This is a personal narrative I had to write for school. I did it rather quickly and didn't have a lot of time to think it through, and I haven't really edited it properly, but I hope y'all enjoy regardless.

This summer my family went on a trip to Skagen, Denmark. On the way there we stopped in Gothenburg to sleep over at our relatives' house, and the next day we got on an 8am ferry to a Danish city and spent a couple hours driving up north to Skagen.

The house we rented was at the very edge of the town and had three bedrooms and a garden. The upper floor was a single room, with a TV and a couple couches, connected to a large balcony, and overlooked the field that led to the sand dunes that in turn led to the ocean. There were no other houses between us and the ocean, and the whole sky, as well as the most beautiful sunsets, was visible from the living room windows.

The first couple days we went to the part of the beach that was closest to us to see the sunsets. Biking to and from the beach on the gravel road under the dark post-sunset sky was magical every single time. On the other days we alternated between going into the town and to neighboring towns to see the sights, but about halfway through the second week, we went to the tip of Denmark.

We biked almost halfway, from the west side of town to the north, until we got to the stretch of beach that led to the tip. It took upwards of two hours to walk from our bikes to the tip, walking slowly and barefoot and letting the waves hit our legs. We were on the east side of the tip, out legs being soaked in water from the Baltic.

Finally, we got to the tip.

Waves from the north Atlantic crashed into the seemingly endless sand beach leading up to the tip from the other direction, as the same waves we had just walked through met them. The two sides meeting, the waves from the Atlantic and the Baltic, didn't create a perfect middle where you could stand and confidently say, "I have a foot in both oceans." It created a mess of waves meeting and bouncing back to meet again at a different angle. It was impossible to stand there without getting soaked from random waves meeting and crashing right next to you.

It was absolutely beautiful.

Sadly, we couldn't stay there as long as we did the other beaches, we had to make it to the store to buy dinner before it closed, but going to the tip of Denmark and seeing the place where two oceans meet and walking down the seemingly endless sandy beaches was still one of the most magical experiences this summer.

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