Returned to St. Jameson for an alumni Christmas event.


Awkwardly sitting out and praying along to mass

Getting hugs from Janie, Meg, and everyone

Getting people to laugh (Sonia particularly)

Jorgen has a clone oh no

This pair of very old twin ladies sang "God Bless America" together fo us while holding hands and it was the sweetest

Janie takes charge of things immediately

Jorgen had to sit out for a bit because his ex came but otherwise we're trying our best to support him through seasonal depression

Someone took a ridiculous picture of the baseball coach wearing antlers

Said hi to softball team members and talked about the new season

Talked to the current reporter, my successor

Talked to Hien


Jorgen finally noticed that I swear now after like already too late


Talked about makeup with Sonia for a bit, hope I can see her again

Where's Julien? Oh well. I talked to him last time so maybe he's okay

Moped a little briefly about Rosa not being there but it was okay.

Mr. Flaherty walked by and patted me on the head

The Spanish teacher said hi

Gave my new piece to the English teacher. Told him about my current English teacher and allll the scandalous sassing I did. He seemed amused.

Mrs. Weaver asked me to sign the magazine I ordered

Laughed a lot at everything

Talked to Hien and Senior about new anime movie

Hien says he can tolerate me just cause I'm in his class

Put my pink stupid earmuffs on Jorgen. Sonia laughed and said she missed seeing our dynamic.

Actually kinda misses even Jacques, funnily enough

Jorgen and I told her that time that Kaipo ran me over like an inanimate object

Karina and Sonja also stopped by, said hi to both of them. Karina was soo nice.

Got Jessica to laugh a few times.

Jorgen's clone Mo wants to be known as Jeff. Sonia and I both declined.

Everyone is still so sweet

Some guy kept on overloading me with food and insisting I should take it home so it doesn't go to waste

Broke the news to everyone that Jacques is in a frat (and has now moved out and is maybe laundering money, who knows how he manages to afford it)

I enjoyed myself and focused on my friends and did not overly fixate on Rosa which I'm proud of. Like, yes it did happen a bit but for the most part just sat back and enjoyed myself and bothered Jorgen.

Meg was along for the ride and we both teased Jorgen together.

Mo has only grown one facial hair before and it stuck out at a 90 degrees angle to his face and is a completely different color from his hair, aka hella weird don't you dare grow a beard.

Mo can play a few sections from "The Creation."

The Jazz Band drummer (and one of our current choir members) still remembers me and called out my name

Talked to my old softball teammates and we laughed together about tophats and various stuff

Told everyone that college isn't that bad you'll be alright

I fucking love my high school