"Alright guys and gals, this will be the last song of the night. I hope you all have had your fill or maybe even overdosed on my show this week because I'll be taking a small vacation to help bring in a new bakery in my home town. If you know me than swing on down to Donovan's treat shop and have a taste of his good sweets. But if what I've heard is true get a cup of coffee and ogle the sexy beast that is Donovan Reid because that, ladies, is a red hot stud muffin right out of the oven. Also while you're in town swing by Ember's small town bakery I promise you won't be disappointed, she's always cooking up something new, you'll never have the same thing twice. Now let's hear about a Wolf in sheep's clothing."

I took a deep breath as Set it off started bumping through the speakers of my listeners. God I needed this break. Well, it was a working break, either way I'd get to see my favorite cousin. Even though she was more like a sister to me, Ember was amazing. Speaking of which as my phone sang a heavier rendition of baker's man from my purse on the couch. I rolled over and picked it up.

"How's the hostess with the mostest." She said when I picked up.

"Ready for this working vacation that is long overdue." I said walking away from the mic.

"So you're really going to do an advertisement for my competition?" She asked.

"No. Correction. My station is doing an advertisement for your competition. They just asked me to do it while I was in town and they'd extend my vacation a few more days." I retorted fixing my bangs in the window.

"Thanks for the advertisement by the way."

"Of course I mean with Christmas coming up you my darling are going to be elbow deep in some apple pumpkin thingy."

"Which reminds me I have a spicy apple pie recipe that I want you to try when you get here before I put it in the case."

"I think you're trying to kill me but sounds good, hey song's just about over I have to do my sign off and I'll see you Sunday."

"Sounds good, see you Sunday." She said as we hung up and I glided to my chair to do my sign off.

"Well boys and girls I'll see you all in a couple weeks. My stand in will do their best to keep you filled up on the good stuff. Keep jamming this is Arie and I'll jam again soon. Good night." I said sitting back in my seat as the lights turned off and I met with my manager to get files for the field day at Donovan's next weekend.

More paperwork and shout outs than I cared for, but most of the shout outs were for people I knew and I could customize as I pleased. But I knew I'd betray Ember by eating there so I'd just ask. Keep the family happy. When I got home that night I flopped in bed and I would finish packing tomorrow.

The drive was long and boring as hell. I pulled in front of the new shop and took my files so I could get some notes on what he wanted said on the show. He was paying enough so might as well get every ounce of his input as humanly possible. I pushed through the door and I saw a perfectly formed ass up on a ladder installing a fire alarm and next to what I would assume was the kitchen door. I knew that ass anywhere and every bone in my body said to run up and squeeze his ass for old times sake. But I was a grown ass woman with a radio show that was booming with listeners, I didn't run up and grab the ass of old friends who I wanted to ride. But I did scare them half to death.

"Attention fire chief there is a hot radio hostess burning up behind you!" I screamed blaring a siren on my phone.

"Jesus!" He yelled grabbing the door frame and dropping his screwdriver.

I doubled over in laughter as he shot me a death glare. Oh god this was one of the few things I missed about home, Zayn and his jumpiness.

"No quite the opposite to be honest but I'll take what I can." I said setting my bag on one of the tables and walking over to enjoy my handy work.

"When did you get back in town?" He asked climbing down.

"This morning. I'm covering the official Grand Opening. Than I'm taking a small vacation to visit with my cousin before the storms roll in." I said smiling.

"Well don't give anyone else a heart attack while you're in town." He said taking his screwdriver from the floor and climbing back up to finish what he was doing.

OK? That was strangely uncharacteristic for Zayn. Was he sick or did I piss him off?

"Ariella, you're early." A deep voice pulled me from myself and over to the counter.

"Well Mr. Reid I'm so pleased that you chose my radio station to advertise your grand opening. It's a real honor." I said pulling out my note pad.

"Well I actually requested you due to all the wonderful things I've heard about you from your cousin Ember."

"Oh well thank you. I'm honored. So! Let's get started on what you want advertised and if you want a regular shout out on my show." I said as we started hashing out what I was saying and playing during my only show this week.

He handed me a menu that also gave what was in each thing. Most of this sounded like something I could get at a small diner back home. But through the whole thing Zayn kept working on sprinklers and smoke alarms. I was going back and forth with myself. I hadn't seen him since I took the internship at the radio station in high school and I never came back.

"Well Mr. Reid today was a good day and I'm looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. This opening is going to be a field day. If nothing else women will flock here just to see the sexy owner." I said winking.

I jumped at the clutter of tools hitting the floor. What had gotten into him? I said my good bye and went to go see Ember.

"What's wrong with Zayn lately?" I asked my mouth full of Spicapple pie.

"Don't talk with your mouth full. And what do you mean?" She asked sipping her wine.

"I was teasing him and all my usually things and he said next to nothing. And at the end he dropped his tools after I'd told Donovan that if nothing else all women would come just to see him. Is he in a rocky relationship or something or has he just gotten clumsy." I said leaning against her table.

"First off Donovan is in a thing with me and second Zayn hasn't been with another woman since you went poof. He...he's still hurting." She said taking the empty plates.

"But we were anything back than. I mean yeah we dated a little we messed around a lot more, but nothing more. It's not like I was going to stay here and let what I have go away!" I yelled as my phone screamed telling me my boss was calling.

"Yes sir." I answered stepping aside.

"Arie there's a station space I want you to look at while you're in town. I have an appointment set up for you to meet with a Mr. Marshall to go over the particulars of the building and see what it would be to have the place rewired. It's Thursday bright and early."

"Is it a Jason Marshall?" I said hopeful.

