Some days, Felix really didn't know why he tried anymore.

After everything that had happened the day before - all the dissociation and the running away and the revelations and the explanations - he just had to wake up sick the next morning. Sure, that was totally, completely fair.

He had initially been dumb-founded by the sudden cold before he'd checked his phone.

Felix groaned as the bright light hit his eyes, navigating his way to the overflowing text messages that must've popped up overnight.

Making sure he spoke loud enough that Flex could hear him, he read the first message from Brody out loud.

"'Apparently Ash was sick yesterday and got me sick too, that jerk. How are you doing? Apparently, Jett is completely fine,'" he rolled his eyes, finally picking up on Brody's behavior regarding Jett before continuing to the next text. "'I don't think I can make it to school today but that doesn't mean you're getting out of talking to me. I'm super fucking worried about you, man, so I expect more than a half-assed excuse this time.'"

"Sounds like you're in for a rough day, kiddo," Flex commented from his place beneath Felix's pillow. The scarf, however, didn't sound like he was enjoying Felix's suffering like he normally did, tone instead bordering on sympathetic.

"Colds last more than a day, Flex. This is gonna be a rough week," Felix corrected before continuing onto the next text. "'Hey, asshat, I know your alarm goes off at six. You whined about it last week. Answer me.'"

"Pfft. Your best friend just called you an asshat," Flex snickered, mood suddenly shifted closer to his normal mockery.

Felix smiled a little at the statement before reading on. "'Don't make me start calling you by Ross' nicknames.' 'Fili, answer me, dammit. Please tell me you don't have some weird gene combo that reacted poorly with Ash's plague.' 'Fifi?!' 'Fido!?'"

Felix shushed Flex - who was laughing hard enough it was threatening to become contagious - and typed back a reply.

"What'd you tell him?" His scarf asked.

Felix managed a crooked grin. "'Ross would never compare me to a dog, how dare you? He's not into bestiality, anyhow.' Now he's just cussing me out. Hey, Flex, he just called me a nugget-brain. What on earth does that even mean?"

"Hell if I know, kiddo. It's Brody-speak."

The teen rolled his eyes. "I'm gonna tell him I'll talk to him later cause I slept past my alarm and have a math test today. All of which is true, by the way. Is there any way you could create a hologram of me to take the test in my place?"

"Negative, unfortunately. It would be quite useful to have that feature in my programming, though. Any chance you could get on that, Mr. Teen-Scientist?"

Felix's smile faded a little at the reminder of what Candor had told him about himself, expression returning to the grumpy one he'd woken up with as he resentfully pulled himself out of his bed. He quickly arranged his school books back into his backpack properly and made the snap-decision to stuff Flex in there as well. He wasn't exactly sure why, maybe it was a comfort thing after everything he'd had to accept the day before, but he felt the need to have Flex on him.

Maybe he was just getting too emotionally attached to a scarf. He didn't really care, in the end.

Making his way out into the kitchen was equivalent to a trek into the deep trenches of hell. He knew for a fact that he probably couldn't handle another minute sans-coffee without passing out again, he also knew his… that Juliana was likely already awake. He knew he couldn't just avoid the pair but he'd be damned if he wasn't exactly keen on seeing them immediately. There was just… too much to consider. Until he knew for sure what their game was, he couldn't trust them 100%. Still, despite that, all his - false, wrong, made-up, lacking - memories claimed they were his parents and it felt true. For all he had found out, he still wanted to trust them, wanted to like them, because, even if he knew the memories were fake, that was still all he'd ever known or felt as if he'd known.

The situation sucked, basically.

Juliana was, in fact, awake. She gave him the same warm - if not slightly mocking - smile she always did when she saw him, throwing another wrench into his heart.

"'Morning, kiddo," she greeted, acting as if Felix's entire world hadn't imploded just yesterday. "What's the story behind your sleeping in today?"

Felix stood completely still for a moment, caught up in simply observing her behavior before he processed the question.

"Oh! Uh…" he startled, stumbling for words. "Looks like Ash got me sick yesterday. I'm still going to school but I kinda feel like I just rolled out of the grave."

He tried to laugh at his attempt at a joke but it quickly fell flat. He was just telling the truth, how could not lying be so hard?

Juliana frowned. "Do you need to stay home?"

