Hello. You must be Miss Jones.

Yes. You're Dr. Goldstein?

Yes, I am.

Oh, wow! I was expecting a much older man!

Well, I hope I won't disappoint you.

Not at all; you'll do fine!

Why, thank you! I understand it's your foot that brings you here?

Yes. My left foot.

I see. Let me have a look at it. . . sorry, did that hurt?


I'll be more gentle.

That's better, thanks.

And how did you hurt it?

I was wearing a new pair of shoes that I bought. They have 2" heels, and I wasn't used to them.

High-heeled shoes are the bane of all women's feet!

You think so?

All doctors do. You women sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion.

Well, I plan to take them back to the store, after I finish with you.

Good girl! Well, the good news is there doesn't appear to be any broken bones.

That's a relief!

I'd like to bath the foot.

All right.

Let me get a bowl. . . some hot water. . . now, this is Epson salts. You can get it at the drug store for 98 cents. . . OK, here we go. Now, tell me if it's too hot.

No, it's just right. I think I'll put my other foot in it, too!

Why not!

You have nice hands, Dr Goldstein.

Thank you, Miss Jones.

Call me Thelma.

All right, Thelma. You can call me Robert. Now, I'm going to prescribe you some pain medicine. But I want you to take it only if you're feeling unbearable pain. in the foot. It can be addiction.

I promise.

And don't mix it with alcohol!

I won't. I don't drink that much.

Good. Try not to exert too much pressure on the foot. Wear low-heeled shoes for a while. Or better still, walk around your house barefooted, if you're daring enough to do that.

I love to go barefooted.

Excellent! Now, take a foot bath once a day with the salts. Like I said, you can get them at any drug store. Also, massage your foot once a day. Or better still, get someone to massage it for you.

Gee, I don't know of anyone who'd do that for me. My sister could do it, but she lives out in Queens.

You don't have any boyfriends who you could ask?

Well, there's one boy I go out with. But we're not really that close, and I couldn't ask him to massage my foot.

How about me?


Miss Jones—er Thelma—could you. . . .would like like to go out with me, this Saturday night?

Why Dr Goldstein, do you often ask your female patients out on dates?

No, I assure you I do not do that!

Well, I normally wouldn't go out with my doctor—but I'll make an exception with you!

Wonderful! There's a place across the street called the Vineyard.

I noticed it, while coming here. That'll be fine. 7:00?

That's great.

And I promise I won't wear high-heeled shoes!

Very good! Let me dry off your feet, so you can put your shoes back on.

Thank you. My foot feels much better already, Doctor!

Glad to hear that! Now's here's a prescription for the medicine. I've written my home number on it.

Let me give you my number.

Oh, that won't be necessary; I can get it from my receptionist.

OK. Well, I'll see you Saturday night. Maybe you can massage my foot, afterward!

Maybe I will! Goodbye, Thelma.

Goodbye, Robert.