A/N: This is me attempting to write poetry... which I think turned out alright? Happy reading!

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Goes the sound of that wretched clock.

The slower it goes, the louder I groan,

and soon my eyes begin to close.

'How much longer?' I want to shout. 'How much more of this do I have to take?'

Because even the buzzing chatter around me can't keep me awake.

Feeling the cold yet comforting surface of my desk against my cheek,

I fall into a rhythm of soft snores, leaning back and hearing my chair creak.

'When can I go, when can I leave?' I want to scream

as I slowly drift off into a beautiful dream.


I dream of going home and being out of these uncomfortable jeans

and my parents asking me, 'How have you been?'

I dream of lying on my couch, eating popcorn and drinking coke,

as I watch a film about some idiot who goes broke.

I dream of curling up under my covers, with my nose buried in a good book,

occasionally laughing as I hear my dad attempt to help my mom cook.

I dream of hot chocolate before bed

as the stars shine bright above my head.

And as the moon becomes blindingly bright,

I realize that something is not right.


I am shaken awake with a jolt.

The person sitting beside me says, 'The teacher almost caught you sleeping, you dolt.'

I sigh as I turn to look at the clock

waiting for it to be three on the dot.

But the teacher continues to drone,

causing the entire class to moan.

Five more minutes, only five more minutes until I can elude

this hell called school that will finally conclude.