She quickly got up from her seat and placed a hand on his forehead, likely checking for a fever, but that didn't quite properly process in Felix's mind for a moment. With how close she was, in fact, he noticed something he felt like an idiot for not noticing earlier.

"You look so young…" he murmured, not exactly having meant to say it out loud.

Juliana didn't look too fazed. In fact, she just scoffed. "You don't feel feverish but you're definitely acting like you are. You're sure you wanna go to school today?"

Felix just nodded numbly. "Math test today."

"And you think you'll do well on it while half-dead?" Juliana asked.

The teen just shrugged. "Eh, if I've learned anything so far, it's that I'm pretty good at bullshitting my way through the education system."

Juliana smirked a bit as she returned to her seat. "So, I'm assuming that means you haven't been paying attention in class so taking the test while sick wouldn't affect the end result?"

Felix tried for a weak smile before turning to make some coffee. The moment she couldn't see his face, the smile dropped. "Bingo."

He heard some shuffling behind him. "Just make sure you call home if you get much worse."

She left the kitchen before he could reply, something he was eternally grateful for as he wasn't sure just how much more of the situation he could take.

It turned out that, along with Jett, Miles had also dodged getting sick.

Felix was at least happy for his friend to not have to deal with the plague he'd been struck with but did make a mental note not to go out on patrol that night. He had still gone crime-fighting while sick and he'd do it again but he couldn't risk the shared sickness between him and his vigilante identity tip Miles off. He wasn't quite ready for that.

When Miles finally showed up to the gym, just a few seconds before the teacher would have shut the doors to the locker room, Felix could tell he wasn't exactly having the best day, though. While a dangerous aura was quite normal on the blonde, it wasn't very often anymore that he directed it at Felix himself.

Felix was once again reminded that this teen was also the scariest person he'd ever met. Between the gummy worms and the existence of Jett, it was easy to forget.

Normally, Felix would have cracked a joke to brighten the mood - or at least make things slightly less awkward - but today, he just couldn't manage. So, instead, he simply put on his best smile - which was pretty weak, in all honesty; Miles was scary - and, once Miles was in speaking range, said, "Mornin'."

Miles seemed taken aback by the bland greeting before his green eyes narrowed onto Felix. "So, you're sick, too, huh?"

Felix just nodded, not confident enough to speak his answer.

Miles sighed. "Guess Jett and I were the only ones to dodge it, then… I'll be the only one soon enough, though. Jett skipped today. Said he was gonna go keep Brody company. If he's not sick by the end of the day, it'll be a miracle."

The brunette hummed along, letting Miles keep hold of the conversation. Any chance at dissuasion would probably futile, anyway.

Miles seemed to understand that Felix was letting him take charge. "Okay, fine, so… What the fuck happened yesterday, Felix?"

His harsh tone sent a flinch straight down Felix's spine. He couldn't bring himself to respond before Miles continued on.

"Don't even try to tell me that you were just tired or some shit, either. I cleaned up your coffee cup on my way out and you didn't even take a sip," Miles accused, the fact he'd noticed such a small detail making Felix flinch once again. "And even Ash didn't feel the full symptoms yesterday afternoon so you can't use the cold as an excuse either. It was weird, Felix. We were fucking worried, okay?"

Felix settled an uneasy gaze onto Miles before tearing his eyes away and staring at the floor. Knowing that this was an expression of worry didn't exactly settle him down considering that it was still an angry reaction. And talking Miles down while he was already so foggy in the head was seriously gonna be a pain.

"Okay, um, listen…" the teen started off, rubbing at his temple slightly. "I know it was kinda not cool to leave without telling you guys everything but, to be fair, I wasn't thinking very clearly…"

He chanced a glance up. Miles' expression hadn't changed.

"...I'm sorry for worrying you guys," Felix continued. "I didn't mean to. And I know Brody's gonna drill into me for that one. I just… I guess you could say I'm dealing with some stuff right now and the point that I couldn't let myself ignore it anymore happened to be yesterday… I'm managing it, now, though… I can promise you that."

Miles' stare softened a little but his voice was still harsh. "I don't like your half-truths, Felix."

Felix managed a smile, cracked as it was. "I know. Brody doesn't either."

"But you're sticking with them?"

Huh, he's a little easier on me than he was on Scarfboy about the whole gang thing, Felix noticed. ...does that mean he likes Felix more or less?

