it's all too easy, isn't it?

to harass others behind a screen without giving a shit

about who they are, what they do or where they live.

All that matters is making them cry, breaking them down, making them want to die.

Now, is it worth it, people ask?

To bully total strangers and place their lives in danger?

Who cares, they say-it's not like we know them, now amscray.

It doesn't matter if we break them down

Make them cry or make them want to die

All we want is to see them on their knees

Make them feel they've become a disgrace

You're a disgrace to the human race, bullies.

The lowest of the low, the proudest of the proud

The proudest of the loudest who enjoy pleasure in others' pain.

You love to drive them insane. Just look at Amanda, at others-

Each and every day, another child, another teen, all driven to die by words cruel and obscene

Just because it's behind a screen doesn't mean your words go unseen

Think before you post, think before you send

You could destroy another's life without intending to offend

Thanks to you bullies, parents find their children hanging from ropes

Find them overdosed and with knives in their arms

You bring them so low they want to self-harm

Don't you feel bad or sad for them?

Where are your feelings, your empathy?

No, no, all you feel toward them is antipathy.

this isn't over, you say, time to continue the rumor and the blame game.

Time to bring them shame until they feel the urge to die.

How dare they exist on this same website as I.

You know what's frustrating?

The face that you wear is not your real face

The real you would never approve of this cruelty

But because you wear a mask you can get away with this task

If you bully you need to stop

You hurt others, rip them apart and lead to them hurting themselves

You can be held accountable for your words online.

Remember Amanda, remember other girls and boys like her, who were bullied and ended their lives. Remember the children who hung themselves due to bullies. Bullying is no joke.

It's not a joke, there's a human on the other end of that screen.

Remember your words, be nice, not mean.

Keep your mean thoughts to yourself.

Let others do as they please and quit encouraging others to tease.