Epilogue: Beyond The Dark Age:

It's been a good while since Trevor and I defeated Logan by triumphing over his voodoo magic, all the while utterly trashing his parlor and completely breaking the metaphorical chain between that voodoo doll and our relationship. At the moment, we've both made our way to a cemetery not far from Brooklyn, New York, the very city where it all started. Both of us are considering moving up here from New Orleans once we tie the knot, with my reason being so I can visit this cemetery more often. Trevor has told me that his family's spread out all over America, so he really doesn't care where we spend the rest of our lives.

Within a few more minutes, we find the grave that both of my parents were buried in. Carved into it are the words you'd find on most tombstones, along with the names "Rosie and Richard Romano". I sit cross-legged in front of the stone structure, adjusting my pleated skirt so it still covers me while I'm on the grass. Trevor stays a good distance behind me, so he can give me some space to grieve. I take a deep breath as I organize my thoughts, before I begin to speak.

"Hey, Mom... hey, Dad." I begin, my tone somber, "It's... it's me, Roxanne. The daughter you left behind over seven years ago. It's definitely been quite a while since I last spoke to you, hasn't it? I feel so stupid for not noticing that things weren't going well between you two sooner than I did, but I guess it really wasn't my fault, being the naive twelve-year-old I was at the time."

I briefly pause to wipe the few tears that materialize on my face, before pulling a handkerchief out of my trench-coat pocket and dabbing at my nose a little.

"So in the years since we parted ways, things have changed quite a bit. I'm no longer the meek little girl who'd constantly throw herself into your arms every night. I'm now a strong, independent young woman, with a fun, profitable job, and a man to keep me company." I continue, "I graduated from high school with straight A's, and I'm currently taking law classes to pursue the same job that you had, Dad. Now I can hopefully see how amazing it is to defend people against the injustice that's all too common in this world. Grandma took good care of me in your place, but I've currently moved out with my boyfriend. Actually, he's not my boyfriend anymore, but rather my fiance. If only you could be here to see how well he treats me, giving me the love I've long been missing in my life. If only you could be here when we eventually tie the knot."

Yet another pause.

"So, uh, I'm afraid I'll have to cut our time short, but rest assured. I'm always, always thinking about you two, and how much I love and miss you." I finish, "And hey, all that stuff I just said was only a summary of the past seven years. You can bet that the next time I pay you a visit, I'll tell you everything in between."

I end the "conversation" by placing a dark red rose on the tombstone, before standing back up and rejoining Trevor. We casually stroll towards the entrance to the cemetery, both our hands in our pockets.

"So, what do you think?" I ask out of the blue, following several minutes of silence, "Should we tell the media what really happened? I mean, we were the only witnesses that night, but we fled the scene before the authorities could arrive."

"Nah, I think it can just be our little secret. I mean, there aren't that many people who believe in voodoo, so telling them that Logan disappeared because his deal with the underworld went south won't do much good." Trevor replies, "If anything, it would just make us look stupid."

"That's actually a good point. As stated in Men in Black, people are smart by nature, but as a group, they're idiots... or something like that." I say.

As we continue our stroll back to the car, I look up at Trevor, watching as he adopts a genuine smile even though he doesn't look back at me.

"So now that we don't need to worry about anything else trying to bring us apart, what say we finally start planning that wedding we've been putting off for several months?" I ask after a bit.

Only now does Trevor smile back at me, slightly extending his hand as an invitation for me to hold it.

"Sounds like a plan!" He says passionately.

~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~