Adette looked at Callum, he'd saved her.

He actually saved her.

But he had just met her today, why on earth did he do that?

Adette didn't smile once she saw Callum's state. Though it wasn't evident, there were multiple dents on his skin. Who those rogue robots were, what they wanted, why they knew Callum's name… she didn't know.

But Callum had made it out.

As she rested her hand on his cheek, Adette spoke to him once again. "Thank you, Callum." Adette muttered, gratefully.

"There's nothing to thank me for." Callum replied, humbly. "I had to save you; I couldn't just let you get hurt by them."

Something about those words! Why did they feel so familiar to her? She'd heard them before, she knew she had… but where!?

Her eye twitched ever so slightly, her fist clenching in sync.

"Are you okay?" Callum questioned, gently.

"I'm alright; don't worry about it, Sir Callum!" Adette replied, loudly.

The two suddenly began laughing a little. "Okay, this has officially run its course…!" Callum replied, smiling gently at the girl.

"I swear it; I think I've seen you before." Adette commented, raising her hand towards her mouth.

Callum sighed faintly. "Don't."

"Don't what?"

"It looked like you were about to bite your nails there, you know."

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't realize that!"

"It's fine-"

"Adette!" a male voice called, loudly.

Standing nearby, was a man that Adette knew all so well. It was her father.

She noticed he was staring right at Callum, like he knew something that she and Callum didn't know.

Her father sighed quietly, clearly annoyed. "Come with me, Adette." His voice had an edge that was impossible to miss.

Adette looked back at Callum, who seemed to look very confused and slightly saddened, with wide but soft eyes.

That was… quick. As she stepped back into the limo with her father, she couldn't help but stare where Callum had once stood.

Her gray eyes danced towards the other seat, and there sat her sister.

Pale, gangly and gaunt, with a soft jaw, she had thin but high lips, which made her look creepy when she was glaring at you. With a button nose and forgettable, small honey brown eyes, her most noticeable feature was her strawberry blonde hair. Despite how thin and limp it was; it was straight, but very soft and silky to the touch thanks to her constant use of shampoos and conditioners. It was very long, almost long enough for her to sit on and combine that with long bangs that almost went over her eyes; you could say she had a mixed appearance of a girl.

Adette folded her arms for a second, before glancing back at her sister, Lindsay.

"Hey, Lynny!" Adette whispered, slyly.

Turning to her, Lindsay spoke up – if not very quietly. "Oh, hi Adette." Oh well, at least that was one sentence that Adette could understand without having to ask her to repeat herself.

"So….." Adette mumbled, rising her hands towards her teeth so she could begin biting them absent-mindedly. "How's Click?"


"Yeah! Click."

"Oh… he's…fine."

"Did something happen to him?"

"No, I'm telling you Addy. Nothing bad happened to him."

"Then why are you so hesitant to answer me?"

"I'm telling you…! Nothing happened!"

"Lynny, I know when you're lying about something..!"

"Well guess what, Addy?"


"I'M NOT."

"Jeez! No need to shout at me! Besides, when you shout at me like that I can barely understand you."

"Well….get used to it then. I'm only three years older than you. You should be used to me by now, surely…"

Adette's voice suddenly seemed to be going on a wild torrent. "Well, you should get used to me!"

"Here's something you need to learn to Addy…so how about you shut up, you little chozette? You need to learn when to shut your mouth with pins."

"You two! Stop arguing back there," Dimitri snapped at the two girls.

Adette sighed silently and put her elbow on the very small space between thin air and the window, staring out into the skies away from her.

After that little argument had finished, the young girl's mind just seemed to wander off somewhere else – which is probably why she was so surprised when she had to break out of it.

"Adette! Will you wake up?!" Lindsay's quiet but hard voice broke through the girl's daydreams as she was suddenly switched back to reality.

Without another word to her sister or her father, Adette shuffled into her room. What was good was that she had a room of her own – thank the Omega she didn't have to share a room with Lindsay. That would make things unbearable.

Taking off her Mary-Jane shoes, Adette stepped barefoot into her bedroom, the soft feeling of the carpet below her making her feet go nice and gentle. The main thing about this room is that, despite it belonging to her of all people, it was somehow incredibly tidy – thanks a lot Fantine. The baby blue walls seemed to be falling apart a bit, the wallpaper beginning to tear; also, why was it she couldn't smell any dust?

Adette could feel a gentle breeze sticking onto her skin from the open window up ahead, making her shiver a bit. The sounds of the gentle but cold wind were soon followed by the sounds of birds and of course - traffic.

"How new," Adette stated, sarcastically.

There was one thing that Adette was wrong about – her radio, the Decapod, was playing a song she hadn't heard before.

Back then, every single word that you said-

Would be true, but none of us knew…

What lay ahead of us…?

Eventually I'd lose you, lose…. You!

Met you once before, in a field by the shore,

Not knowing I would see you more.

Once I figured this out, I thought I'd be seeing you,

Again and again…

I've grown to love you, treasure you, adore you,

But it's a shame,

A dear shame,

I'll never be able to relive those moments again.

Last night, together with you was a special one,

We used to have so much fun,

Under the sun, just you and I

Why must time fly? Why can't it see? Why must it fly past you and me?

Can't remember a thing we did,

But it came back to me, but it's too late now

That summer, the last time I saw you,

Please….. Come back to me.

I have grown again, to love you, treasure you, adore you,

But it's a shame,

A dear shame,

I'll never be able to relive those moments again.

That last night, together with you was a special one,

We used to have so much fun,

Under the moon and sun, just you and I

Why must time fly? Why can't it see? Why must it fly past you and me?

Why… must it fly…past you and me?

Adette stared at the radio as the last note of the song came to a sudden stop, she didn't know why but that sounded like something she'd done before. Maybe this song had shown up before and it was just her memory just acting up once again.

Oh, she didn't know. She didn't know.

Suddenly, the creak of the wooden door made Adette jump abruptly. "Don't do that- oh hi Lindsay."

There was her sister, standing before her. She was smiling about something.

"Were you singing, Addy?"

"I thought we had a fight before?"

"Well? Who cares?"

"Well…. fine then,"

"Good girl; but seriously… were you?"

"Well, yes. I was! Don't look at me, don't be a total shrew!"

"That's another word to add to your dictionary."

Adette raised her left hand again, only for a slight stinging to run through her wrist.

"Don't even dare…" Lindsay muttered, staring right at her.

"Fine… but anyway, Lynny; I have to ask you something." Adette replied, putting her hands down to the ribbon on her dress.

"Oh you do? W-w-what is it? B-b-because if it's about Click then no…"

"It's not about Click…" Adette groaned, growling quietly. "It's about that robot boy I met before… you know the one with the fresh face who looks human?"

"Yes, a robot like that is sort of hard to miss."

"Well… I hate to be melodramatic or sappy but… Lynny, do you think I'm meant to meet him?"

Lindsay put her bangs up, revealing her forehead which was surprisingly small – and she claimed to be so intelligent.

"Well, here's another question. Am I a fortune teller, Addy?"


"Then how should I know? Maybe you're supposed to meet, maybe not. Only time can tell..!"

Even so, the two girls found themselves giggling. Just ever so slightly.

Adette supposed that her sister wasn't that bad as she made her out to be.

But only not too bad, she was still a pain to deal with. But still!