Felix nodded despite his inner musings. "For now, yeah. I'm sorry, I just don't know how to talk about it yet…"

Miles looked conflicted and the next question he asked didn't feel like it was the one he wanted to ask. "Just… promise me you're not in any danger, okay? If anyone's hurting you or you got into some trouble that you could get into trouble for admitting to, you'd better tell me. Otherwise... I'll let it go. For now."

Felix considered, briefly, mentioning the bruises he'd gathered from vigilanting and wondered if they'd count in this scenario. But, seeing that the root of his problems was a mysterious organization, brainwashing, and possible forced-combat… it was time to lie out of his ass.

The brunette finally mustered up a grin. "Don't worry, Miles. It's nothing like that. Just some emotional stuff. And I'm dealing with it now."

Miles stared at him for another moment, seemingly trying to find Felix's lie. But eventually gave up and offered a light smile. "Okay, then, I believe you. But if anything changes…"

Felix kept his plastic smile fastened on as he clapped a hand onto Miles' shoulder. "Then you'll be the first to know."

Hey, Felix reasoned with himself. That one's not even a complete lie. It's most logical to tell the vigilante I know the identity of about everything first.

Miles' smile grew larger at that but Felix knew the blonde wasn't put completely at ease. He couldn't blame him - nothing about this was easy.

Then, before Felix had to come up with some change of topic, the teacher was instructing the class to begin their warm-up exercises and Felix was once again lost in a haze of hatred for P.E.

By the time the class was over, Felix felt like throwing up. And not just because he was sick.

Sure, that was a major aspect - stuffy noses plus exercise could easily be considered a form of torture, in his opinion - but the longer the class had waned on, the longer he'd felt a dark sense of foreboding bearing down on him. He was pretty sure it was different than dread at the idea of having to find a way to keep Brody away from the truth and, while he was still mulling over his home situation, he knew the feeling wasn't regarding Juliana and Chester either.

So, if his dread wasn't coming from any pre-established issue, where was it coming from? Could he just be imagining it? He kinda hoped so. He hoped he was just sick enough to be confused.

Felix should have known by now, though, that things were never that easy for him.

The feeling of wrongness only compounded as he finished getting out of his gym clothes and into his normal ones. His heart stuck in his throat when he went to leave the locker room, pausing before the doors

Most of his classmates had filed out by the time Miles had come around and was about to leave.

"Felix… you good?" The blonde asked, glancing at him with a bit of concern.

Felix swallowed, staring back at the doors. "Yeah, I just… I don't know… don't you kinda feel that something's off?"

Miles stilled at that, frowning. "Um, a lil-"

Their exchange was cut off by a loud crack in the distance, followed immediately by an echo.

Miles' eyes went wide in shock for a millisecond before they narrowed down. The blonde grabbed a hold of Felix's arm and shoved him behind himself slightly.

Felix was still in somewhat of a daze. "…please tell that wasn't-"

"A gunshot," Miles confirmed. "Sorry, it was. Sounded like it hit a ceiling or something hard, though, not a person."

The pair started backing up from the door.

"How do you figure that?" Felix asked, some part of his mind knowing it was due to his experience as Dark Gunner. The majority of his mind, though, was still foggy.

Miles shrugged. "Grew up on the West Side. Lots of gang violence."

Felix nodded along before taking a few deep breaths to collect himself.

Mind finally working fast enough to start planning, he asked, "Do you think this is a student or… or another shooter… or maybe-"

"I wouldn't put it past a gang thing, no," Miles responded, glancing around the room frantically. "I… shit, I have no clue what to do!"

"Okay… okay," Felix breathed. "We need to do something… we need to get out of here and…"

We need to get away from one another so we can deal with this as vigilantes, Felix decided before taking a look around the room, finally glancing up.

I need to get Miles to a point where he thinks I'm safe enough to leave me… so a method of moving around where we can also hide…

He managed a grin - before it made him cough - and grabbed Miles' attention. "Hey, come over here and lift me up."

The blonde followed his gaze to the air duct above him. Nodding along, he did as Felix asked.

Once Felix was at the grate, he tentatively pushed on it. Once he knew it wasn't going to budge with normal force, he applied some of his unnatural strength to pop it open and climbed on inside, lending a hand back to Miles to pull the blonde up.

"No way it was that easy," Miles accused.

Felix shrugged as he contorted to turn around. "It was unscrewed."

It wasn't. But it's not like Miles needed to know that.

