As i jumped, or more or less fell, i got to start to think about things, you know the whole life flash before your eyes thing, but all i saw where my endless failures and regrets, how things could have been so much better if i were to just try, but i wasn't strong enough and finally snapped, in my mind before it seemed noble, what i was doing, but now i realize i am only doing this for me but for 17 years of miserable existence and a promised life time of failure just seemed like too much hassle, it wasn't my choice to make but i made it, that won't matter in a bit though im still falling, actually i think i'm losing consciousness, it's getting really dark.

I opened my eyes, for a moment it felt like i was still falling but i was laying down.

"Huh, that was a lot more comfortable then i thought, is this hell?" i looked around, nothing about this place screamed agony or torture for eternity but it sure wasn't heaven, or maybe it was, a quiet dark place to think about things actually seemed appealing, the ground felt like a water bed, i poked it and it rippled, i scooped some of it up and it crept between my fingers back to its mass, i lay down and felt actually calm.

"So this is where I'm going to spend eternity then, alright fine" I thought to myself as i started to doze off "I guess I'll take a nap."

I woke up again in the same place, it's been a really long time or at least felt like it but this place seemed different from before, but it's different this time the void was moving under me and around me.

Suddenly tentacles sprang from the mass,they surrounded me on all sides, huge, long, featureless, they waved around for a moment aimlessly until the one in front of my got ahold of my neck, it lifted me off my feet as i struggled against it, trying to pull it away but others had joined in grabbing my arms and legs, restraining me.

I couldn't breath, the things grip was so tight i hadn't realized I could still feel pain, any normal person would have passed out getting choked for this long, or at least it felt long, but I only felt its pressure, suddenly i felt movement behind me, more of these things had shown up but now it seemed like I was being presented to them, very suddenly and without warning they had stabbed me in the back, I couldn't tell how many but they hadn't skewered me, i felt a horrible sensation as they moved about, the worst pain I had ever felt, more pain then i thought physically possible, it felt like my insides were getting scooped out, something touch my spine, it crawled through my body from my feet to my head and all i felt was dread, i said this to myself and laughed, what was i thinking, i already died this pain is an illusion, what was going to happen i was gonna die twice, bring it on!

They didn't stop, now the the tentacles had left the mass in which they crept from and dove completely into my body, i could feel them wriggle and squirm in my body all over, i felt like exploding like i'd eaten far more than my capacity, the tentacles on the outside had let go and i fell, i lay in the fetal position clutching my sides for a bit, i got to my knees and felt like i was going to explode when the pressure was getting worse, when my body finally felt like it was going to give up my back erupted with a horrible sound, i finally felt relief and thought that there was now a giant gaping hole in my back where those things had left.

But they hadn't left, i felt much better now but now those tentacles were protruding from my back, it wasn't a bloody mess like i had assumed they would be instead they were black, i felt where one was coming from on my lower back, they had ripped large holes through my jacket and shirt, i reached for my lower back and felt where it had come from and when i looked at my hand it was stained and dripping that black goo i called the void, my pants were soaked in it but it kinda looked cool, i thought about my ruined jacket and shirt and suddenly i felt something else happen, the void under me engulfed for only a moment and went back to its normal state, my shirt and jacket where fixed and my tentacles still out behind me, they went inside and out my person and my clothes didn't rip "well that's convenient."

I spent some time thinking about it then looked at the floor to address the mass "why."

Nothing moved to answer me, then a shape appeared out of the ground, not like the tentacles before but an inky copy of me with a mouth that really only looked like a jagged crack, and large eyes to boot"hey there."

I looked it over ,"woah, are you the void?"

It frowned at me "what, no, you don't recognize me, i was with you before we got here how can you forget" it scolded me, then i instantly remembered one of my few issues "oh that had completely slipped my mind holy shit."

He slid by me and leaned on my shoulder and tapped my chest "pall we were chosen by this place, you were chosen, look" he raised an inky black hand, a giant version of it raised from the void as a copy of his own, he urged me to try, i lifted my opposing hand and thought of doing what he did, the void rose the same and i balled a fist, it copied "now your getting it."

He disappeared into my back and I took off, my tentacles came from my back and boosted me into the air, i reached out instinctively and a tentacle came from the mass that i swung off of, falling again a hill emerged from the void that i slid down that rose again for me to run up, when the hill rose steep my tentacles emerged climbing it easily, i reached the top and cheered myself, then i came to the realization that i was still stuck here, my new ability's were meaningless here.

"Hey man come on, let's go back to earth and have some fun" i could hear myself say in my head "how though" I thought.

"The same way we got here, you know" then i thought of the cliff i was standing on, and then i jumped.

I woke up again, this time i could see things i recognized, i lay next to a car in the parking i jumped from, i stood up and noticed people hurrying to the side of the parking lot i could already guess why, it turns out that only moments had passed since i jumped when i reached the edge and saw where i had landed, i couldn't distinguish anything but a black and red smudge on the floor but i left the scene pretty quickly hoping not to get recognized, at that point a certain special scenario played out in my head, everyone thinks i'm dead, everyone who cared about me before anyway, i've just broken all ties with my past and now i can go anywhere, do anything, i can see the world and do what i want and who is going to stop me, nobody, because nobody cares what i do, and if they do what are they gonna force me?

I rubbed my chin with a tentacle,"hm, there have to be others with powers right?"

I thought this while I walked down the seemingly endless flight of stairs to the parking lot,"i mean if i have powers now what are the chances someone else got powers somehow too."

My tentacles retracted into my back as someone walked by, "that's what ill do, ill go out and find them, it'll be great, awesome strong friends, and even stronger enemies, that's how these stories go right well i can't wait to meet them."

I laughed to myself a bit, "there's a lot i can fix about the world too, things no normal people can handle, maybe I'll do the humans a favor."

As i had forgotten, my inside voice came back with a comment "were not human anymore?" i responded to my own thought "no, we're clearly not human anymore, where better."

Welp i hope you like the story, i love writing but i'm not perfect or even so great for that matter, so criticism will help if you got any, thanks a bunch in advance.