Chapter 1

"Jared Fletcher," The recruiter mumbled to himself. "I wonder if you know what you're capable of?" He sat on top of a tall, gray building, watching an old, white SUV drive by on the road; the same route it took every morning too the high school.

Soon, the car disappeared around a corner and the recruiter lost sight of him. He sighed and pulled out his small device he used for recording his journal entries.

"Entry number one o' six," he started, "Same as always, Jared drove to school at the same time he always does, and he'll probably be home at the same time. Still waiting for some kind of event to awaken the sleeper, It's been almost two months since our sources tagged him, and he is still showing no sign of actual magical ability." He sighed again, "Starting to think this is a waste of my time."

"Are you going to follow him?" Katie said into his ear. Katie was an artificial intelligence that was kept on his phone. She communicated with the recruiter through a bluetooth earpiece that he wore at all times. She helped gather information and monitor his assignments.

"Jason?" Katie asked again after a moment of silence.

Jason sighed and stood up, brushing off the knees of his dark khaki pants and the front of his black jacket. "I guess. I doubt today will be any different then it has been for the past two months."

"Still," Kattie continued, "It's your job, you're being paid."

Jason shook his head as he walked toward the doorway into the building below him. "Track his movement, tell me if he takes any unusual detours."

"Already on it."

"Oh, and play some music, today is going to be another long day."

High school was the most dangerous place Jared Fletcher had ever been. It didn't help that he was one of the shortest kid in the eleventh grade and only had one friend, a half-breed no less. A species that had been looked down on as inferior to humanity for a very long time, and were still trying to avoid oppression after so many years of slavery.

The hallways on a friday as the final bell rang were deadly. The stampedes of students would stop at nothing to get out of the building they all called prison as fast as humanly possible.

Jared was one of those students, except he had a slightly different goal in mind; avoid Bruce. Bruce was the big senior that picked on all the smaller students that he deemed pathetic. The only other students besides himself that could bear to be in his presence were his two goonies, Jacob and Alex. Both were a year under Bruce, but had somehow managed to make it into his extremely small circle of friends.

As Jared ducked through the crowd, trying to avoid being noticed by the three aforementioned students, he was also looking for his one friend; Kevin.

Kevin was a half-breed, and was treated as such by everyone around him. He was the only half-breed in the school, and he only went to avoid being around his abusive parents and six other siblings. He had no intentions of successfully graduating, considering none of the teachers treated him any differently than the students around him.

Jared turned his head, spanning through the crowd. Kevin was easy to pick out, he was the only one with fur covering his face, and entire body from the top of his ears to the end of his tail, and he was well over six feet tall, towering over most of the students shuffling around him. He was also bumped and shoved by every other student that passed by. His other half besides human was a border collie. He had white and black fur covering his entire body, and a muzzle and ears like a dog.

Kevin bumped his way through the crowd and walked next to Jared. His blue shirt had a new rip in it on the left side. Kevin ruffled Jared's blonde hair and said, "Hey,"

"What happened to your shirt?" Jared asked as he kept glancing nervously around them, trying to find where the three bullies would pop out next.

"Oh you know," Kevin replied, "The usual. Just getting a bit too rough in the locker room." He grinned jokingly.

Jared shook his head. "I know you come here to avoid your family, but there are different places you could go." Jared continued to scan the crowd as they walked.

Kevin's grin didn't disappear, "Not really, and besides," he glanced behind him, and picked out Bruce shoving people out of the way. He grabbed Jared's arm and pushed him to go faster, "Running for my life on a daily basis gives school some actual excitement."

Soon Jared and Kevin were past the doors going at a dead sprint for the parking lot. Jared fumbled for his keys, and began rapidly pressing the unlock button.

Kevin jumped into the passenger side seat as Jared started the white SUV and threw it into reverse. He started backing quickly, and when he was clear of the other cars, put the car into gear and quickly drove off, glancing at the rear view mirror to see Bruce standing in the parking lot, adjusting his jet black hair.

Kevin and Jared were silent as they pulled out into the street and began heading towards Kevin's apartment building.

Kevin looked over at Jared, "Guess what day it is." he said.

Jared gave an unimpressed look, "What?"

Kevin grinned, "It's Friday, which means no school tomorrow."

Jared shook his head, "What an astute observation, I was really wondering what day it was. I honestly had no idea." He said in the most sarcastic voice he could manage.

