A smile appeared on his face as his eyes scrolled the new area around them. Omega City – something about that seemed so familiar, but why should it?

Callum had never been here before. He knew he hadn't been here before… maybe he'd seen an advertisement on a Decapod or something and he somehow managed to remember it?

Sure, he looked older than he should have been. Young and seemingly fresh-faced, he had pale plastic-like skin which always seemed very smooth, if not incredibly cold to the touch. But below that, was metal. With full lips, a small nose and big brown, yet childlike eyes, Callum was someone who stuck out.

For two years, he swore something was off with his mind. A constant lingering seemed to float around, nothing was lost. Nothing was missing. He was sure of that, besides; why would Blaire remove anything from him? Or hide anything from him? There was no reason – the little robot was sure he knew her well enough so he was very aware of that.

A slight smile formed on his face as he turned around in reply to a quiet and sweet voice emerging from the front.

"Callum?" she said, slowly. "We're here."

Nodding his head a bit, Callum smiled brightly and replied back enthusiastically. "Okay…!"

As boots stepped out of the hover-taxi, a woman seemed to be standing nearby. Up ahead, was a very tall woman who seemed to be constantly growing taller and taller, with a tan. Callum heard Blaire whisper to him, "None other than the classic Californian tan!"

Long black hair turned into coils to the woman's neck as she stepped towards them, wearing coloured leathers and a golden scarf with seemed to be very itchy to the touch. If he were to be honest, Callum didn't think this outfit suited – but it was not his right to judge, it wasn't his place. It would never be his place.

"Hello there! Miss Adler, right?" the woman squealed, loudly. "You're Callum, right?"

A polite nod was all that was needed in the small robot's eyes, and to be truthful – it was enough to get the point across.

"Good to hear, cute thing aren't you? Oh! I'm Camla Darion by the way. Follow me; do you need any help in getting to the Apex Facility?"

"It's alright." Blaire declined as politely as she possibly could.

"Alright, but still; I highly insist I give you a taxi there, Miss Adler!"

Before she could argue any further, Camla took out a phone and dialed a taxi for them.

"Thank you, it's very kind of you." Blaire replied, gently.

A wide grin appeared on the woman's face as in what appeared to be a second; a hover-taxi parked itself in front of them and the door slid open.

Camla shook Blaire's hand abruptly as Callum and Blaire stepped inside.

"Goodbye, you two!" squeaked the woman, waving as the hover-taxi drove off.

Callum glanced around, sitting up straight. As his eyes scrolled towards the window, he saw another car pass by. No, it was not a car – a limo.

In the back seat, there was a girl. And she was unlike any other girl who Callum had seen before.

She was young and had olive-skin which seemed to be golden and had a face in the shape of a heart. At any second, he thought there were going to be hearts floating around the area in a few moments. The girl had pale-brown hair which went into many soft and gentle curls, yet they seemed to go perfectly with her small grey eyes; lastly, she had rosy and flushed cheeks. Callum didn't know why, but something about this girl just seemed to stand out a lot more than any other girls that he had seen before.

Something inside seemed to burst through his ever so tiny frame as his big brown eyes met with hers. His mouth turned into a small 'O' as they realized exactly what they were doing. Even as it drove on, he couldn't help but look at where she had once been.

Callum honestly didn't know what his brain thought it was doing. Why was it imprinting an image of that girl into his mind? And why was it lingering in there like the very oxygen humans needed to breathe?

He sighed quietly and closed his eyes as speed took over and made them go quicker than before. Callum was confused by time, as it just seemed to be dragging on and on and on. He would have tried to make some conversation with Blaire, but she was talking to the driver.

Callum looked up at the roof of the vehicle. "Why does that girl seem so familiar?" he wondered, quietly.

Glancing over, he noticed Blaire's wrist – there was a small little bracelet with little crowns with small V's imprinted on it. Callum smiled a bit as he put his hands down on the seat; he had made that as a gift for Blaire's birthday two years ago.

Glancing back at the window, time seemed to have frozen in mid-air. His eyes widened slightly, only for a wave of realization to pour straight onto his head. They had gotten to their destination! He thought so anyway…

As the two stepped out, they saw a sign that read 'Apex Facility'. Yep! They were at the right place alright.

Blaire and Callum stepped inside near a reception, only for Callum to hear steps as someone came up to him.

He turned around to see who it was, only for it to be that very same girl from before.

