The Wicked Oak Tree and the Child Molester

Chapter 9

By Shadowgate


Matthew told Helen to try to calm down. He also told her "I'm sure if this rumor is true Tammy's parents have gotten in touch with the police. I would love to hear from your friend Janet whom I've never met. You say she knows Tammy right?"

Helen said "yes" and wiped the tears off her face.

Matthew said "don't let her know about our secret hideout though. I know I sound like a kid saying that but I really want it to stay a private area for the four of us who live on this street."

Helen said "maybe we should go to our hideout now because I don't want to discuss this out in the open."

Matthew nodded and said "everyone move forward" and they all marched two blocks down into the woods. They entered the old barn and sat down.

Matthew put his hand on Helen's shoulder and told her "if this rumor is true then logically Tammy must have told her parents that adults are soliciting her to make up false claims. While Jason happens to know he prefers boys a girl claiming molestation against the newest neighbor will not be ignored. They know he's been convicted of molesting at least one child. Even if his criminal history was available to the public and we knew he molested a boy well a girl could make an accusation against him and it would be taken seriously."

Helen replied back "well I'm just so glad you moved into the neighborhood. You're 18 so you're considered an adult and you're so trustworthy."

Jason said "you're right Helen but most adults in this community are trustworthy." Jason put his arm around Helen and Zachary exhaled. Then Zachary looked at Jason eye to eye and said "no they're not Jason you moron."

Jason gave Zack a dirty look and said "Mister Henderson is trustworthy. We trust our parents and we trust Mrs. Parker I mean sure there are a few bad apples."

Zachary snapped "half the adults in the community can't be trusted."

Jason replied "I'm beginning to wonder if you're trustworthy."

Zachary replied "we've been friends since first grade now you don't trust me?" Zachary shouted "what the fuck!"

Matthew stepped in between the two boys and said sternly "easy both of you." After that he turned to face Helen and ordered her to call Janet and ask her if she knew for sure that the rumor is true. "Anyone could have started this rumor and I have a feeling that if it's not true then someone started it just to hurt Tammy."

Helen called her friend Janet and when she answered Helen said "Janet I have to ask you where you heard this rumor that Tammy is being hassled by adults to lie about being molested by the new fucking asshole in the neighborhood?"

All three males had smirks on their faces due to the cute nickname Helen gave the child molester.

Helen continued talking on the phone and when she got off she said "okay I know Janet Filler and Rachel Crane because I've been friends with them since first grade. Tammy Carter told both of them she has been hassled by Thomas Barnes and Herbert Balls."

Jason laughed and said "he's got balls for a last name."

Matthew commented "he sure doesn't live up to his last name if he's trying to strong arm a nine year old girl into making false molestation claims. Heed my warning all three of you."

Matthew took a seat and continued "if you accuse someone of molesting you then you'll have to be examined by a doctor. Furthermore a psychologist can tell if a child is lying about being molested."

Helen took a deep breath and paid close attention. Zachary commented "this sounds ugly I mean they find out you're lying you get in big trouble."

Matthew nodded and replied "plus you'd have to testify against the one you're accusing and that would end up being perjury."

Jason asked "what's perjury?"

Matthew explained to Jason what perjury was and soon afterwards Helen said "I've got to get home. My mom plans on taking me for a back to school haircut later."

Zachary said "I'll walk you home."

Matthew immediately replied "we'll all walk you home."

All four begin their march out of the hideout and back into the neighborhood.

It was just a few minutes after they left the hideout a truck pulled up behind them.

Matthew turned and yelled "what the fuck!"

A man got out of the car and Helen said "hello Mister Carter."

Furman Carter asked "have you seen Thomas Barnes around here? I'm going to kill that son of a bitch."

Furman cocked a shotgun and all four of the young ones had looks of shock on their faces.

To Be Continued