"No his first name is Zayn I believe. Call me afterwards." He said hanging up.

I took a deep breath and told Ember I was going to bed. My boss sucks.

"Welcome to Donovan's!" I announced over the mic as I played a heavy rendition of baker's man.

I had recorded what he offered this morning as a try me for the different treats he had. I did my thank you's through the day and I got to see Ley and Hera while I was there and made dates to catch up while I was in town. As I was doing my thing I caught Ember and Donovan running off out of the corner of my eye, she was better. Her past had been harsh and it almost got her killed I'm glad she found anew.

The beats were loud and people were having fun, a clap of thunder stopped my tunes and that was my que to end.

"Ok ladies and gentlemen with that thunder over head it's time to head out before we get soaked." I said just as the heavens opened up and let the pouring begin.

I covered the equipment and ran for what I thought was Ember's car and jumped in the back seat and reached for one of the blankets and feel a thick thigh under my hand. I wiped the water from my face and saw Zayn.

"What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean? This is my car." He said pointing to the badge hanging on the visor.

"It looked like Ember's car through the sheet of rain." I grumbled.

"Mistakes happen and this mistake is forgiven." He had emphasized the word 'this'.

"What are you talking about?"

"See you Thursday." He said getting out.

I was more confused than ever. What had just happened and what was he talking about? Thursday couldn't come soon enough.

"What in the flying fuck has gotten into Zayn? It has to be more than my leaving. Regardless of what I did he was never once short with me, never ONCE!" I yelled flopping onto Ember's couch.

"You'd have to ask him butter bean." She said handing me a steaming cup of mulled cider.

I grumbled as I took the cup and say up. He always smiled, made me happy, maybe I did fuck it all up. The week went slow as I hung out with people I hadn't seen in years. When Thursday came I jumped out of bed and opened with Ember and made two to-go coffees hoping his taste in coffee hadn't changed either. This was one of the only olive branches I had and if he turned me away, I'll face it if it happens.

I waited outside the building freezing my ass off with two cups of piping hot coffee and he was taking his time finding the key. When we got in it was warmer. I set the cups down on the desk and unbundled a little.

"Stay bundled." He said pulling out paperwork.

"Excuse me? It's warm in here and I'm not a fan of sweating." I said throwing my scarf on the desk.

"If you don't stay bundled I'll turn off the heater." He threatened looking at my scarf.

"What is your issue? I mean you've been short with me all week and now you're going to be rude. Is this because I left for that internship? Or do you have some mental issues that you are going to be an ass to be whenever I'm in town." I said pushing him.

"You wanna know what my problem is? The woman I love is back in town and all I want to do is lock her in my house and not let her leave again." He snarled slamming his fists down on the table.

"Love?! You never loved me! What we had was so far from love that it's not even in the same solar system. You and I barely got along long enough to go out on a damn date."

"That was after you accused me of fucking Talia. I never once touched her, after that you turned your back on me."

"You wouldn't let up! You wanted her because her dad has a connection to everything in this town! Thats why you became the fucking fire chief because you had his daughter!"

"I got fire chief because I proved myself to him and the town. Don't you dare accuse me of pulling favors like that!"

"You pulled favors, you pulled a favor so you wouldn't have a reason to leave. Local hero saves Police Chief's niece from burning building! You've been living off that since the accident."

He stopped and watched me. I hadn't seen that look since that day. That look of loss and fear, he'd had that look when I told him I'd gotten the internship. I imagine he had that look when I called him saying I wasn't coming back, but I wanted a life with him.

"It felt like I'd lost you all over again. I lost the one person that meant the world to me." He said walking forward and cupping my cheeks.

"What do you want from me? An apology? Me to yell to the heavens that I never stopped loving you? That I want to run this station so I can come home and try to fix what I'd destroyed?" I kept asking questions as tears ran down my face.

He'd left me and I'd left him. I was broken and breaking further.

"We needed this falling out." He whispered putting his forehead to mine.


"I did the inspection and everything else days ago. This was the only place in town that I knew I could get you alone. Where I knew you would yell without consequence. I hated it when you left I listened to your first show hell I listened to your 101st show. It's the closest I get to you and now having you here is my salvation. I don't know what it will take but I'm not letting you leave this room until we sort this out."

I stood there in silence as what he'd said sunk in. He listened to my shows, every night and I knew he always over worked himself. He still listened to my show. He was perfect.

"I thought you hated me?" I said on the verge of tears.

"I could never hate you. Get angry at you yes, but never hate you." He said cupping my face and kissing me.

His lips were warm and tasted like coffee. I was swept away. His kiss brought me home and made me feel as though we could pick up where we'd left off. His hands traveled to my ass and cupped it, lifting me up and I wrapped my legs around him. I was hot. I had no idea when he started walking but when we reached a desk the cold touched the exposed parts of my body as he dipped his hands into my jeans in an attempt to slide them off.

I heard a growl and a tearing sound as cool air brushed across my thighs.

"You owe me a new pair of jeans." I mumbled against his lips as I heard a zipper whisper.

"I'll make a list." He laughed moving to my neck and chest as a crisp breeze swept over my sensitive pussy.

"Can add panties to that list." I moaned.

"Mmhmm." He mumbled and I knew there wasn't going to be much conversation left because he was fixing what was broken. He was a man of all trades and when he wanted to fix what we had broken he'd rip through anything I had on to make it better.

There were so many reasons why I needed this man, I just hoped I got the station when I returned home.

Author's Note:

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Race Strip: Nikita & Officer Kevin

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Coaching the Principal: Hera & Jason

Red Hot Radio: Ariella & Zayn

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