A client named John McFadden hired me to find out if his wife was cheating on him.

She was!

I had him come into my office, one Friday. I gave him a manila file with photos and a report.

He looked through it, then at me.

"So, it's true. Kate's having an affair."

"Yes, John. I'm sorry."

He became a zombie. He slowly got up and walked out of my office. He didn't even close the door!


I got up and followed him. He slowly walked out of the office building and down the street. I followed several feet behind him.

There was a park, nearby. In it was a duck pond. He walked straight into it! He waded to the middle, where the water went up to his shirt. Here, he stopped.

"Damn!," I said to myself.

I took my shoes off and got in the pond. (It was very muddy!) Then I waded up to him.


He looked at me, then looked away.

"You're not thinking of doing something silly, are you?'

"It wouldn't be silly."

"Yes, it would!"

He didn't answer right away. Finally, he said:

"I've been married to Kate for 7 years. And before that, I've known her for 3 years. We were best friends, as well as lovers. She once promised me that she would never hurt me—the bitch!"

I put my arm on his shoulder.

"Talk with her. Tell her you know about her affair. If she truly loves you, she will end it and come back to you. If not, leave her. You deserve a better girl than her—and you WILL get once!"

He didn't answer right away. Finally, he said, "My luck; I thought this pond would be deeper than it is."

"Perhaps that was God telling you not to do it."

"Yeah, I guess so. Thanks, Barefoot Jenny."

We hugged. Then we started to wade out of the pond.

As we did so, we both tripped and fell into the water! He began laughing, and so did I. We got up and got out.

"I'm sorry I made you get wet."

"It's OK. And you didn't 'make' me!"

He smiled. "You can put your dry cleaning bill on my tab!"

I also smiled. "OK, I will!"

I put my shoes back on, and we went back to my office.


Sadly, his marriage didn't survive. But he eventually remarried, and they're still together.