Kevin punched him in the arm lightly, "You've got to be at least a bit excited. School's almost over and after this we've just got one more year to go and we can get out of that hell hole. And lest not mention that Bruce is a senior and probably won't be sticking around just for us."

"But school isn't over yet, and we still have Monday next week." Jared said.

"Isn't that your birthday or something?" Kevin asked.

Jared sighed, "Yeah, it is."

"Hey, don't be upset about it. Like I said, school is almost over, and then we can have the whole summer to do whatever want. And our senior year will be great, no Bruce, hope for the future." Kevin paused, "You just need to worry less."

"I'm just real sick of Bruce." Jared said.

Kevin nodded, "Aren't we all."

They eventually arrived the low income housing complex that Kevin lived in. Jared parked in an empty spot and they stared at the building for a moment.

Kevin patted Jared on the shoulder, "If you have anything to be upset about, just remember that at least your parents are cool." he went for the door handle to get out, but the door was still locked.

Kevin gave Jared a quizzical look. "Are you going to let me out of the car?"

"You should sleep over at my house this weekend," Jared said, "I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind- again."

Kevin grinned again, "Sure,"

Jared put the car into reverse and backed out, this time heading towards Jared's house.

The drive to Jared's didn't take very long, and when they arrived Jared's car was the only one in the driveway. Jared's home wasn't extremely large, but it wasn't super small either. Considering Jared was an only child, he and his parents didn't need a whole ton of room to live.

"That's weird," Jared said as him and Kevin stepped out of the car and walked to the front door. "My mom's not home."

"Does she keep her car in the garage?" Kevin asked.

Jared shook his head, "No, she's weird. She thinks it's more efficient if it's outside or something."

"Oh, alright." Kevin said as he followed Jared into the house.

When Jared finally heard the garage door opening, it was almost ten thirty, and him and Kevin had been playing video games sitting on the ground leaned up against the couch since they got home from school.

Jared's mom, Shalice, was the first to walk in. She was just barely shorter than Jared, with curly brown hair and bright green eyes, it was no wonder that Jared's father was so attracted to her.

A few moments later, Markus, Jared's dad, entered the house as well. He was a lot taller than Jared, only a few inches higher than six foot. He had bright blonde hair and brown eyes, and being captain of the football team in highschool, he was very popular in his younger years; quite the opposite of what Jared currently is.

Both Shalice and Markus understood Jared's friendship with Kevin, even if they disapproved of it in the beginning.

"What's up guys?" Markus asked as he brought in bags of groceries from the car.

"Not much," Kevin replied, "What about you Mr. Fletcher?"

"Same as you," Markus said, heading back out into the garage to grab more groceries.

Shalice set down her bags and sighed, "Did you two eat?" she asked.

Kevin was slept over often, another way to avoid his family, so it was very common that he was there eating dinner with them.

Jared nodded and said, "Yeah, we microwaved some pizza pockets."

Shalice laughed and walked back out to the car to get more bags.

"They got a lot of stuff," Kevin said, "And they were out pretty late."

Jared shrugged, "I'm too tired to care." He set down his controller and rubbed his eyes, "We should probably go to bed."

Kevin nodded in agreement and stood up, followed by Jared who turned the console off.

They both wandered into Jared's room, where Jared had set up a cot on the other side of the room for Kevin to sleep in.

Jared quickly changed into pajamas, while Kevin just laid down on the cot in his boxer briefs. He was just a bit too long for the cot, so his feet, or paws, considering they were shaped more like a dogs hind legs than human feet, hence the reason he doesn't wear shoes.

Jared switched the light off and got into his own bed.

There was silence for a moment then Kevin said, "Your parents are really cool you know."

There was another silence.

"Most adults wouldn't even give me the time of day, and yet your parents let me sleep in their house." Kevin sighed. "I might as well move in, I'm over here often enough."

"Yeah, but I'm sure your parents wouldn't be happy about you just up and leaving." Jared said.

Kevin looked him right in his green eyes, "Trust me, my parents would be glad to see me gone."

Jared was silent for a second before asking, "Are you ever afraid that when you're crossing the street, an invisible car or something would hit you?"

"Excuse me?" Kevin asked.

"You're just crossing the street, and you think it's clear. But some dude in an invisible car isn't paying attention and he just nails you in the crosswalk." Jared explained.

