A/N: If you've read my other Golden Shovel Poem, "Valentines Day," then you should know that the line I used, "spare me all your ramblings I don't care how you feel," is 100% from the same poem. That's all, happy reading!

This life I cannot spare.

For the life of me,

I still do not understand all

that has been said and done. How could you do that to your

mother? Crazy as she may be, with her ramblings

about hermit crabs and Jesus, she was your mother! I

will get you for all that you have done to her, don't

you worry! You go on with life, without having a care

in the world. I will strike like a snake does with its prey. You won't know how,

and you won't know when, but you

know why. Watch your back, because this heart has nothing left to feel.