Our new boss had sent us on our way to our first mission on one of his various private jets, I had never known the comforts of comfortable living so this entirely blew me away, kronos seemed to have the same reaction but we both decided to look through the files and come up with new plans and strategies, it seemed pointless since if we succeeded in getting teammates we would have to rethink any given strategies from that point on but still i was getting along with kronos which was awfully surprising.

"I think we should get these two on our side" he showed me two papers, one with a Man in his twenties with long hair that had quite a few grey streaks, he wore a long thin brown coat that reached his knees, what seemed like a grey sweater under and in average looking denim boot cut pants, the sleeves of both the coat and sweater had been cut by the elbow and the man's forearms sparked and glew as he held a solder looking guy by the collar, the page said saint petersburg, russia the other guy seemed like just a kid, the page informed me that he was thirteen and that he was located in Verona,Italy he seemed well statured wearing a white and red shirt with light coffee colored shorts, in the picture he had his arm outstretched with red marks of energy like lightning, there names Demetri and Michael respectively.

"What's so special about these two" i asked, he gave me a deadpanned look "there powers are freaking cool, look demetri can absorb and disperse energy and even make his own, while the other guy is made of energy and can turn into a flippin giant, imagine we get theme working together they could kick ass!" he stated proudly, i had to admit they would make good candidates in that term.

"Hey by the way, hows starlight and the first team doing?" he asked me while i looked through some papers "today they should be trying to reason with the super strength, if that works they should be hitting the road by the end of the week, Stanley was kind enough to give me a schedule of when things should be getting done so nothing so unexpected happens as long as we stick to it" as i finished the obvious question entered his mind "who the hell is Stanley?"

"You know, the guy with the golden elevator, dark undertones, private army, our boss…" i said holding back my laughter, his eyes widened in realization and we shared a good laugh about it "his name is Stanley? Well there is about a quarter of his intimidation out the window."

After we finished then i showed him a couple of files that could be potential powers, one of several missing children's cases in Ireland, an entire district in japan being completely abandoned, and the murder of an entire circus crew in the city of france "i think that these are some worth looking into don't you" he looked over the few papers closely "these could easily be explained away and proven to be the actions of humans."

"The Japanese one? You don't abandon an entire district for more than a month like that without something serious going on, the report also says that bodies of some of its former inhabitants can be seen on its streets but nobody knows what how it could have happened" i said, looking back on the paper and pointing out an incident report "a body of a trespasser was recovered just outside the restricted area, the body covered in lacerations and died of blood loss" the picture had displayed the bloody scene and that had just about sold it for kronos "so i'm thinking there is a pretty good chance a power is involved, about the other two-" i was interrupted by the intercom of the plane as it announced our arrival to the city of New Zealand.

Landing at a private air strip was fun and our pilots had given us money directly from stan to be used however we wanted "guess stealing from people won't be an issue" said kronos, referencing tendencies i didn't even think he knew about "Stan's a businessman, this is stolen money."

The file on emily had told us her work had been on nearly all parts of the city so it was difficult to find her immediately, robberies and other crimes happened without a hitch, the ones we let happen anyway, we stopped a few to see if it would get her attention but just nothing, a few days like this went by when we decided a new strategy was needed to draw her out.

"Maybe if we call her out directly?" kronos and i were at a hotel lobby sitting at a two person table with her file in front of us "her file says she was targeting criminals and rapists alike, but everyone we scoped out seemed like they were fine, maybe she is targeting specific people?" kronos said confused, he began to get frustrated and now looked to me "what do you remember about her that might help, there has to be something." i looked at him a moment then explained.

"a person before they get powers may be completely different then after, but if i had to guess she might have a form of autism because no normal person could possibly as cool as she is, we were real close friends, me being the self loathing bum i was she held me up and supported me basically my angel and i kicked anyones ass for picking on her or getting to close, not that she wouldn't or didn't kick ass herself but i felt the need to help her as much as she did with me through my sea of endless failures with small breaks in between where life got somewhat bearable for a moment before going to shit again for awhile."

"I'm getting off topic, what i'm trying to say is she is going to go through with something no matter how much logic says it's not such a great idea, that might not help find her but i don't think there is anyway to draw her out through threats" i thought a moment then spoke again "maybe if she saw my face she would come running to beat it in" kronos looked at me with a face of confusion "um, what was it again that you did to make her mad?"

"I said i didn't want to talk about it, that kind of thing ruins a persons life, it must have been hell for her here before she got her powers" i said in a somber tone, kronos got that it was something not worth looking into, i reached into my jacket and pulled a thin, round, near flat like bowl thing that seemed to resemble an egg shell.

"What's that about" kronos asked, i informed him it was a mask to hide my face so i wouldn't die immediately if seen by Emily, we still had the issue of finding her to worry about but the best we could do was scope out the city day and night till we found her.

This was going to take awhile…

Starlights POV

We were going on our next mission, max wasn't going to be supporting me this time as he was made to go on a separate assignment, the guy we were sent to find was terraforming the Mojave desert, the entire region was having constant earthquakes, parts of the grand canyon where opening and closing and several new mountain ranges have sprung up out of nowhere, damage to the surrounding cities was low which should have been impossible, but whoever was doing this was focusing on transforming the desert into something completely different.

My job is to go try to reason with him and stop what he is doing before Calfornia starts drifting away, the closest the pilots got us was las vegas from where i flew on my own to the site.

It was amazing, it seemed like a painting of another world, arches and what seemed like natural bridges covered newly made mini canyons, whole new mountain ranges without trees or green, whole levels of earth pulled straight from the ground and visible splits in what rock layers where of these mountains.