"What are you even talking about?" Kevin said, "That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard come out of your mouth."

Jared laughed slightly, "I would challenged that."

Kevin laughed too, "You're probably right."

"I would also be right if I said that you could totally beat the living crap out of Bruce." Jared stated, changing the subject.

"Yeah, and then get stuck in some giant lawsuit because I'm a half-breed and people still hate us." Kevin rolled over facing the wall. "There's nothing I can do about the way people treat me. I didn't ask to be born as a half-breed Jared, It's just something we have to deal with and push through. Maybe when we graduate we can go to the Kingdom of Vale. I hear half-breeds get it pretty good over there."

"But what about college?" Jared asked.

Kevin scoffed. "You think any university is going to accept some half-breed living in a little podunk town on the border who didn't even bother to get good grades in school? We've talked about this Jer, I'm not going anywhere in life. I'll probably be stuck either mooching off of you or getting put in some half-breed town."

"Then you know what?" Jared said, "We'll both go to Vale."

Kevin was silent.

"We'll both go over there and try and figure something out. I'm sure we can -" Kevin cut him off.

"Listen, the reality of the matter is that half-breeds are still looked at as garbage. Most of us end up traveling to Vale to find better lives. My parents didn't because they're lazy and got hooked on drugs. Lets not talk about it anymore, it hurts enough to think about." Kevin rolled onto his back.

"I'm sorry," Jared said, "I'm just trying to look out for you."

Kevin laughed, "You? Look out for me? I'm like twice your size and you're skinny as heck."

Jared laughed too, "Hey now, that's not very nice," he mocked.

The paused for a second, then they both busted up laughed again.

When they were finally able to regain their composure Kevin said, "Goodnight Jared,"

"Goodnight Kevin."

The next day was quite a surprise. All of the groceries Jared's parents had purchased were actually in preparation for an early birthday celebration for Jared.

His parents had gotten up early to get a big breakfast ready, and there was even a cake in the fridge. Of course Kevin was welcome to celebrate with them, which he gladly did.

After messing around all morning till lunch, they went out with Jared's parents and got lunch at some fancy restaurant in town. When they got home they opened the gift Jared's parents had gotten him; new top of the line gaming laptop.

Half of the words that Jared used to describe it sailed completely over Kevin's head. He was just glad to see Jared happy, and to be away from his own parents.

They ended the day messing around with Jared's new laptop and playing video games, and going out again for dinner. They stayed up well passed midnight playing games, and Kevin ended up staying the night again.

Jason sat down on the edge of the roof, his legs hanging off of the side of the tall building. The sun was just barely peeking over the edge of the horizon.

"It's awfully early to be awake," Katie said through his earpiece.

Jason yawned, "That's easy for you to say, you're a program. I just boot you up in the morning and you're ready to go."

"That is very true," Katie replied.

Jason sipped his coffee and sighed. "I hate Mondays." he paused, "Katie, what time is it?"

"It's currently six forty four." Katie said.

"You're right, it's too early to be awake." Jason took another sip of coffee.

"Then why did you get up so early?"

"Because I thought it would be nice to watch the sunrise." Jason paused, "It's not as good when you're tired."

Jared dreaded Monday. Not only did he have to go back to school after having such a great weekend, but he also had to deal with Bruce again, just like every other day of his life.

Kevin of course, would watch his back when he could. But he also had classes to go to, so he wasn't able to stay with Jared 24/7. But they did share a couple of classes thankfully, and they always ate lunch together in the computer lab, with Jared talking Kevin's ear off about computer terminology and watching dumb videos on the internet.

But everyday was the same, whether or not it was in the middle or the end of the week. Bruce would target them both and try to corner them after school.

And today was no different.

Exiting the school building isn't nearly as intense as it is on a Friday, but it was still stressful for Jared, considering he had to leave seventh period a little bit late, which means he'll be skipping his locker and heading straight for the car.

"I'll grab my jacket tomorrow", Jared thought as he quickly pushed his way through the crowd to the front exit. He couldn't see Kevin anywhere, and he hadn't come to walk next to him. But Jared couldn't just wait around.

Jared placed a hand on the door handle to the outside, and felt a hand firmly grip his shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going," Bruce whispered into Jared's ear.

Jared's heart skipped a beat. He tried to pull away and push the door open, but Bruce had too good of a hold on him.

