we are going fast! So Dontae held on and Corbin hit the gas and in no time he caught up with everyone it didn't take long to get to the swimming hole at least he didn't think so he loved riding so much that he didn't pay much attention. When they got there it was cool to see a big creek with a tree hanging over with a rope attached ,and step. He took his helmet and goggles off and got the ones off of Dontae and he didn't waste no time Donate jumped in the water making a big splash and barking at him to come on. But he had to get his floaties on. Because he couldn't swim like Dontae. When he got his floaties on and jumped in and even once did the little rope swing it was like the big person one but more his size which made him happy because the big one scared him a little. His daddy got on the big rope at the same time as he got on the small rope and they counted to 3 and swung out, that was a lot of fun it wore Corbin out. And he was tired when they got ready to go back to camp but Corbin couldn't lay down because he was driving . He was so tired he didn't want to drive but he thought back to what his dad said at camp before they left. and said well I am a big boy now and even though I'm tired I have to drive back to camp so even though it was getting late and he was tired he got on his four-wheeler and set off behind his Mimi and papa. Though more trees and water and sandy roads though mud and big bumps he was just getting so tired. He stopped and told his dad that he couldn't drive anymore. That's ok buddy ill drive it back, come on so Dontae hopped on his dads 4 wheeler with his mommy and Corbin's dad jumped on his four-wheeler. Hold on tight now buddy okay as he held on tight to his daddy and felt the moving of the four wheeler and way back to camp Corbin shut his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Knowing that tomorrow was going to be another big day of riding and hanging out with his best friend and his family. He opened his eyes and said DADDY? YEA BUDDY? THANK YOU! For letting me bring my best friend and my most favorite thing to the best place on earth. I love you daddy and just like that he was asleep holding on to his daddy