"I think we might be able to head this way," Felix gestured in the direction he was facing and began to shuffle through. "Just follow me."

He heard a scoff behind him. "You act like you've done this before."

It wasn't the time for jokes, especially when the situation was so close to what he'd deal with as Scarfboy, but he couldn't help himself. "Hey, an introvert will go to a great many lengths to avoid social interaction. This is a pretty solid option, between throwing yourself out of a window or straight up pretending to faint."

Miles made his signature sound of choking back a laugh. "Whatever you say, Felix."

Not long after they'd started crawling, Felix noticed how dusty the damn vent was. He held back his sneezes, though, 'cause if he did sneeze, it would likely echo through the whole vent system. It was as they came across an opening over a hallway that they heard the PA system click on, stopping the teens in their tracks, a wobbly voice echoing through the school.

"Attention all students, this is your principal speaking. As of now, the office is being held by the Bloody Bones gang... " A brief pause accompanied by a whimper. "I'm being told to explain their motives. They plan not to harm the students. They want to make clear they're here to draw out the vigilante known as Dark Gunner. If this vigilante surrenders to them, they'll leave."

Felix was frozen stiff from the announcement. Not only was this the work of a gang but they were holding the office hostage. No… the whole school was held hostage unless they got what they wanted. And what they wanted was…

The brunette resisted the urge to glance back at Miles.

This was a really bad situation. And while Felix could pretty easily piece together how things had come to this, he really didn't like the sound of it: Dark Gunner had been targeting the gangs of the West Side. Felix had only heard of his targeting of Hell's Harbor but he wasn't at all surprised that the vigilante was also handling other gangs. Dark Gunner must have wounded or even killed someone important or many of the less important members. Now they were making, what, a counterattack?

Felix wanted to throw up. And not only for the stuffy air and his physical weakness.

Miles Barrett, the kinda scary but secretly kinda dorky high school freshman, had hurt or killed to a significant degree that a gang was willing to take a school hostage in order to force the vigilante to surrender to them. Felix didn't exactly blame Miles but… dear God, it was awful.

"Felix," Miles whispered from behind him, voice colder than it had been before. "We need to keep moving… To get to safety."

Felix didn't bother nodding. He just resumed crawling along the vent, heading in a direction that would probably take them outside.

It was about three minutes later that they came across another hallway. This time, though, it wasn't empty. Several men dressed in black were in the hall below them, milling about.

They had guns. Felix didn't dare say anything, just made a brief shushing noise to Miles to indicate their need for silence. He peered through the grate to get a better look at them and tune into the conversation they were having.

"...seems a bit pointless, if you ask me," one of the men was saying. "How d'we know the vigilante will even come?"

"For fuck sake, shut up already, will ya'?" Another man snapped back. "We don't question the orders, got it? Don't fuck up our last chance."

"But Carl-"

"Drop it."

The third man finally chimed in, "I mean, I kinda agree, but mostly, I'm just pissed about the specific vigilante we're supposed to go after."

The first man nodded vigorously. "Louis is right about that. Who gives a shit about this guy? I'd take attacking the scarf guy over the gunman any day."

Surprisingly, Carl just nodded. "Fuck, can't argue with that."

The whisper of a memory tickled at the back of Felix's mind before his recognition was interrupted by scoff behind him. Though the blonde was whispering, Felix was still just barely able to make out that Miles was grumbling about how much it would raise a certain someone's ego to hear that.

Felix smiled despite himself.

That was, until, the chatting beneath them stopped.

"Did you guys hear that?"

For a brief, horrifying moment, Felix was sure they'd heard Miles' grumbles but his worries were quickly wiped away by a sweep of silver across the chest of the first man who'd spoken.

Felix could make out the third man calling out "Jerry!" before another thud was heard. The second man barely even had time to aim his gun before he was knocked to the ground as well.

"Holy shit…" Felix breathed out.

"What is it?" Miles asked hurriedly, voice taking on a panicked lilt. "Felix, what's going on?"

Felix didn't even have time to shush the blonde before he found two familiar white lenses gazing straight up at the vent.

Before the familiar face could whip her weapon onto the vent, Felix stuttered out, "Hey, hey, please don't attack! We're students!"

"Felix! Answer me, dammit!" Miles continued insisting.

Slowly, Felix turned to look at Miles and only managed to give an awkward smile before he heard the words "Move back from the grate," resound from below him.