"I don't think so Fletcher," Bruce said, pushing open the door himself and walking Jared outside, "It's been too long, you've been avoiding me too well." Bruce chuckled as he led Jared toward the side of the school.

Jared stayed silent, he knew it was pointless to say anything, and fighting back wouldn't accomplish anything.

"Where's Kevin?" Jared thought as Bruce pushed him out of sight and up against a wall.

Bruce took Jared's backpack from right off of him, and emptied it's contents onto the ground, books and binders falling to the gravel.

"Where's your precious computer, huh? I thought you carried that old laptop around wherever you went?" Bruce questioned. Jared stayed silent.

"Oh, and where's that english paper you were supposed to do for me? It was due today you know,"

"I know," Jared said, "I didn't do it. I'm not here to do your homework for you,"

Bruce pressed Jared against the wall, "But that's where you're wrong, I expect that assignment done by tomorrow, and maybe I'll go easy on you after school."

"Where's your goonies Bruce?"

Jared and Bruce looked over to see Kevin standing next to the edge of the wall.

"What's it to you, fleabag? Shouldn't you be off licking yourself?" Bruce mocked.

Kevin smiled slightly, "I wouldn't push your luck Bruce, I'm on the end of my fuse for your crap. Now if you don't back off and let go of Jared I'm going to turn your face inside out."

Bruce hesitated, then shoved Jared one last time before walking up to Kevin. He towered well over Bruce, making his normally intimidating stance look pathetic.

"I could take you on any day dog breath." Bruce said, trying to stand up a little taller.

Kevin's grin widened, "You wanna bet money? Three- no- four hundred dollars says i can beat you to a pulp right here, right now."

Kevin stood up straight, raising his height slightly, and crossing his arms.

"Come at me if you're so confident," Kevin said.

Bruce took a step back, then looked at Jared. "You two will regret this," then he stomped off angrily.

Kevin sighed, "Yeah, I probably will regret that," He muttered to himself.

Jared started picking up his belongings from off the gravel, and Kevin bent down to help him.

Jared smiled at Kevin, "Did you grow like two feet during that? Or are you just naturally intimidating?"

Kevin didn't return the smile. "You do know what this means right? I could be expelled. Bruce could make up some B.S. lie about how I instigated an argument and threatened to beat him up. And they would all believe him. I can't do anything at this point. The fate of my future is in the hands of Bruce Mcawny, and I don't like those odds."

"Hey, at least you won't have to complete this hell of an education program." Jared said, trying to be encouraging.

Kevin shook his head. "This 'hell of an education program' is the only thing keeping me from my family, and possibly giving me job opportunities. At this point I'm screwed and there's nothing I can do about it."

Jared thought for a moment, then an evil idea hit him. "If that's the case, then we should get some sweet revenge."

Kevin looked up at Jared as he stuffed the final objects into his bag and stood up.

"Are you kidding?" Kevin asked, "That could get us both killed."

"Then why not go out with a bang?"

"You still have your whole life ahead of you," Kevin argued, "Why would you just throw it away on getting revenge on some scum bag who can't do anything better with his life other than bother us?"

Jared shrugged, "I guess you're right." They started making their way to the car. "Thanks for saving me though. You basically risked your life for me right there."

"Not basically, I just did risk my life." Kevin sighed. "But you're a cool guy, I owe you a lot for being friends with me."

Jared bumped him with is elbow and said, "I got you fam."

They both walked in silence for a moment, the kevin started laughed, "I can't believe you just said that,"

Jared grinned, "Well we're basically family right? Seemed fitting."

For the first time in a while, Jared felt at ease. He wasn't looking around nervously for Bruce to pop out of nowhere, and his best friend was right next to him.

What could possibly go wrong?

The next morning started off just like any other, Jared woke up for school and got ready for school. He got in his car at around six fifty three, and arrived at Kevin's apartment complex to pick him up, except there were half a dozen police cars in the parking lot.

Jared's stomach dropped, and he felt his hands start shaking a bit.

"Holy crap, what's going on?" Jared thought. He tried to pull into the parking lot, but a police officer stopped him. Jared rolled down his window.

"This is currently a restricted area, I advise you to turn around." The officer said.

"But I need to pick up my friend for school." Jared's voice was a bit shaky.

The officer gave him a suspicious look and said, "I understand, but you are not permitted to enter, and you have to turn around."

