So this was a school project of mine. It's due next Thursday. Anyways, we had to write a short fable and we had to have pictures. Haven't done any pictures but this is my fable.

My friend Joey enjoyed the dialogue - this is actually my first time speaking "Country" and my first time not adhering to the laws of grammar. So, it should be interesting...

How to Get Cheese From a Mouse Trap

There once was five mice, a cat, and a human who lived in a house. The human didn't have any particular name known by the mouse and the cat, so he was simply referred to as "Mr. Human".

One day, Mr. Human grew tired of all the extra company. He wanted to have a mouse-free environment - his cat, Tammy, didn't even like catching mice so he decided to lure the five mice into a mouse trap.

He picked up the mousetrap from a local shop and placed a small block of cheese upon it and wound it back. It wouldn't be long before they were free of their mouse-y problem.

The five mice immediately captured the scent of the cheese. Mr. Human never placed out cheese, but none of the mice were educated so they didn't think anything of it. Other than Metatron, the bookworm.

"I'm tellin' ya Bulch." Metatron said as they all marched out of the mousehole. "It's a trap, I say. A trap!"

"Whatcha ya sayin'?" Bulch replied. "That ol' Mr. Human don't want us no more?"

Zam and Zei, the twins, whispered in conspiracy. "That Metatron is goin' loopy."

Beetlecharm simply flittered her eyelashes and said, "But cheese, Trony, cheese!"

And so her charm won, and off they were.

Tammy the Cat was sleeping on her pillow and right next to her was the cheese.

"I'll show ya'll how it's done." Bulch claimed loudly, flexing his great mouse muscles and stomped forward. He didn't make it even half-way before Tammy slammed a paw and Bulch went scampering off, tail between the legs.

"Strength ain't nothing against the speed of my paw." Tammy proclaimed proudly and then laid back down.

"You don't need strength to get what you want," Beetlecharm replied. She walked forward and fluttered her little eyelashes and said, "O Great Tammy Cat, please let me pass!"

"Flattery, bah!" Tammy replied. "Get the cheese if you want it that badly, but it won't end well!" She batted her paw at Beetlecharm. Beetlecharm, fearing disfigurement from Tammy's claws, chased off after Bulch.

"Strength and flattery!" Zam laughed. "As if that will get you past a great cat like Tammy Cat!" And Zam crouched down low and let his tail whip back and forth once and he zoomed forward. He was fast.

But Tammy was faster.

"You aren't any match for me, mouse!" Tammy cried, batting her paw and sending the mouse into the wall.

After three failures, Zei was determined. "I'm gonna sneak around that kitty." She said and she slunk into the dark shadows and managed to get around Tammy and got to the cheese.


The trap closed and Zei was no more.

Tammy, awakened by the noise, sighed. "I was tryin' ta be nice but obviously you didn't wanna listen. You wouldn't have wanted that cheese." She pointed a paw at the closed trap. "But the trap is completed. If ya want it, ya can have the cheese."

And Metatron grabbed the cheese, tipped an imaginary hat towards the cat and walked off.