You don't see us, but we are here. We were here when the first subatomic particle sprang forth from the Big Bang to form reality as you know it. We will be here when the last proton decays, stops vibrating, and plunges the universe into heat death. We are Aioniótites. Our job is to save humankind from itself, and this we will do no matter what it takes. My name for this life is Thysía. In Elliniká, our ancient language, it means sacrifice. Sacrifice is my destiny, but I'm not afraid.

I observed the world for ten years, watching and learning what needed to be fixed. Then I chose my name and thus I chose my destiny. And so I Changed: I sought out a mother carrying a child doctors said would be mentally disabled. I entered the child, became the child, and the mother gave birth to a miracle. She named me Thysía, my name. She didn't know the meaning, and if anyone would have asked why she chose that name she wouldn't have been able to answer. But I knew why, and it was because I chose it.

As a human boy and young man I was the model student, the one who always got the highest grades, the one who made a difference. My human body learned self-defense and hand-to-hand combat, preparations for my destiny. After high school I enlisted in the army, rising through the ranks quicker than anyone ever had before until I was a general.

I served for thirteen years before my day came in 2007. We were in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban resurgence. This particular day my team and I were on a covert mission to rescue valuable hostages. It took us too long; our attempt at retreat left us surrounded on all sides. Heavy gunfire took soldier after soldier down. I ordered my troops to retreat while I covered them. I hadn't been the youngest general in the U.S. army for nothing: I ran, ducked, jumped, and rolled, between bodies, between buildings, all the while emptying my Heckler & Koch MP5. Taliban fighters dropped one by one. My team managed to retreat to our safe house, but it was too late for me: reinforcements had arrived. My human death brought my team time to escape with the hostages.

Now here I am, still resting after that life, watching and observing. In one year I will choose a new name and destiny. But I'm not alone in my quest: my brothers and sisters are here too. Each day at least one baby expected to be disabled or diseased is born whole. They will impact their society during their childhood, and as adults legends will follow their deeds.

The woman who opened an orphanage that provides love to children in addition to all their other needs? She is Aioniótita. The man who discovered a way to transport medicine to remote places on earth? He is Aioniótita. We pave the way for you to follow. Échoume anoíxei το drómo για να boreíte να akolouthísete.

Greek translations:

Eternity/eternities Aioniótita/Aioniótites Αιωνιότητα/αιωνιότητες

Sacrifice Thysía Θυσία

Greek Elliniká Ελληνική

We pave the way for you to follow

Échoume anoíxei το drómo για να boreíte να akolouthísete.

Έχουμε ανοίξει το δρόμο για να μπορείτε να ακολουθήσετε