(So this is a story I've been working on with a few of my friends. I wrote the Karl chapters. AddictWithAPineapple (On Wattpad) wrote the Kale chapters. While I'm pointing you to AddictWithAPineapple, also check out my Wattpad (ChrisB0302) and (ChrisB0302))

Kaleigh Kyprianou walked into the auditorium of Kazoo Kollege, her light auburnish red brown ponytail swishing back and forth. Kaleigh's eyes were hazel, and she had lots of very noticeable freckles that popped out. Kaleigh held a duffel bag, but also she slung her backpack over one shoulder, being careful not to hit herself or her duffel bag against her the pocket that held her kazoo. That would be bad. Kaleigh's kazoo in question was kind of tie-dyed to be gray, and a dark pink. Her name was written on the bottom in Sharpie.

She gathered to the auditorium where there were about 200 students there for their 7 year Kazoo Kollege degree. The process started in 8th grade when you were 13 or 14 and ended at 20 or 21 where you had an official degree in kazoo playing. She wasn't here for just the degree, though. Kaleigh was here for the competition. A big rumble issued from the microphone. Kaleigh grabbed a seat in the first year section, where 30 other students were sitting.

Principal Kazeus was on the stage. "And welcoming! Our new first years!" The other students cheer. "We have 30 new students this year. As I say your name, please stand up! Karl! Kaleigh! Kale! Kaitlyn! Kake! Kat! Kalvin! Kyle! Kayla! Kent! Kayki! Kayden! Kaya! Kevin! Kaleb! Kallie! Kameron! Kandace! Kendra! Kenneth! Kelsi! Kody! Kirk! Kimberly! Kaylee! Kai! Kiki! Kasey! Kaden! Kris!"

More cheering. Kaleigh finally sat back down at her seat. The principal continued. "This year we have a special opportunity for these new students. First years will be competing in teams of six to be the kazoo section in the International Youth Orchestra or IYO. First years should now go to the gym to practice their pieces for the entry to this fine school." Kaleigh got up next to a girl she vaguely recognized as being Kat. "Hi," she said awkwardly. "Hey," Kat said back. "You're Kat, right?" Kat nodded. "And you're?" she asked. "I'm Kaleigh. Nice to meet you." They continued along the way to the gym, talking about kazoos.

When they finally got to the gym as the last of the group, they saw six students in shame running out, one choking on what looked like a kazoo. She walked to her dorm next to Kat. The two of them were in Dorm 1 with Kaitlyn as well. She looked at her schedule. Kazoo Art, Kazoo Math, Kazoo Science? This was like a dream come true!

Inside the dorm room, there were three beds with creamy white sheets and blankets, complete with chestnut brown dressers. There were two bathrooms, off to either side of the room. It looked like a scene from a hotel. "I call the left bed!" Kaleigh yelled, grinning. "I was going to pick that one," Kat yelled back. Kaitlyn was already on the right side, so Kat had to settle for the middle bed.

Kaleigh compared her one duffel and backpack to their suitcases, backpacks, and duffel bags. "I'm beginning to think I seriously underpacked." she said. Kat laughed. "I took my entire wardrobe," Kaitlyn sniffed. Kaleigh sighed. "I took a few sets of nice clothes for concerts and such, but mainly I just took jackets, capris, and shorts."

"Wait," Kat said. "If you put all that in your duffel bag, then what's in your backpack?" Kaleigh pulled her backpack out. "I have my laptop, kazoo, music for my kazoo. My phone. A few books. A spare kazoo. Headbands. That kind of stuff." Kaitlyn looked down at her schedule. "Well I don't know about the rest of you, but my first class isn't till tomorrow. How about we meet the others, pick out our teams?" Kaitlyn asked. Kaleigh nodded. "Sure, sounds good." The three walked out of the room. Kaleigh trailed behind some, thinking about her new opportunities and new life as a kazoo player.