I flew around to find the earth element i was looking for when another earthquake started, I felt the pressure even while in the air and the land below shake violently, i looked around for where the activity and it seemed another mountain was rising in the near distance, id made it to find the mountain still rising unearthing ancient layers of rock exposing them to the open.

I circled around and found who i was looking for, a shirtless guy with baggy brown work pants, heavy looking solder boots, and a mess of brown hair covered somewhat in dirt like the rest of him, he held both arms up nonchalantly by the looks of it as mountain continued to grow in height.

"Hey, excuse me!" i yelled over all the noise of crushing and reforming stone, he seemed to notice me in the air and was shocked for a second before dropping his arms, the mountain let off one last boom as it settled "woah hey, you can fly? Thats pretty cool" he said with a now sincere and goofy grin, i smiled then remembered what i was here for "um, i hope you don't mind me asking but, what are you doing out here?" his smile didn't fade as he explained putting both hands on his hips "i'm making a new home for myself, along with all the people who will be getting earth powers, or even just super strength people!"

"More and more people are getting powers you know, the government has been trying to hide it but failed royally, i mean did you hear what happened in hawaii?! There goes one of the states because humans are NOT getting that back" he let out a hearty laugh, i had to admit he was ambitious "so, did the humans send you? I here the news, you're the hero that brought down that ink guy right?" he asked with a look of interest, i rubbed my arm "yeah thats me, i was sent to see if i could get you to maybe tone it down, or maybe we can work something out, none of this seems like a bad idea but the earthquakes are causing a big fuss, you know" i said sheepishly, he rubbed his chin.

"Yea, that makes sense, alright i'll talk with the humans on one condition" he said then looked to me "let's have a fight! You and me through my new terrain, it gets boring working out here so help me out" he said, i was taken aback by this and was caught off guard, that's when a voice spoke to me "we should do it, it's what all that training was for, this will be good practice" it said in a somewhat raspy tone "just remember to dodge, you haven't trained your pain tolerance nearly enough to take a hit by a mountain" i rolled my eyes and flew back to get a little space "don't worry nomu, i don't think any kind of training could help me take a hit from a mountain though" the last thing i heard befor the start of the fight was a growl "don't call me that.

I fired a beam from my hand at the target which seemed to connect, but the dust quickly settled only to see nothing there, he went underground! I flew up high to avoid sneak attack and fired several beams to the ground, then from the distance a large boalder was flying at high speeds, i flew under avoiding then looked back to the bolder as it flew away only to get hit by something behind me, and sent flying through several rock formations.

"Don't get distracted" i heard as i stood and stretched my back, i suddenly felt the earth under me shift and i blasted the ground under me with both hands causing a large crater, i saw him for a split second as he tunneled back through the ground, i expected this to be a kind of waiting game but he showed up instantly on the outskirts of the newly made crater with a stone ball, just about the size of a basket ball, he reeled back his arm and hit it and it flew in small pieces of jagged stone at me.

"Shit!" I brought both arms together to block the attack and was left with several gashes all along my body "you idiot, you should have used a blast to destroy the projectiles, i'll take care of your wounds, all you gotta do is get good and beat this guy" slowly the burning pain started to die down, i wasted no time and flew at my opponent reeling back for a right hook which he met, he blocked the blow and took all my momentum with just his forearm, i flipped around to deliver a kick to his head sending him flying back, he bounced off his back and landed on his feet nearly unscathed.

"You're pretty good, but you're going to need to try harder if you wanna beat me" he laughed, he brought up his leg and back down in an axe kick that connected to the ground, suddenly the earth lashed out like a wip nearly instantly knocking me into the air, he had jumped at me at high velocities ready to strike as he thought i couldn't move, but somehow forgot i could fly and boosted myself back to the ground, as he flew over me i blasted him with a beam directly into the air, i had a feeling he wasn't as good in the air as he was on the ground as he flew skyward i propelled a barrage of attacks as i flew by knocking him around the sky.

Then a large stone flew up at me which i avoided, he had caught himself with his own platform and was holding it up himself as it was in no way connected to the ground "huh, pretty clever getting me into the air, true i'm not as good up here as i am down there but i'm not helpless" he said while wiping a small streak of blood from his mouth, and all at once large pillars of stone flew into the sky that threatened to ram into me, i dodged and weaved through each of them before i realised that he had set up his retaliation.

He jumped from pillar to pillar landing punches as he whizzed by, i needed to get him at a distance but each hit made me stagger made me refigure out by plan, then like his fist, it hit me, i stopped flying letting myself fall and blasted the pillars and stones as i fell making me go a little faster as well as make him fall, he tried to bring the pieces together to catch himself but i blasted it apart several times, i then turned and fired at the boulders then coming to his rescue.

There were too many, they flew by more quickly than i could have possibly destroyed them "weren't you practicing a move for situations like this?" i smiled, how could i forget that seems like a really dumb thing to do but i kinda got hit in the head a few times, i raised both hands pointing with my finger in the general direction of the boulders, and with spirit i yelled "BUSTER BARRAGE!"

The boulders then became nothing but pebbles as they were crushed under my barrage, busting through his defences and hammering the stone element high into the air, i landed on the ground and finished my attack "glad to see your DBZ move in action"Nomu stated, the earth element landed at least a mile away in a smoking heap, i flew over to make sure he was ok and found him getting up and coughing as he held his shoulder.

"Damn you're strong, alright i'll go talk to your bosses like promised" he had made it to his feet and i was relieved as well as excited i beat a guy like him "Nomu, go tell kronos i told him i'd be fine" i said in confidence as i started to walk with the earth bender with Nomu's final response being "i said stop calling me that!"