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Chapter One

Once upon a time, Odaiba High School was considered an architectural masterpiece for this small enclave in Yokohama. The community congregated for every celebration imaginable. As the surroundings grew and the skyscrapers came, the love of Odaiba died a painfully, slow death. Odaiba High School became like any other school. It was a mediocre stepping ground for overly hormonal grouches and grouchesses. It was dim, grey and forever sad. At every first year orientation, the principal made a point of reminding everyone of how Odaiba once sheltered thousands from the Russo-Japanese War.

A hacking cough reverberated through the hallways. In Room 3-D, Yamada Asuka tried to wave away the dust. The abandoned classroom was in disarray when she first entered. It had been months since someone last touched Room 3-D. Asuka took out an elastic band from her wrist and pulled her red hair into a high ponytail. Her dark chocolate eyes scanned the room again.

'Opening the curtains was stupid.' she thought. When she first came into the room, she tried flicking the switch on. After a few seconds, the lights flickered. With a loud bang, the light bulb burst. Groaning, she tried to let sunlight in. She climbed on some stacked tables to get the curtains to budge. Her dark eyes winced at the blast of sunshine and a dust cloud attacked her lungs. "I hate my ancestors!" she cried through her stinging tears. Alone, Asuka went back to sweeping. But, the coughing was too much for her. I really hate dead people!

Asuka was preparing for the Bon-Odori Festival, the only relic left from Odaiba High's "illustrious" past. The festival was a chance for the living folk to remember their rotting relatives. To Asuka, the whole thing was pointless. The dead didn't need fanfare. They were, well, dead.

Getting her broom, she cursed her teacher over and over again. Her fabulous Geography teacher, Murokashi-sensei, took it upon himself to volunteer. A week ago, Asuka was inches from her death bed. She had the worst flu imaginable thanks to her twin brothers. Her immobility forced her to stay home. If she was at Odaiba High School, she would have protested the unfair treatment.

The Festival Committee ordered the first years on cleaning duties, while the second years and third years were working on decorations.

Truth be told, Asuka had a long list of people she hated.

4. The Festival Committee

3. Murokashi-sensei

2. The idiots-who-were-supposed-to-help-her-but-they-bailed-once-they-found-out-it-was-Room-3-D.

"Asuka-chan," she heard her friend, Harumi, call out.

"In here," Asuka tried to yell at the top of her lungs.

Because her voice was strained, she worried about Harumi. Harumi was notoriously bad with directions. Whenever they went out, Asuka made sure to save the directions on her phone. There were times when she believed someone forgot to implant a navigation chip in Harumi's head. There was a silhouette at the door. Asuka saw Harumi was hesitating to enter. Asuka coughed loudly, "In here!"

Carefully, Harumi opened the door. Once she saw Asuka, she became unbelievably happy. "Thank goodness," she sighed in relief, "I thought I was going to meet the Goddess of Death."

"I told you I was going to be in here."

"I keep on forgetting how hopeless I am," she mumbled under her breath. Suddenly, she became concerned. "Asuka, are you sick?"

Shaking her head, Asuka smiled. "I'm okay," she said, after clearing her voice. Ojima Harumi was Asuka's best friend for a reason. She continuously looked out for her. Asuka was happy to have an adorable second mom at school. Asuka noticed Harumi was carrying a bag. "What is that," she pointed at the dangling bag in her hand.

"This?" She lifted it up, "It's our yukatas. Your mom called me to pick up yours."

Asuka groaned. She wished she could be skipping out on Bon-Odori, but her mom ordered her to stay. Asuka wanted to celebrate life by watching her favourite show, UFC Baking Superstars. Thinking about the strong biceps as they whipped up pastries, Asuka really wished she could be appreciating life elsewhere. "Why do we have to do this-" she began, ready to share her horrible opinion. "We could be watching the sweat drip off of Yomo-san's eyebrows as he tries to make the perfect crème brule."

"If it's any consolation" Harumi broke Asuka from her Rated R fantasy, "Murokashi-sensei gave you permission to leave."

"Really!" Asuka felt her heart flutter with happiness. As much as that man annoyed her at times, she knew she could count on him. Murokashi-sensei was the youngest teacher at Odaiba. This was his first-year teaching post-college. And he came for only one thing.

"Aren't you afraid," Harumi asked.

"Of what?"

She lowered her voice, "The Goddess of Death."

