March 15th 44 B.C.

(Julius Caesar has just been assassinated by senators of the Roman Senate.)

(The Greek Gods now reign as their Roman aspects)

Enyalius watched his half-brothers be pushed aside by their wretch of a mother from his post in the shadows. He had watched over them since the wretch had birthed them. Part of it was obligation, but most of it was due to the fact that he felt for them.

He had his mother to care for him, whereas the twins only had his father. Though in truth, he saw how his father favored them over himself, nevermind the fact that he was Mars' heir. Sadly, he could not blame him, Enyalius, though skilled in many things, was one of the more minor of the minor gods.

The only way he would ever have any power on Olympus was if he slew Mars, or his father abandoned his post. Enyalius snorted internally at that. Doubtful.

His father was a prideful deity who had made it no secret that he ignored his heir. Hell, Enyalius had only met his sire a handful of times at best.

In truth, he did want his father dead, but that would hurt his mother. Enyo didn't deserve his unfaithfulness, especially at this vital time.

Enyo was pregnant with another child sired by Ares, another sibling Enyalius would have to look out for. God knows, no matter his father might favor the child, Mars would never actually take care of them. Another reason Enyalius didn't need to hate the bastard.

He had never met his younger brothers, though if he had his way, he would soon. Phobos and Deimos needed to be trained to handle their domains, and soon at that.

From what he had seen, their powers were unpredictable at best and Enyalius had spent weeks learning about the twins' domains in preparation.

Jupiter knows, their mother would certainly not help. Mars would not help, even with his ever growing favor for them. He knew his father was the type of man that believed in self-teaching.

Though, it wasn't like Mars hadn't been trained to take on his domains since birth. Enyalius' grandparents had made sure of that at least. After all, you need war gods when you go to war and usurp your sires. That had been something his grandmother took care to inform him, as if she wished he would.

Juno held no love for Mars, and she made no secret of it. To her, he was nothing but a faithless brute she was ashamed of. Not that she held particular love for Enyo, but she did admire her daughter's ever-faith.

Juno had made special care to take interest in Enyalius. He had come to believe that was primarily due to his sense of honor. She must believe he would not do as his father had. She was not wrong. He had seen what Mars had done to his mother's psyche, and no wife of his would ever suffer like that if he could help it.

He stayed there for hours after his brothers left. He stayed and he watched his father make time for his beloved mistress. In those moments, he often wondered what a life without his father would look like. In his mind, it was a far happier one.

In the weeks after that, Mars went off the godly radar so to speak. It was as if he ceased to exist all together and Aphrodite was the only one to notice, not that she said anything though. In the end, it was the twins who raised the alarm.

That was when it was official; Mars was missing.

He would continue to be for thousands of years into the future.

And so Enyalius came into his father's powers and everything was relatively peaceful.

Well, until Atlantis rose from the ocean.