And so he pulled back just in time to see the head of a giant, silver key smash up through the grate. Behind him, he could hear Miles sigh in recognition.

KeyMaster, apparently, had arrived on the scene.

Making a split-second decision, Felix quickly dropped down from the vent, allowing himself to cough some of the dusty air out of his lungs as he moved aside to let Miles drop down as well. Once the blonde was down beside him, he felt marginally more confident in meeting his unknowing friend's stare.

"What were you two doing up there?" KeyMaster demanded, resting her key on her shoulder.

Felix's mind short-circuited while he tried to find a sassy reply so he instead turned to Miles.

The blonde rolled his eye. "What did you think we were doing? We were trying not to get shot."

KeyMaster sighed, glancing around them, likely to make sure there were no threats lurking right around the corner. "Well, it's good that you're not hurt but you should know that the air ducts are blocked off just a little farther down in the direction you were going. Someone in the gang likely foresaw that escape route."

Felix swayed a little, feeling completely off-balance. "But then… what are we supposed to do?"

Miles laid a steadying hand on his shoulder, keeping him from toppling over. "Calm down, we just need another way to get you to safety."

Both Felix and KeyMaster cast a shocked look toward the blonde.

Wow, Felix thought, he didn't even hide his lack of concern for himself there. Smooth.

Instead of commenting on it though, Felix simply shook his head. "Well, do you have any ideas? Cause I'm fresh out. The air duct idea was the clearest thought I've had all day."

Vaguely, Felix took note of the racing, nigh-panicked look in Miles' eyes but was overall more with the delayed shock that KeyMaster had appeared finally setting in.

Shit, shit, shit, his mind screamed at him. Miles might not have recognized you but there's no fucking way KeyMaster won't recognize both of our voices. We've even been bickering!

He was so screwed. He could feel it, any moment now, she'd call them out on it. Then Felix would have to admit that he'd known about Miles - he wanted to at least retain a scrap of his quickly-deteriorating pride - and then Miles would get mad and never give him an energy drink again! And then to rub salt in the wound, KeyMaster would keep her identity secret and lord it over the high schoolers just so that she could prove she was logically superior - or whatever she got off on, Felix was starting not to care.

Just when his thoughts reached their peak of panic, the girl in question cut back into the conversation, sending a flinch through Felix's body.

"You two don't need to worry about that," KeyMaster announcing, straightening her posture up. "You're just high school students. Don't worry, I'll get you two out of here."

Almost inaudibly, Miles' muttered, "Wow, she's really showing off today."

Felix couldn't help but agree, at least happy that she apparently hadn't actually caught on yet.

However, the proclamation threw in a whole new layer of difficulty for him to eliminate.

Not only did he need to assure Miles' he was okay so that they could both deal with the threat, having KeyMaster tagging along meant a whole other person to confuse. And as if that wasn't complicated enough, they didn't have the time for this. They needed to snap into action right now, not in ten or twenty minutes after having evaded gang members the entire time.

And Felix still felt like his head was imploding. Basically, it was a great day.

How do I get Miles' away from me? He's acting really weird so he probably won't leave me until I'm safe… so I need to convince him that I'm safe.

Felix turned his gaze back to the vigilante in front of him a resisted grinning. The newest issue was also the perfect solution.

Time to ham it up. Make the theatre kids proud, Felix.

Letting his shoulders loosen, he moved toward KeyMaster slightly. "You're absolutely right! You're capable, right? We can trust you?"

Both his friends gave him an odd look but KeyMaster quickly recovered with a smug grin.

"That's right! You're safe from here on out," she assured them.

Now, the killing blow.

Felix tried his best to fight through his headache a give the girl the brightest smile that he could muster up. "Thank you so much, miss!"

The complete wave of joy that washed over the woman - only really visible to someone who'd spent dozens of nights poking fun at and trying to get a rise out of her - assured Felix that she would be slightly vulnerable to a trick for the next few minutes.

Now that he was on a time limit, he turned the same bright smile onto Miles. "See, Blondie? We're gonna be safe! Isn't that great?!"

Miles' was somewhat harder to read but the reaction was noticeable nonetheless. His posture slouched some and the frown on his face lessened. A tentative smile appeared on his face as well. "Yeah, that's great."

Felix grabbed the blonde by his arms. "No, Miles, I mean it. We'll be fine from here on out."

Get out of here already, idiot.

