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This story is a present for the amazing Jaya Avendel who has written a fantastic series called "Brothers in Arms." As I was reading the first book, she mentioned a war between the surface elves and the dark elves with their spider allies. I wondered what a typical battle during that war would look like, so I wrote this story out.

Everything in this universe belongs to Jaya (who is highly recommended by me) so go check out her stories for more!

I hope you enjoy the story

Also, the terms Drow and Dark Elf are synonomus, just for clarification.


The Dark elf army marched towards the elven castle, armor clanking and weapons clattering as they moved under cover of night.

Their invasion of the surface world had been long planned, and swiftly executed. Eleven farms were raided, small towns were razed, and elven armies were defeated through cunning and surprise before they even understood they were under attack.

Every Drow took delight in destroying their hated enemies, killing the elves that made them live in squalor and mud and giving their bodies to Loth… the goddess that had started this war.

Loth was the spider queen, goddess of death and decay, and of the earth itself… and the Drow loved her.

Dark elves were creatures of the earth, and Loth was their champion… but the elves only saw her as an avatar of destruction, and because of their beliefs, the Drow were persecuted.

Until they had had enough.

An alliance was reached between the Drow armies and the spider disciples of Loth, and the armies marched on the surface world from their underground caves and hidden forests. The elves would be slaughtered and Loth would honor her children once they wiped the unbelievers from the world.


So now forty thousand Drow and spider forces marched forward towards the last capital city of the elves, knowing that their enemy was ready for them.

Siege engines rumbled as massive spiders pulled them across the ground, while thousands of man-sized spiders crawled and chittered around the Drow forces. The Dark elves themselves wore heavy plate armor and were armed with curved halberds and short swords, the blades all black and notched, several still covered in the blood of slain elves.

The spears and halberds bristled like the spines of some great beast as the army kept going, their scouts sighting the walls of the elven castle as the siege engines got into position.

Drow archers crept through the underbrush, their armor oiled to make their movements soundless as they nocked arrows, their eyes sighting Elven forms through the dim torchlight on the walls.

The spiders scampered closer, their eyes glaring at the elven sentries, their mouths clicking as they moved their legs in apprehension.

Until it finally began.


The catapults creaked and hurled massive stones up in the air, the projectiles smashing into walls and shattering them, sending shards of rock into the elven sentries as alarm bells rang.

The alarm came too late as the Drow archers opened fire, letting their volleys of arrows smash into elves as they cheered, screaming bloodthirsty war cries to Loth as the catapults fired again.

More cheers filled the air as a massive boulder smashed into an elven guard tower, causing more panic as the spiders charged.

Their webbing was flung towards the walls, sticking to them and a few unfortunate elven soldiers, as the spiders pulled. Dark elves charged forward and grabbed the ropes, sliding their gloved hands across the webbing as they climbed up, followed by the first wave of spiders.

"Attack! Attack!"

As the first Drow reached the walls, the sound of metal clanking warned them to elven reinforcements as the garrison ran along the battlements, spears out in front of them as they began fighting their dark brethren.

The elven forces wore silver armor, although many elves had pieces missing due to the suddenness of the assault, only able to grab what they could before rushing out to defend their home.

Spears pinged off of armor and smashed into helmets as the surface elves clashed, holding their shields in front of them as they moved along the wall, letting themselves become pincushions as arrows from the Dark elf archers embedded in their shields.

Elf archers rushed forward on an adjacent wall, stringing arrows to their bows as they fired upon the Drow and spiders. Arrows smashed into heads and chests, sending screaming Drow and spiders to the ground as the wounded were trampled by their own allies.

Another volley of boulders smashed into the main wall of the castle as the second wave of Drow poured into the breach, screaming praise to Loth as they clashed with the elven garrison.

Swords and spears clashed and clanged as the two hated enemies did battle, the Drow taking bloody vengeance on their oppressors as the elves fought to cast down the worshippers of a hated God. Bodies of elves and spiders fell from the melee on the walls and into the battle below, crushing and wounding anyone unfortunate enough to be underneath them.

Spiders lashed out with their venom and long legs, knocking elven soldiers backward as they pounced on the fallen, biting down on any exposed flesh. The screams of pain were music for the Drow as they hacked and slashed at the elves relentlessly, matching skill with pure savagery.

As the twin battles for control of the castle raged, the Drow general held the largest wave of his forces back, letting their cheers fill his ears.

"Loth!" He screamed over the noise of battle. "Your humble servants offer you the blood of non-believers as a tribute to your might! In return, all we ask for is your support in destroying the rest of our hated enemies! We do this for you!"

Elven mages rushed towards the walls, flinging the elements at the attacking Drow as lightning tore the sky asunder.

The walls shuddered, winds lashed out, and flames erupted from the ground as the magic of the elves joined the battle. The Spiders panicked at the flames, their eyes closed as they blindly flailed away from the heat, sending Drow and elf alike backward as they struggled to retreat.

The Drow cursed the cowardice of their allies, resisting the urge to slay the spiders themselves as they ducked the magical attacks, struggling to attack the elves still on the walls.

Locking their shields together as a barrier, the surviving elves rushed forward like a living battering ram, ramming into the enemy Drow and catapulting them backward. Their spears punched through armor and flesh, letting bodies hit the ground as the force of the charge carried the elves over the bodies to throw the Drow off the wall and to the ground below.

The elf forces on the ground cheered as their fellows retook the walls, finally allowing the elven mages and archers on the adjoining wall to join the fight on the ground, sending missiles and magic into the third wave of dark elves and spiders as they charged into the breach.

As the first rank of Drow fell, the elves charged forward, lashing out with their weapons to bottle up the breach and hold the line as the bloodthirsty Drow hurled themselves against them, screaming devotion to Loth.

The catapults opened fire again, shattering buildings with their shot as Drow archers opened fire again, the Drow general screaming in anger as the advance stalled.

Elves fell to arrow fire and spear blows, but their line held as they fought on, knowing that if their line broke… then the Drow would attack and destroy their homes and families. For that reason, they held the line, fighting as hard as they could to stem the tidal wave of enemies that pressed upon them. Spiders and Drow fell in heaps around the defenders as the elves pushed forward, cheering as they pounced upon the weakness of their enemies.

Already the spiders were rushing backward through the Drow lines as more fire attacks filled the air, and the Drow forces were crumbling under the missile fire and the renewed attacks of the elves with even the most devout Drow questioning the chances of Loth delivering them victory.

Until finally, the Drow General screamed a thousand curses and seized a war horn, blowing the signal for retreat as the Dark elves gladly followed the order.

Fireballs smashed into the siege machines, shattering them and turning the catapults into burnt crisps to harry the retreat as the Drow and spiders fell back, rushing back to their dark underground homes.


As the elves smiled at their retreating enemy, the commanders of the defense cheered at the defeat of their evil brethren, before turning to the task of rebuilding the castle.

Because they all knew that the Drow would return, their devotion to Loth demanded it to be so… and all the elves could do was be ready for the next attack.

And hope they could survive.


I hope you enjoyed this story and please go read Jaya's works... they are wonderful! :D

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