I couldn't believe I'd lost, the first race I had ever lost. I couldn't remember the last time I'd lost, but thankfully my opponent wanted a rematch. This time I'd be losing my damn car. I took a drive to the old air port to use the air strip for practice. They stopped sending cops to guard it because it wasn't worth the time or money to do so. I chose to wear my lucky jeans, they had grease stains that never came out, holes in the knees and upper thighs, and they hugged my ass perfectly. Paired that with just a simple black tank top that showed off my generous bust, and my converse. My tattoos on display, today was a good day I could feel it.

"Alright Baby Girl, I'm gonna put you through a few runs today and we are gonna win this weekend, we have to I can't lose you." I said as I leaned over the engine of my car.

She was a '78 mustang, manual, still drove like a dream. I kept her in tip top shape, used her to make extra cash on the side while I worked with my best friend keeping her Bakery alive. She was all I had left of my dad. His shop sat empty outside of town where I take her to tune her up myself. She originally belonged to my Great Grandfather, who passed it down to my Grandfather, who passed it down to my father, who than passed her on to me. It's supposed to be given to the first born son, but my twin had no interest in cars. I took to Baby Girl immediately, she was given to me when I turned 16 and I was grounded from her for a week when I turned 17. She wasn't taken from me because I was racing, she was taken from me because I was caught racing. Love her to death.

I walked around to take the license plates off so that if anything my plates didn't fly off during my runs. I jumped into the drivers seat and smiled as the leather hugged me like a lover. I started her up and threw her into gear. She took off like a rocket, firing on all pistons: check, not over heating: check, full on gas: check. Maybe I was just having an off day because I had timed myself and it only took me two minutes to go to the west end and back to the east.

"Were you just hungry for some quality time sweetness?" I asked as I stroked the dash.

I smiled and threw her into a turn to go again. She answered me with making it to the "finish line" in six minutes flat. She just had a hiccup and we would be getting a beautiful payday Friday night. I didn't race for pinks I raced for cash, daddy always said leave the loser with empty pockets, never take their keys. Besides I had my baby all I needed was money to keep her roaring and purring.

Love Bites started singing from my passengers seat and I pulled aside to pickup. It was Ember calling to see where I was.

"I'm on my way right now." I said before she started her freak out session over the phone.

"God love you. Were you taking Baby Girl out?" She said as I heard the whirring of the mixer.

"I was, but she's fine. Just a hiccup that I'll address tonight at home." I said racing onto the main road.

"Ok see you soon Nik, and don't get pulled over. I'd hate to see that beautiful girl impounded." She said as I hit the back road to her shop.

"Love you too." I said hanging up and pulling my work shirt out of the back seat.

She was my best friend, my only friend actually. I met her after my mom died and we became fast friends, she let me race and was my room mate, I worked with her keeping her baking dream alive. That woman was like a mom and a best friend rolled into one. I was blessed to have her as my friend. The scream of sirens pulled me out of my head and when I looked down I was still going over a hundred miles an hour on surface streets, if I stopped, my car was toast. There was a turn coming up that was a giant waste of time circle. But it was my last chance.

Cutting through the bush I followed the track and went straight through and lost the sirens and I popped out behind the bakery. I jumped out and put the plates back on and threw my work shirt on and looked to see the cop car driving by, thank god for dads teaching daughters the wrong things. Taking a deep breath to calm myself down I walked in and saw Ember busy at work with a smile on her face. Her cheeks rosy as could be.

"Nikita get your happy butt behind this counter I don't want anything to burn." Ember called closing the register.

"I hate it when you use my full name." I said laughing as I put my apron on.

"Than get here on time." She said leaning on the wall as the customer left.

"My baby needed some attention I'm sorry." I said handing her a roll of hundreds from the races I won last week.

"How much?" She asked putting the roll in her apron.

"Two grand. To get some fresh equipment because I saw the circles in that catalog Ley left the other day." I said smiling as she hugged me.

"Where would I be without you?" She asked hugging me as the bell rang.

"In debt." I laughed turning to meet officer Connell.

My smile dropped as I saw myself in the shine of his badge. He was sex on two legs, standing at a clean six foot eight inches of pure muscle and sexy man. He staked out the freeway entrance coming and going from town. His eyes were a deep melodic green, his hair black as sin and cropped short in a buzz cut. His blue uniform pulled tight over his hard body, a hint of a smattering of hair on his chest peeked through his shirt. He was a sex god, but no one in town had been with him, or else there would be a club where you heard the stories of him in the bed room. God only knew.

"What can we do for you Officer?" Ember asked from her little window.

"I'm gonna be out late tonight and I was hoping to put in an order for something that will keep me awake." He said taking his sun glasses off, flashing those emerald green eyes.

"Nik could do that, but how does espresso biscotti sound?" Ember said with a teasing smile.

I looked at her with wide eyes and a red face as he laughed a deep laugh. I was going to throttle this woman.

"I'll take a dozen of the biscotti with a cup of black coffee and a rain check on Nik." He said with a wink not taking his eyes off me.

I melted right there and I swear my panties melted away. I took the order as Ember went to work baking them since if they were left here they would be devoured. He took a seat with his coffee and waited, I was going to hide when we got the after school and work crowd. We had orders for cakes and treats for up coming bake sales and people looking for sweet things. Ember gave Officer Connell his biscotti and talked with him. Even though I was one of the guys sometimes, Officer Connell was one of the only men I was putty around and just uncomfortable. He made me hot and bothered to a fault, well actually that fault shattered a long time ago. He left and so did our crowd.

"I'm killing you." I stated as she came over.

"You've been lusting after that man for two years, it's time he know your available." She said smiling.

"That's punishment for being late isn't it?" I asked as the street lights shone through the windows.

