Vs: 1 I remember that February day of long ago

Daddy and I were so happy, we had our little girl to hold.

Daddy named you, this you knew, but it was to me you clung so.

My little girl oh the dreams I had for you

About the woman you would grow into,

I so wanted you to one day find a love of your own.

A special man, like your daddy, that I waited so long to know.

We knew we could have lost you then

Until your heart was on the mend.

But I guess my baby girl's heart was meant to stay broken

It broke my heart to see you in such pain.

So to your room you went to stay

My heart ached for you each day.

The few times you ventured out

Only to return as love you were without,

But little did you know what my heart did say.

Refrain: Mama knows my girl, mama knows.

You will always have my apron strings to hold

Mama's near my dear

Mama's here.

Vs: 2 Love you seemed destined even to be denied at home

As your younger sisters found love and lives of their own.

Oh how I cried each night for you

Knowing how you cried too,

To be shut out my girl is a sad thing

Though they knew not the hurt they put you through

Or the tears and broken heart it did bring.

So you and I made a home, the only home you will ever know.

In words I never spoke but in my heart…..


Vs: 3 I remember too one Christmas week

You poured out your heart to me of many things we did speak

Oh my girl I did not know

Just how soon you would be alone.

But as I told you then let them go.

They may never understand and may never know.

Now from Heaven where I stay

It is for them I pray.

Pray they hear your silent cries.

Before it's time for you to fly.

Back to the only arms you have ever known

The only arms that loves you so



Vs: 4 Though you cannot see

Each night I am close as you try to sleep.

Filled with dreams of yesterday.

With no hope left or new dreams to display.

I still shed a tear

As I gently brush back your hair.

My little girl with the broken heart

So alone and torn apart.

My heart aches that you are so alone.

Yes I know no one comes by or phones.

Sometimes when I come, daddy comes too

Even Aunt Lucy

You see,

They know how alone you are,

They too are never far.

You even have a friend or two up here.

Though you have never met they too see your pain and are aware.

They lived a lot like you,

With broken hearts and shattered dreams too.

They understand your pain and wait with me for the day.

The Lord calls you home then you will never be alone.

Coda: They can't wait to show you my dear girl

All the love that's waiting here.

So hold on, I know it's hard

And you think it's so far.

But just hold on the time is near.

Until then mama's right here.