Jared just nodded, cause he couldn't seem to get any more words out.

He backed out and headed to school without Kevin.

The day went by, and Kevin was in third period. He had come late because there was a drug bust and his parents were the main culprits. The police claim that Kevin, his parents, and all of his siblings are going to be sent to a half-breed town to live there instead of being imprisoned.

"That's really rough," Jared said as they walked through the hallways to fourth period, which they coincidentally shared. "But I'm glad you're okay. I don't know what I would do without you."

Kevin laughed slightly, "Oh I don't know, wait the year out, move on with life, be successful and get a job and stuff. I have until the end of the school year before I have to go and join my family."

Jared thought for a moment, "I'm sorry, I don't even know what to say."

"There's nothing to say, what's done is done. I'll probably get expelled because of Bruce's crap, then I'll just go and join my family." Kevin sighed, "Which is just going to be a party."

Jared and Kevin walked silently until they got to class.

Jared couldn't stop thinking about what life was going to be like without Kevin. Bruce would be graduating at the end of the year, probably, so that wasn't the problem. It was more of a lack of friends. Because Jared became friends with Kevin, no one else wanted to associate with either of them, and even with Kevin gone, Jared still wouldn't be treated any differently.

These thoughts still plagued Jared up until Bruce and his two compatriots had him and Kevin cornered on the side of the school building.

Jared shook his head and cleared his thoughts.

"This is bad," Jared thought. "Alex and Jacob are here. Kevin could take one, maybe two of them, but all three? And I'm no help at all... Kevin doesn't stand a chance."

A worried expression appeared on Jared's face.

"It's end of the line for you two," Bruce said, his two goonies chuckling in the background, "After we're done with you, there won't be anything left to recognize."

Kevin shook his head, "I think you fail to realize, that if you kill either of us, whether or not I'm a half-breed, that's still murder. And you'll be punished according to the law."

"Shut your mouth flea-bag." Bruce said, "I'm just trying to get the damn point across."

"Well you're trying too hard." Kevin said.

Bruce stepped forward, the que for his two partners to also join in.

Bruce jumped at Kevin, trying to swing a punch into his side. But Kevin easily blocked it by grabbing his arm. Jacob came around the other side and tried to do the same, but again Kevin was too fast. However he only has so many hands, leaving him vulnerable for Alex to swing a solid punch into Kevin's stomach.

The air from his lungs came rushing out of his muzzle, and he gasped slightly. He was off balance, and Bruce was able to break free from his grip and shove him hard into the wall.

Smacking his head on the brick wall, Kevin fell to the base of the building. Bruce swiftly kicked him in the stomach again, and Jacob and Alex quickly followed suit.

Jared stood, frozen. This was the first time Bruce had been so violent with them, he didn't know what to do. He wasn't any good in a fight, he couldn't even defend himself against one of these guys, much less two or three.

"Stop!" Jared shouted, "You're going to kill him."

Alex turned and glared at him, "That's the idea numbskull."

Jared looked back at his friend. He could easily flee, and leave Kevin behind. But he owed Kevin just as much as he owed Jared.

He watched in horror, helpless to do anything.

Then something clicked, like a lock opening deep within his psyche. Anger flooded his mind, and flowed like fire through his body.

"I said," Jared took a small step forward, "STOP!"

As Jared spoke, a powerful shockwave blew outward from him knocking the three bullies off their feet. The wall of the school suddenly had a large crack and a deep indent in it. Bruce practically screamed in surprise as he was picked up like a ragdoll by an invisible hand, and flung several feet before landing with a thud on the hard ground.

"I told you he was a f-freak," Bruce said, trying to sound tough despite his entire body shaking with fear.

Jared gritted his teeth as his anger swelled again, another shockwave blasting down the wall of the school and throwing the three bullies back a good ten feet.

Jared panted heavily. "If you ever touch me, or Kevin, ever again, I will make sure you never see the light of day again."

The trio of bullies needed no more convincing. They scrambled to their feet and made a run for the parking lot. Jared watched them go, satisfaction replacing the rage inside him. A few pieces of rubble fell out of the now missing wall of the school building, but he barely even noticed it. He was more concerned about Kevin. He knelt down next to the injured half-breed, but he wasn't sure what to do.

"Are… are you okay?" Jared asked.

Kevin nodded slightly. "Yeah," He groaned, "Just a bit bruised."