"Little bit of that too. Oh hey if your taking Baby Girl for a run tonight be careful, Connell is running around to find who has been tearing up the old airstrip." Ember warned.

I rolled my eyes and finished off the customers. We didn't close until the case was empty, most days we closed early others not till eleven. After the deposit bag was done it was around midnight.

"So are you going to give your girl a run tonight?" Ember asked putting the bag in safe for tomorrow.

"Yeah last one just to be safe, and I'll be careful not to get caught by Officer bodacious." I said biting my lip wiggling.

Ember laughed at my wiggle and sent me on my way. As I walked to my car I thought about skipping the run tonight, but I wanted to keep her pistons warm for Friday night where I empty the rat bastards pockets. I started her up and took the back road to the strip. Making sure I took her slow and steady, I hadn't been caught by cops since I was 17 and I wasn't going to get caught again at 23. I'd heard stories about Officer Connell and how he never gave up a chase. Or at least the chance for one, he always got his man. But if he caught me he'd never know what hit him, I was untouchable, and he was going to see why. Everyone knew About the mystery car that tore up the air strip from time to time, none of the local police caught the driver. I loved listening, but that's when the police chief retired and Officer Connell became the new chief of police and swore he'd catch the driver and make them pay. He swore it was some kid playing in daddy's car. Well he was half right. Today was no exception, as hot as Connell was he wasn't catching me.

I sat at the entrance still thinking about turning back, but I needed one more run, last one for the night. I turned on my headlights and threw my girl into gear racing down the center. I felt the wind fly by and at the fence I slid her along the side and started back to the exit. She was fine, just needed some abuse without reason. As I flew towards the exit I saw the gate was closed. I slammed on the brakes and sat there watching a very pleased Officer as he stood with his arms crossed over his chest watching me. He couldn't see me through my windows due to my lights blinding him.

"Fuck a duck." I said under my breath as a smile creeped over his face.

"No way out. If you come out and face the music you can keep your car." He said over the rumbling of my engine.

He was bluffing. There was no way he was letting me keep my car after the run around I'd given his men. But I wasn't a coward.

"Come out and I won't tell your parents what you've been up to kid!" He yelled a little louder this time.

"That's it! Who the fuck are you calling kid?" I demanded getting out of the car and slamming the door shut.

"Hands on the car." He demanded walking towards me.

We stood face to face as the cool air brushed against my skin and he was putting out a lot of heat.

"Hands. On. The. Car." He said silently as he looked down at me.

"Make me, Connell." I said stepping closer looking up at him.

"With pleasure, Nikita." He said grabbing my arm and forcing me to turn around and he forced my hands onto the car.

The force was turning me on and his touch was electric. He was leaning against me as he whispered in my ear.

"Don't move. Don't make a sound or I'll handcuff you and put your ass in the back of my car." He whispered into my ear sending chills up my spine and leaving promise.

Why was I turned on? I was in so much trouble, but I was horny as all fuck. I kept my hands on the hood of my car, turned on like a roaring piston and I wanted to move.

"Spread your legs." He said in a deep tone that kept the chill up my spine and the wet between my thighs.

I heard a groan as I spread my legs I stuck my ass out and I wanted him to touch me, even if I had to sit in a cell and walk to work I'd be able to know what his touch felt like. I felt his hand at the sides of my breasts and he felt there, running his hands to the front just where the underwire sat, up to the top of the cups. His fingers curled into the top of my shirt and the cups my bra and he pulled allowing my breasts to fall out.

"No weapons here." He mumbled in another groan.

I whimpered as his calloused hands held onto my breasts and teased the nipples. I bit my lip and shifted, my ass rubbed against a large hard object. Was that his night stick?! His hands began to travel after their assault on my breasts. I was melting and he had only been playing with my breasts. His hands traveling up my back and unclasped my bra, giving more lax to my breasts. I was shivering, but it had nothing to do with the cold air blowing over my body.

"I think there just might be a weapon here though." He whispered leaning against my back and sliding his hands into the shredding parts of my jeans.

I took a deep breath as his hands rested at my thighs, his fingers skated over and I felt the release of my button fly and felt air rush over my pussy as he pulled the lapels of my jeans and I felt his warm hands slide into my jeans and the feel of his rough hands on my skin made me shiver.

"Oh." I moaned softly dropping my head between my shoulders as he pulled my jeans down with my blue lace panties, I swore I heard the whisper of a zipper.

"I've been dying to touch you. When Ember told me about your racing I naturally put two and two together and gathered that you were the one out here each week, tearing apart this strip. I couldn't resist coming out to this little town when I saw you. Two years of watching this body tease me, Ember's comment today was my undoing. I can't hold back anymore. I want you. Right here. Right now." He whispered and his questing fingers found my throbbing clit as his other hand went back to abusing my breasts.

"Ahh." I moaned leaning my head back as he put his finger inside me.

Oh my God, I knew his hands were big but his one finger going in and out was more than I thought I could handle. I leaned back against him and he took my neck as an offering and started nibbling on my flesh as he added a second finger deep inside me.

"Officer Connell." I moaned rubbing my ass against him. I could feel his hard cock behind me as I rubbed against him like a bitch in heat.

"Not Officer Connell, Kevin, its Kevin. I want to hear you say my name. I want your throat to be soar after tonight, no voice, scream my name Nikita." He groaned.

I felt him adjust and I could feel his hard length resting just at the slit of my pussy. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck me, Kevin. Please I can't take it anymore." I moaned rubbing my pussy against his thick cock.

He growled and pushed my back against my car, he teased my clit with his head, soaking it in my juices.

"Oh my god just fuck me already." I said ready to burst.

He growled and slammed into me. Holy fuck he was thick. He took no time in fucking me hard against my car. I was definitely going to be late to work tomorrow.