Begone! Begone, we say! Why do you come?

Why do you want to tear this country? Dumb

We are not and know the reason: to our hearts

with intent of terror you dance your parts.

Come in, come in we say: we welcome you.

We believe in peace, we love the land too.

Yet we admit of the others who ruin us,

Who caused this hatred for us, this disgust.

Terror! Terror that you spread!

Agents of the Devil, wearing Death's head!

You persecute those against your beliefs!

Merciless in your religious war, death is the only release!

Calm yourselves, your fear is not needed.

Children of God we all are, despite the lies that are seeded.

Mistaken you are, false in your claims;

We spread peace, with war as our last choice, yet others blacken our names.

Lies, all lies! Attack after attack,

your violent actions stab our backs!

Overwhelming fear is bred. This is your purpose!

You drive death into us, forked and hoofed, making us nervous!

Feared and persecuted, this we are,

Mocked and called from afar!

Shamed for the crime of a few,

When will what is said be true?

We are the candle that will

light the world! We shall never rest, until

the heavenly combat between Lucifer

and the Lord! Then you will suffer!

Enough! We have had enough! This hate and anger,

How we live a living death, how we suffer!

But we'll plead no more on land,

For this—this is our final stand!