My heart screams
In the bleakness of the night
Where no one is around
Except the sounds of growls heard.

Walking down a lone path
Trying not to stray so far
From the speck of light
Protruding from the bulbs.

Don't know what to say
Might as well keep moving forward
In this harsh world
Where everyone is judged someway.

Want to say so much
Yet my mouth stays shut tight
Since the people the words are for
Are nowhere to be found.

So quietness lingers outside
While turmoil recks havoc inside
With the emotions coursing through my body
Making myself so drain.

My mind keep telling me lies
As I keep thinking Im seeing someone
That hasn't been around for awhile
Yet my heart yearns for them to a degree.

Must stay on the path
Until I get out of this mess
That my emotions are causing
Making my heart bleed all over the place.