It was the one who felt like she was standing on the edge of his memory.

"Hello there." The girl greeted, rather loudly actually. From her appearance, he wasn't really expecting a voice like that to come from her.

"Um, hello." The robot replied, politely. He smiled softly as his eyes met with hers, there was that pulsing. That explosion of unknown emotion that left him just flat out puzzled.

"Who are you?" the girl asked, curiously. "Before you ask me in response, I'm Adette."

"It's nice to meet you, Adette…" Callum said, quietly. "And I'm Callum,"


"What is it?"

"I think I've met someone like you before, but I'm not sure where."

"You know, you're not alone on that one, Miss Adette."

A laugh erupted from Adette. "What are you calling me 'Miss' for?" she giggled.

"Well…." Callum whispered, only for him to stop. He actually didn't know why his legs suddenly turned into jelly that just so happened to look like Uswite. The very material he was made of, hiding a cold but very real interior.

"You don't know do you, Sir Callum?" Adette questioned him, snickering.

Putting one hand behind his head, Callum smiled sheepishly. "No, I don't honestly. And…I apologize for that."

"That's cute you know." Adette complimented, her cheeks turning to a light colour of pink.

"T-t-thanks..." Callum stuttered.


As his bottom lip dropped slightly, Callum looked at Adette. "I have to go…!" he then ran off, waving a little before going out of sight.

Callum soon found himself in a new room, one that he would grow to get used to. It felt a bit like a hotel room in ways, due to it being small and tight. It did have the build of a regular house, however, with new doorways and arches leading to rooms of their own. He could feel his feet touching a soft but thin carpet as he stepped into the room, with a creak rising from the floorboards. Through an open window, he could hear the sounds of the city that was beyond.

A new life. A new start.

That was when Callum heard a scream, a cry for help.

"Did you hear that, Blaire!?" Callum questioned, his eyes going wide. He turned his head in the direction of the window instinctively.

"Of course I did, Callum! Quick, we need to sort this out-"

"Leave me to it!"

A sudden spark of electricity burst from his eye as he made a jump out of the window, and with that, he was off.

"Careful, careful." He thought to himself. He knew he couldn't go too high, or else he'd burst. The electricity rolled through his frame, a sudden sense of adrenaline was going through his head. He could feel those volts dancing around his body, his chest felt like it was about to burst right open.

As his feet touched a window, he glanced down and noticed three robots surrounding… Adette!

One of the three seemed to be the most evident, front and centre. His skin was a sickly pale which nearly made his roll cease entirely, no, maybe it was those olive-green eyes glaring at him that made it do that.

All three of them were wearing the same thing, a black duster coat over it with a different coloured line going vertically across the sleeves. This one was wearing dark grey leggings and black leather boots.

"So… if it isn't you, little robot." The robot whispered, coldly. His voice sent chills down his spine, nearly sending his roll right back down to his feet.

"Leave her alone!" Callum retorted. The lack of creativity in his reply was stunning honestly.

"You'll learn not to talk like that to me… Callum."

"How do you know my-"

With that, his opponent slammed his fist down on Callum's head, causing agony to flow through his body; at the same time, he let out a loud shout and pounded him in the nose instinctively.

Using his roll, Callum flew upwards and dived to try fight back as the robot stumbled, but was grabbed by the throat and thrown at the wall, causing a stone block to fall onto his stomach as an intense pain burst inside of him.

Before he could get back on his feet, his enemy stood over him as the two other robots grabbed his wrists, pinning him down to the ground. "Get off of me!" Callum shouted, sparks erupting from his fingertips and hitting each of them in the eye, but all they did was stand and tighten their grip.

"So, Callum…looks like it's over for you. Honestly, though I wasn't expecting much since you're only number four. Anyway, might want to say goodbye?"

But what was strange was that the sudden stinging and aching he had expected to come – never appeared at all. Opening his eyes, he saw olive-skinned hands were over the eyes of his opponent, making the two other robots focus on that as opposed to him.

Seeing a chance of escape, Callum moved his fists up and right there and then, he pounded the three in an unorderly fashion, making them pass out.

Callum looked over at Adette, who looked at him in the eye. Walking over to him, she rested a hand on his cheek.

Then, Callum found his cheeks lighting up quite a bit there. That was one feature that he wished only humans could have.

Even then, it felt… nice.

But there was one thing that Callum knew, right down to the bottom of his soul.

It wasn't new, he knew that. He had felt it before.