Chapter 1 - Boy? and Girl?

My name is Takuji Tsuburaya. 16 years old. High school student. I was looking forward to start my new life in high school. Become a good student. Joining clubs. Hanging out with friends. Well, so far only the last one is achieved. I got myself two new friends. These two had been close ever since childhood. We became friends during school orientation. They both quite friendly and kind. I mean, when I was busy looking for a group to join and nobody accepted me, they immediately invited me. Since then, we always hung out together. I'm looking for them right now, we were about to eat lunch together. My class is different from them. Took me a while to arrive at their class when I'm welcomed with a rather daily occurences.

Takuji entered a rather crowded classroom. The crowd formed two circles. In a middle of each crowd, two students were busy responding towards the crowd. One of them had short black hair, tall, and a dashing smile. The other one had a brown shoulder-length hair, with a small braid on the left, average height, and a timid and polite expression.

"Riku-kun, do you want to eat lunch together? I make a delicious omelette rice today!"

"I cooked some croquettes for you, Riku-kun!"

"If you don't mind, please take my sandwich!" Some girls were offering their lunches and bentos.

"Asuka-chan, are you free? Do you want to go to canteen together?"

"In your dreams, man! Asuka-chan will go with me!"

"No, you're coming with me right Asuka-chan?" A lot of guys were fighting over the right to invite. Just when things was about to escalate, Takuji came through the crowds and grabbed both of them while saying, "Sorry boys and girls. They are eating lunch with me. You can wait for your turn when I'm not around or one of them want to. So, there is your answer."

Both of them just smiled seeing their friend made a timely save so they didn't have to reject them directly.

"No fair, Tsuburaya! You always hog them all for yourself!"

"Yeah, it's not like your dating them right?"

"Don't tell me! You are secretly bisexual?"

Insults and complains were thrown towards Takuji. Riku and Asuka tried to tell them to stop, but Takuji told them off. He pushed both of them out of the classroom while giving the crowds a finger. After that, they started walking towards the rooftop. Along the way a lot of students greeted Riku and Asuka.

"Man, thanks a lot for bailing us out back then. I don't like to reject pretty girls, but eating lunch together is our daily routine." Said Riku while giving Takuji a pat in the back. And beside Riku, Asuka nodded and thanked Takuji as well.

"Those boys really don't know when to quit. Why is this always happening to us?" Riku pondered sadly.

"You're just too cute Asuka. Honestly, how many confession you get today?" joked Riku

"Haah, don't remind me please. 10 guys I think? And all of them said it's fine even when they know who I am."

"Me too. 2 cute juniors came to me this morning during my morning exercise. Hate to break their heart, but I have too."

While they were chatting about getting confessed and things, Takuji could only sigh over the sight of his two friends. The most popular students in the school. The prince and princess of the school. But both of them were not exactly as they looked.

"Riku, I don't want to be called cute. I'm a boy. I mean, I'm supposed to be manly, right?" Asuka complained about being called cute. And yes, Asuka was actually a boy. But he crossdressed as a girl. The reason was because the school mistook him as a girl.

"It's good to be seen as equal by the boys, but I'm still a girl. I got kicked out of the restroom because I looked like a boy. Honestly." While shaking her head, Riku let out a sigh.

Takuji friends were actually a trap and a reverse trap. It also can't be helped that both of them, despite complaining about the treatment, still act like one. Asuka was rather shy and had a feminine look, voice, and even smell. The boys always tried to ask him out, even when he already said he was a guy. Meanwhile Riku looked like those shoujo manga protagonists. An ace in volleyball team, almost every girls in the school were her fans. The way she act also like a boy.

Apparently they had been like this since they were kids. Asuka was a crybaby who got bullied a lot and Riku always helped him. When Takuji found out about this, he was really shocked. It happened when he was asking Riku to borrow the toilet in her home, but it was Asuka who stood up. They finally explained the situation to him. Fortunately, Takuji wasn't a guy who really bothered about stuff like that. Before they knew it, they already on the rooftop.

"Here you go Riku, your fried noodles. And Takuji, fried shrimp right?" Asuka took out two lunchboxes. He always made his friends lunches.

"You're a lifesaver Asuka. I'll treat you something sweet later." Riku received the lunchbox with a huge smile and immediately gobbled it contents.

"Ah, thanks. But you really don't have to if you're busy, Asuka. I can cook my own lunch or buy from canteen, unlike this one right here." Takuji took the lunchbox from Asuka and made a remark on Riku while jerking his thumb to her.

"Hey that's rude! I can cook too you know!"

"Oh yeah? Like what? Water?"

"Ugh...well is cooking rice counted?" asked Riku with an embarrassed expression.

"Hihihi, maybe. Come on, eat up! I made this because I like cooking for you guys! At least I can do this much for helping me." replied Asuka while fiddling with his fingers.

"Aw, you're so sweet Asuka. No surprise that the boys prefers you over the other girls." Riku praised Asuka while giving him a headpat.

"Please, Riku! I don't want to be reminded!" Asuka covered his face to hide his embarrassment. Takuji just sit there, eating his lunch while observing his friends as usual.

Seriously. Seeing these two confused me a lot. Asuka is so good at cooking and doing housework. Like that one time when he came to my house, my mom thought that he was my girlfriend. And the way Asuka introduced himself made the misunderstanding worse. He even went as far as helping me clean my room and reorganize it. He also helped mom cooking dinner. Mom was really impressed back then, and don't mind me dating him. I really wanted to tell mom that Asuka was a boy, but looked like she wouldn't listen.

As for Riku, my sister got a massive crush on her. All she did was helping her study, and like a shoujo manga protagonist, my sister became a maiden in love. I'm still trying to find the best way to deal with every situation I'm involved with them. When I'm alone with Asuka, people always think we are a couple, but those who know Asuka is a boy thinks I'm gay. Pretty much the same with Riku. She act all friendly with me. Somehow, we actually got shipped by those fujoshis. I couldn't care less, and Riku only laughed out of it. Well, Riku is a girl, so not a problem, but people think that we are too close for a pair of guys. Give me a break.

As I finished my lunch, I looked back on them. Asuka was wiping a grain of rice on Riku's cheek. Both of them got flustered once realizing what had happened. I think both of them had feelings for each other, but I maybe wrong. Now that all of us finish our lunch, we all packed up the trash, and ready to go back. I suddenly wanted to call both of them.

"Riku! Asuka!"

"Yea, bro? Ugh, sudden wind?"

"Yes, what is it Takuji? Kyaa! My skirt!"

A gentle breeze past us, and the sight of a complete opposite of what supposed to happen made me chuckle. My best friends, what otaku called 'traps' are interesting indeed. Looks like I will have a rather lively high school life.

"Alright! Let's head back you two! Are you free after school?" I wrapped my arms around both of them while we were walking back to class.