"But, the school's greatest accomplishment was being the birthplace of the Goddess of Death..." whispered Murokashi-sensei in a poorly lit classroom. "Sakamato Ryuko...slaughtered her first victim in the abandoned wing." The girls screamed in horror as Murokashi-sensei's face broke into a gleeful smile.

Harumi continued, "You're the only one who didn't freak out."

Asuka laughed, "Because she's in a maximum security prison."

Harumi came closer, "What if her victims haunt the school? I felt a chilly draft in the hallway."

"Yeah, because I cracked a window open."

Seeing her friend was getting scared, Asuka changed the subject. "You know what? I think I love him." Asuka grabbed the bag and dumped the contents on a freshly cleaned desk. She saw her mother packed the wrong yukata again. Asuka used to like her navy-blue yukata with the little light blue cornflowers print. But, it was too short for her. She contemplated wearing her school uniform instead.

"You love me." She narrowed her eyes as she watched Sumiwara Yuki enter the room. She despised that boy. She hated his bleached hair. She hated the piercings on his eyebrows and ears. She hated how he sucked up to Murokashi-sensei. She hated how he responded only to Yuzu, which wasn't even his birth name!

'God, I hate him.'

"Good afternoon, Sumiwara-san." blushed Harumi. She moved closer to Asuka to hide her embarrassment.

Asuka pitied her friend. She was an idiot for finding the fake delinquent thing attractive. There were plenty of other bleached blond boys to pick from. Asuka was certain Harumi could get anyone. She was adorable with her short, layered blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes. Unfortunately for Harumi, it was no secret that Yuki and Asuka despised each other.

Asuka wasn't sure exactly how their feud started. Was it because she called him Yuki? She preferred that name over Yuzu. It was beautiful. Or was it because he called her a try-hard? He did not believe her hair was naturally light red. She never understood what he had against her hair. Then again, maybe she called him Yuki because he insulted her first.

"Yuki-chan." She sang, sweetly, "Why are you here?"

"Because." He matched her sing-song tone, "I was placed here."

"Really? We were just leaving." With that said, she dragged Harumi towards the door.

As they left, Harumi smiled, "See you tonight."

Harumi is hopeless.

From a distance, the dangling lights looked like dancing fireflies. Grudgingly, Asuka had to admit the seniors did a great job. Harumi held Asuka's hand and led her to the school entrance. This was the very spot they first met close to a year ago. The girls had finished their exams early and started to talk. Within minutes, they were joined at the hip.

Harumi was a sight in her pink yukata. The embroidered butterflies on her sleeves upped Harumi's cuteness factor. Once inside, they were surrounded by people mingling everywhere. In the center of the soccer field, there was a large wooden tower. Unwillingly, Asuka noticed Yuki banging on the drums. With his opened shirt, he looked like a lecherous old man. She cringed at the sight of him.

"Hey," Harumi shook Asuka's arm, "Isn't that Honda-senpai?"

Asuka glanced back at the tower and saw opposite to Yuki was Honda-senpai. With determination and skill, Honda Nao banged the second drum. Unlike Yuki, Honda-senpai looked spectacular with the drums. Then again, everything he did was amazing. When he was in a Kendo tournament, he did his best to win. When he cleaned the whiteboard, everyone could see his passion for finishing the job.

Sighing, Asuka loved watching his dedication at work. It was truly a masterpiece. Honda-senpai was Asuka's inspiration in life. In his second year, he was already the School Council President, the Kendo Captain and the student with the highest grade average in school. Asuka secretly hoped she could go from Yamada to Honda by the end of high school.

She released another sigh as she kept her eyes on him. Harumi laughed, "God, you're worse than me."

"What?" Asuka snapped her attention backed to Harumi.

"Honda-senpai. Honda-senpai. You're awful."

"Shut up. You're jealous of my exquisite taste."

"It sucks you can't have him."

"Yes, Harumi. Reminded me why I suck at life."

Honda-senpai was known for his insane tunnel vision. His obsession with Keio University could break any girl's heart. He wanted to go into criminology. To get in, he volunteered at the police station. Asuka had faith. 'One day…'

"Come on!" Harumi pulled Asuka forward to join the dancing circle. Forcefully, Asuka ripped her hand away. At the same time, the drums and the claps of the joyous people became one. Asuka felt a loss in balance, leading her to strike her head on a booth. The last thing she remembered was hearing Harumi's shrill scream, "Asuka-chan!"

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