An odd expression took over Miles' face and though Felix knew his prompt probably sounded too obvious, he knew that the blonde finally understood that he was safe to dash.

And now for step three.

Felix kept a smile on his face even as he let himself stumble backward some, colliding softly into KeyMaster, who immediately steadied him by grabbing onto his sides.

"Oh, sorry," he coughed out, grabbing the girl's full attention. "I'm just a bit sick. I promise I'll hold it together until we get out, though."

She looked like she was going to reply with something uncharacteristically heroic again but faltered once she glanced up. "H-Hey! Where'd your friend go?"

Felix had to hide his smile as he turned to examine the empty spot where Miles had just been.

"Blondie?" He gasped out, hoping his false shock was convincing enough. "Where'd you go?"

Okay, so shock is my acting weak-point, he winced. Guess I'm used to doing sarcastic shock.

KeyMaster didn't seem to mind his lackluster performance, though. Instead, she let go of him and wandered around the near vicinity.

"Shit," Felix heard her whisper. "Where did he go… Hey, you, don't you dare move from that spot while I-"

Felix only slightly heard her drone off as she realized he too was out of sight, having taken off for his locker the moment that she turned her gaze from him.

"For once, looks like things went without a hitch…" he mused under his breath. "I think I'm getting better at this whole strategy thing."

By the time Felix made his way back to his friends, happier than ever that he had brought Flex to school with him that day, he found that KeyMaster hadn't moved from the hallway.

In fact, it looked like Dark Gunner had made it back to her in record time.

Felix didn't exactly know what to expect as the end result of all his trickery, but whatever it was, he had at least hoped he wouldn't have to break up a fight between two vigilantes.

Wait a minute… what?

When his brain finally comprehended what his tired eyes were seeing, it still had a bit of trouble rationalizing how to respond.

"I'm telling you, it's not my fault!" KeyMaster was seemingly defending herself, voice coming out in a harsh whisper.

"That doesn't fix the issue!" Dark Gunner replied, a cold aura of rage bubbling up around him.

Even KeyMaster seemed a bit put off by the deadly aura. "They both just vanished, okay? I had no reason to suspect either of them would run!"

"There are armed men all over this place! You should have at least kept an eye on the sick one!"

"Might I remind you who the gang is here for?"

Before Miles' was forced to respond, Felix finally cut in. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys, calm down. I just got here, there's no reason to be…"

He swayed on his feet slightly, just barely managing to keep his balance.

The muffled voice of his favorite gunman reached his ears. "Scarfy? When did you get here?"

Felix tried his best to give his signature grin. "Not too long ago. Came as fast as I could."

Dark Gunner's hands quickly gripped his shoulders. "Scarfy, this is important, okay? While you were on your way over to us, did you see a student, maybe about 5 foot 5, wearing a dress shirt?"

"Or a blonde, emo kid," KeyMaster quickly tacked on.

Felix wiggled his way out of his friends' grip. "Okay, one: Why do you know his exact height? Two: He sounds like a total nerd if he's wearing formal clothing to school-"

"Says the guy in the turtleneck in August," the blonde quickly interjected.

"Three: I've heard of no such thing as a blonde emo - It just sounds counter-intuitive. And four… sorry, no, I didn't see either of them. What's going on?" he concluded, waiting for an answer he already knew.

Dark Gunner was the one to respond. "Key-Club here lost two students she found."

The girl quickly snapped back at him. "And I said it's not my fault. Something weird was going on with them."

"You said one of them was sick! How could he have run off! It's obvious he was grabbed by the gang!" Dark Gunner continued ranting.

"If that's so, why wasn't I attacked as well?!" KeyMaster countered.

Before that actual hole in logic could be discussed any further, Felix cut in again. "Okay, I get it now. Key-Club, I'm not blaming you here, but if either of them ended up in danger like Beanie-Baby thinks they did, we need to focus on helping them." He quickly threw a look at Dark Gunner. "That goes for you too, got it? Less blame-throwing, more heroics, capiche?"

Both vigilantes just sighed and nodded along.

"Good," Felix exhaled. "Cause there are more important things to discuss-"

Slowly, his vision went dark and he found himself being supported by Miles once again.

"Scarfy?! Is something wrong?!" The blonde fretted.

Felix waved him off. "Just haven't had enough caffeine today. I'm not lying when I say that stuff makes up a good half of my blood. But I can handle that later. For now…"