Jared tried to help him up, but Kevin did most of the work anyways. The larger boy only leaning on Jared slightly as they walked to the parking lot to leave the school building.

"So..." Kevin said, "Am I staying the night at your house tonight?"

Jared helped him into the passenger seat of the car, then sat down in the driver seat and started the car.

"I'm pretty sure you're staying at my house for the rest of the school year." He paused as he backed out of the parking spot. "If there's even a rest of the school year for us to attend..."

As they drove they were silent until they pulled into Jared's driveway. Jared went to get out of the car, but Kevin locked the door from his side.

Jared looked at Kevin. "Are you going to let me out of the car or what?"

"Not until you tell me what the heck happened back there."

Jared was silent.

Kevin looked at him more intensely, "What happened? What did you do? The whole wall of the freaking high school was missing. How did you do that?"

"I… I don't know..." Jared said quietly, shaking his head, "Can we just go inside?"

Kevin stared at Jared for a moment, then looked behind him, which drew Jared's attention to the window.

He saw a man in a black jacket with dark brown hair and blue eyes waving at him from outside the car.

Jared and Kevin stepped out, Kevin going a bit slower than usual, and looked at the man.

He stuck his hand out for Jared to shake, then shook Kevin's hand and said, "I'm Jason Matson, I'm your recruiter."

"My what?" Jared asked.

"Your recruiter." Jason repeated.

Jared stared for a moment, then said, "Uh, I have homework and stuff, so if you wouldn't mind getting off my driveway and leaving, that would be great."

Jared started to walk to the front door but Jason stepped in front of him. "Hear me out, you're clearly not understanding the situation. You just used magic, and the Republic of Alceise is sending people over here to collect you. You need to come with me now, because your entire life just changed."

Kevin intervened and placed a hand on Jason's shoulder, looking down at him, "Listen, I'm sure we've got everything under control, now if you wouldn't mind, me and Jared have things we need to get done."

Jared tried to walk by him, but he suddenly couldn't move his muscles, and he couldn't open his mouth.

Kevin was also in the same predicament.

"Neither of you are understanding what I'm saying, Jared is a sleeper. He just awoke his powers and now the government is after both of you, especially considering your parents are drug addicts," Jason said pointing at Kevin, "And because you're now classified as a mage." he pointed to Jared. "Both of you are in danger, and I'm here to bail you out. And I'm only giving you one chance."

Suddenly they could move again and they both backed up a few steps.

"What did you just do?" Kevin asked.

"I used magic on you, I was able to paralyze your muscles so that you couldn't move." Jason explained, then he looked at both of them in turn, "I can explain more on the way, but we need to leave A.S.A.P."

Jared and Kevin looked at each other for a moment, then Jared said, "I think we'll take our chances."

Jason shook his head. "Don't say I didn't warn you." Then he turned and walked away down the street.

Kevin stared for a moment, then said, "We should get inside."

"Did you notice the thing in his ear?" Jared asked as they entered his house.

"No, what was it?"

"It looked like a bluetooth earbud, but he only had one in his right ear." Jared went into the kitchen, and found his mom doing the dishes.

She glanced at Jared, "Where's Kevin?" she asked.

"I think he went to lay down on the couch in the living room."

"Why, what happened." She said, putting down her current dish and drying her hands off.

"Nothing happened," Jared said.

"No," Kevin said, entering the kitchen, "A lot happened. My parents got busted and my family is being sent to a half-breed town. Your son and I got beat up by a bunch of punks from the high school, and then Jared just exploded and blew up half the school."

Jared's mom stared at him for a second, digesting what he had just said.

"What...?" She started, but she stopped and just stared for a moment. "Are you saying… he used magic?" She finally asked.

Kevin nodded. "This guy stopped us in the driveway and tried to get us to go with him. Saying the government is after us or something."

Shalice's eyes widened. "He was right."

"He was?" Jared said.

She looked at her son, "They'll be here any minute. When they do, I want you to tell them everything you just told me, because they're going to want to interrogate you."

And right on que a knock came from the front door and someone shouted, "It's the FBI, You have thirty seconds to let us in or we are entering by force."

Shalice hurried to the door and opened it up.

A man wearing a dark suit and glasses stood on the porch. "I'm assuming this is the residence of Jared fletcher and his family?"

Shalice nodded.

"I'm lieutenant Carry. You and your family are under arrest."

End chapter 1